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Lindsay Lohan: I Shirley Wasn't Drinking

12/22/2010 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is finding Dawn Holland's claim she was drinking hard to swallow -- sources close to LiLo say the only thing she was downing the night in question were Shirley Temples.

We're told Lindsay met up with a friend at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs, CA on December 11 to have her hair done. While there, our sources say Lindsay knocked back the non-alcoholic mixed drink ... along with an order of equally non-toxic french fries.

Our sources say Lindsay eventually headed back to her sober house -- completely sober -- at around 1 AM ... and that's when all hell broke loose.

Holland claims she smelled alcohol on Lindsay's breath, but LiLo refused to take a breathalyzer.



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Holland is probably a real bully, and has angry you know what syndrome. Ill bet she punched Lindsay as well.

1399 days ago


Holland is clearly just after money. That's why BF fired her.

1399 days ago

Steelers suck    

I'm sure 1 a.m. is past her BF curfew. But then again, Blohan does whatever she wants. I'm calling BS because this bitch lies about everything. It doesn't matter anyway. She'll get away with it. She hasn't actually had to take responsibility for her actions yet so why start now! With any luck, it will all catch up to her................SOON!

1399 days ago


Lindsay Lohan's Shirley Temple recipe:
2 shots Red Bull
3 shots Vodka
cherry (optional)

1399 days ago


Better yet noone cares. Talentless, has been, ciggy hag, with bad skin and a horrible disposition. Please lord let this worthless human being drop dead and save us all the non news that is her garbage train wreck of a life.

1399 days ago


Holland is probably a real bully, and has angry you know what syndrome. Ill bet she punched Lindsay as well.

Posted at 11:01 AM on Dec 22, 2010 by Lucky 130

Just based on your comments, I'm willing to bet that you have angry white persons syndrome as well...there is help for you....I think.

1399 days ago


yeah my friends and I drink those too with vodka we call it a slutty temple, a perfect beverage for sober living. Seriously just stop it lindsay... just stop.

1399 days ago


Yes you were.. and I will call you Shirley!

1399 days ago


Lindsay was spotted with her friends, including John Allen. It's likely that Lindsay wasn't drinking since John has been helping her get well and get her career on back on track. Looks like that Holland lady is just after a pay day.

1399 days ago


Oy f.u.c.k.i.n.g vay, will LL just go off and die already?

1399 days ago


Holland states in her report that she smelled alcohol on the breath of one of the other girls..... but she didn't say in her report that she smelled alcohol on Lindsey.

in her interview with TMZ over a week later, she states that she could smell alcohol on Lindsey

you just have to call bull on that.

she went into detail with all the transgressions and the altercation with LiLo -- but 'forgot' to mention smelling alcohol on her breath?

btw... if her wrist is so screwed up and so sore, why did she "submit herself to more pain" by having a manicure done?
(check the pictures in the other story... note the change of fingernail polish)

I wonder if Harvey will have TMZ paps trying to capture video when TMZ gets served for violating LiLos privacy rights under HIPAA.

1399 days ago


Betty Ford fired her for talking to the press about one of their patients. Clear violation of privacy which a rehab facility has to have. It's one thing to file a police complaint against her, it was another thing to start talking to the media about Lohan and the incident. Who would want to go to a rehab facility if you knew the people that work there are going to talk about you being there to the press?

1399 days ago


7- Actually I just put that up there to see what kind of reaction I would get.

1399 days ago


Shirley you jest. LMAO
A serious recovering addict goes to a club to drink Shirley Temples?
Climbs over a wall, gets caught breaking curfew and then will not take a Breathalyzer test; if it quacks like a duck than it is a duck.

1399 days ago


She was going down on Shirley Temple?

1399 days ago
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