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Fired Betty Ford Worker's Lawyer: BF Is Immoral!

12/22/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for the former Betty Ford Center staffer who is accusing Lindsay Lohan of criminal battery is lashing out at Betty Ford, claiming the Center demanded she conform to "the immoral and unethical requests of the Clinic."


Attorney Keith Davidson tells TMZ, Dawn Holland has hired him "to investigate employment and civil rights claims Ms. Holland has against the Betty Ford Clinic and others surrounding her recent unlawful termination."

Davidson bristles at Betty Ford's decision to fire his client, saying, "Ms. Holland was immediately targeted, unmercifully interrogated, intimidated and threatened with her livelihood unless she conformed to the immoral and unethical requests of the Clinic."'  Holland told TMZ officials at Betty Ford allegedly put pressure on her not to file a criminal complaint against Lindsay.

Davidson says, Betty Ford "was exerting every influence they had in attempting to cover up their own unlawful conduct."

Holland tells us she's a recovering addict who has been in rehab 8 times.  Davidson adds, "It's a shame that during this season of giving, the once esteemed BFC has become the proverbial Grinch by trashing one of their own."

No comment from Betty Ford.



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Like I said many times before .... Betty Ford Center is the absolute worst. This just goes to show you it is a waste of time and money to go there for help.

1402 days ago


Betty Ford used to have a good rep, but that is all gone now. What the hell are they doing hiring junkies like Holland? Why are clients/junkies allowed out late at night, and not punished when they sneak back over fences after curfew? That place is a joke and needs to be investigated and punished.

1402 days ago


Just another LOSER looking for a fast buck. Why are all these undesirables allowed to file false lawsuits? Isn't there some kind of "LAW" about that???? Oksana may want to hire her to watch her kid !! Losers all !!!

1402 days ago



who thought this would turn out.. lol... lol... lol...

well lindsey.. kiss you behind goodbye.. she has a lawyer.. and as ive stated before.. the likelyhood of this lady's course of action would be exactly... 100%


Harvey.. just ask me for legal counseling.. dude.. ya'll are gonna get called in on this one also..

that umm breach of HIPPA.. is fed level.. wait for the call bro... just wait for the call.. tmz is about to get caught up in the mass lohan drama front. wow... wow... wow...


this is about too be BIG!

1402 days ago


This is the best thing to ever happen to Ms. Holland. She probably doesn't make much at all per year and probably has trippled her salary already via selling pictures and telling her story and now she's really going to cash in. She will probably receive an out of court settlement. That's the way these things work.

1402 days ago


Lindsay is a complete drama queen, but Dawn Holland seems pretty shady to me.

Anyone who would sell private patient data or divulge it to the media is a low life. Plus it is against the law (HIPAA) . . . so let's hope she gets arrested.

1402 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is pathetic! She's nothing more than a drug addicted liar! Going to a bar?! Betty Ford is a joke!!!! I hope they send her hasbeen butt back to jail!

1402 days ago


Not surprising, let's face it Rehab facilities are a business and they are in the business to make money... alot of famous people wind up at Betty Ford so the idea that they would extend special treatment and policy in order to keep the money flowing in from the wealthy clients is not a far stretch at all. Sorry but I still don't buy that Lindsy was out getting her hair done at 1AM and cried when she was yelled at and pushed. I can't wait to see the video though...hope it's released soon. Lindsy got caught trying to skirt the rules ...(AGAIN)... and now we have another story totally spinning things away from her being out after curfew and her having been at a bar... sounds all too familiar. She's not there to get better she's there to avoid jail, Betty Ford IS her sentence she doesn't just get to say 'ok I'm done now' and go out to a bar and break the rules.

1402 days ago


The woman should be fired for breaking confidentiality rules and putting her hands on LL. It is obviously a shakedown. LL was within her rights as any court will see. I hope LL and her lawyers aggresssively pursue this. DH should never be in a job where she can weild her "power" over those seeking help.

1402 days ago


Let's see.... Lilo wants a break for being 10 minutes late and maybe even for being under the influence of *whatever*.... And this "professional" thinks it's okay to take a check from TMZ, waive an arm cast around for the cameras, and talk to the cameras about what happened.... Okay, they both suck and need to go away.

1402 days ago


Join the club..lots of us are out of work and cannot enjoy the holidays. I would not have gone to TMZ though. Please make Lindsey and her dumb ass parents go away. There are great talented people out there with positive stories to hear about.

1402 days ago


These two crack ho's have so much in common, you'd think they could get along? Send them both to jail together!

1402 days ago

Shannon Steward    

Lilo is just the worst piece of trash on the planet, just make a sextape and overdose already.

1402 days ago


I really want to see the security cam footage. That should get to the bottom of who's at fault. Neither of these women impress me as the "sweet and innocent one".

1402 days ago


how many damn times are the courts going to let lohan get away with hitting people and doing anything she wants ? someone please tell me, if this were any of us we would be in jail in a heart beat. lohan grow up and get your crap together your childish. TO THE COURTS PUT HER ASS IN JAIL AND BE DONE WITH IT.. I'm so sick of turning my tv on, pc, paper and seeing this ****head in trouble once again.

1402 days ago
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