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Kat Von D House Fire 911 -- 'Smoke Everywhere'

12/25/2010 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call that Kat Von D's neighbor made the day her house caught on fire -- but despite having Kat's back ... the call wasn't made in time to save Kat's beloved cat Valentine.

In the call -- made on November 20 -- Kat's neighbor tells the dispatcher that there is "smoke everywhere ... and I think the house is on fire next door." The neighbor also tells the dispatcher she doesn't know if anyone is inside the house.

Kat was out of town at the time ... but sadly, her little kitty Valentine (pictured above) was there ... and ending up dying in the fire.


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Kat, I am so sorry for the loss of Valentine. I have 3 little boys myself. Samson, Blue & Scooch. I would be beyond words heartbroken if anything happened to any of them. Valentine was such a beautiful little one.

1344 days ago


I am not a fan of Kat, however, I am terribly sorry that she lost her precious cat. I adore animals and their loss is heartbreaking.

1344 days ago

Donald Ray    

This ugly-ass chupacabra needed a little toasting. Who in their right mind wants to look at a creature THIS ugly, on a daily basis?????

1344 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

kat gets on my nerves! but i feel bad for the cat, even tho the cat is just as ugly as her.

1343 days ago

What the?!?    

Hey, Kat, why not leave your cat at a friend's house or at a kennel instead of home alone when you go out of town.

1343 days ago


Let's face it, Kat von D is a dirt bag. She's all tatted up, she's got a jelly roll kickin' dates dirtbags. She's just dirty.

I'm so L.A. (in spicolli voice)

1343 days ago


Kat Von Douche looks a hot ghetto mess on top of a hot ghetto mess

1343 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Sorry to hear bout Valentine, that's very tragic loosing a pet. Kat Von Douch however is a loathing over the top lame Hollywood D-bag. She should take some time off to learn how to be a better person instead of a me,me, me, greedy fame wh@re.

1343 days ago


2 cats, 2 fires, 2 years

1343 days ago


I find it so weird that although her house caught fire and her cat died, she didn't post anything about it on twitter..

1343 days ago


I guess I'm confused about why the cat was there alone while she was out of town. I never leave my pets home alone when I go out of town, even for a short 1 or 2 day trip. Sounds like a very bad pet parent to me. I feel sorry for her pet, not for her.

1342 days ago


first of all she did post it on twitter, and regardless of how ugly or not the cat was its one of god's creatures. I mean you people talking smack are not models because if you were you would have a life and not be behind you're computer talking crap. Second of all who cares if you like kat or not. Im not a big fan but what i like about her is that she can care less if you like her or not. Do you seriously think her life is gona stop just because of your stupid comments. Get a life and stop hating on people that are better off than you!!!!

1337 days ago


Kat I am truly sorry what you had experienced the house fire and losing a pet ( and putting down Ludwig ) as I have been through that as well . DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE ON HERE THAT ARE TRYING TO BEAT YOU BY SMASHING YOUR NAME IN THE MUD DISCOURAGE YOU FROM WHAT YOU HAVE MADE YOUR HIDDEN TALENTS COME TO LIFE ON YOUR HIT TV SHOW LA INK.

I cannot believe how all of you are knocking down a person by what they have become . Kat has chosen to become a individual by showing her talents and wearing them on her skin . Not like others who have posted on here I happen to be a HUGE fan of hers and she inspires me and can relate to some of her past experiences growwing up . I recomend to all of you to read her books as I have read 2 of hers and maybe you will have another outlook on her personality as to what she had to go through to become what she is now. It makes me sick when people are too quick to judge another one of God's Creatures because of jealousy , resentment , guilt or whatever else that comes negative in another persons sick mind.

1297 days ago


im so sorry for your cat valentin. Im such a big fan. Im doing a project on you!!!!!! 2011 kalysta

1288 days ago


Why are people hating on leaving a cat home alone? When I go out of town, I pay more to have someone come by and feed the cat/clean the box everyday than I would to have him boarded because he would be miserable in a kennel.

Yeah, I can get that Kat isn't super likable, but find something else to harp on.

Why didn't the neighbor pop over and see if anyone was in the home after they called 911? The poor cat was probably trying to get out. Ug.

1274 days ago
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