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Dina Lohan -- Lindsay's Accuser Is Full of BS

12/23/2010 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan says the story that she told Lindsay Lohan to refuse a breathalyzer test is pure poppycock.


Dina is lashing out at Dawn Holland, the former Betty Ford chemical dependency tech who told TMZ Dina was jawboning with Lindsay over the phone, instructing her to just say no to a breathalyzer test.

Dina says, when she was speaking with Lindsay, she was merely trying to comfort her after what the employee did to her.  Lindsay claims Holland berated and grabbed her.

Dina adds, "I stand behind my daughter 100% ... the whole thing with the woman is a little sketchy."

And finally, Dina has praise for Betty Ford:  "With all the fabulous employees they have, it's unfortunate that someone with this kind of background gets through.  I stand behind Betty Ford.  It is such a fabulous facility.  They have been nothing but great.  They really helped my daughter and changed my life, too."



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"Expert Systems" That is what we call a system developed by interviewing experts in a given field, summarizing their knowledge, then creating a computer program to emulate their responses.

After months of intensive research and study, I have developed the new Dina Logan Expert System! Here it is, fully functional...

Dina Lohan Expert System:
"My daughter is innocent. Blame somebody else."
"My daughter is innocent. Blame somebody else."
"My daughter is innocent. Blame somebody else."
"My daughter is innocent. Blame somebody else."
"My daughter is innocent. Blame somebody else."


1401 days ago


@Delmar, though a "legal" adult, no one in their right mind would EVER think of an 18 year old as an "adult." Get real.

1401 days ago


Of course the calls can be made public, via the FOIA. Location is not relevant unless it's a matter of national security. Are you trying to suggest a possible link?

1401 days ago


Is Dina Lohan under the impression that anyone believes her, or her daughter? Talk about being filled with b.s.---pot, meet kettle.

1401 days ago


Dr. Hardwicke, that's sarcastically hilarious, though highly erroneous.

1401 days ago



17 is NOT 18, no matter how you slice it. Dina's job at the time was being Lindsay's manager. Dina has never held a "regular" job. She claims she was a Rockette's dancer, yet the Rockette's deny Dina EVER working for them.

Lindsay is an adult now... but her problems are long rooted. She was attending alcoholics anonymous classes before she was even old enough to drink. To think that her moving unsupervised to LA has nothing to do with that, is short sighted to say the least. A responsible parent makes sure their children are safe and secure. Sending your child to LA unsupervised at 17 is irresponsible to say the least.

At least Michael Lohan has taken some responsibility for Lindsay's problems, and has stopped enabling her. Now it's time for Dina to do the same.

1401 days ago


@Alrightythen Depends on the person. There are countries in the world where 16-year olds work, take care of their siblings, and have real responsibilities. In certain Western countries, the society produces a different type of mentality in teens. Even still, in the US society there are some teens that are more mature than "adults" in their early to mid 20s, people mature at different rates.

Raven Symone moved in to her own apartment age 17 or 18 and was a child star and is rarely in the tabloids. She's also a Disney fixture, so she handled the lifestyle better for whatever reason. There are people I know personally that lived on their own at age 17/18 and are very productive and successful people and those that stayed at home until 23/24 and are addicts and criminals.

1401 days ago


Dear TMZ... all I want for Christmas is for the Lohans to GO AWAY!

That being said, with Dinas endorsement, Betty Ford will probably go down the crapper.

1401 days ago


Unfortunately, Dina and Lindsay have learned NOTHING about how to manage her media and public image. They just know how to stir up the paps. Linday needs management change right away. For her own sake she should try to conduct herself with some modesty till her treatment is over.

As far as confidentiality goes. BF and Holland have a duty to protect LL's MEDICAL info. That duty does NOT extend to hushing up the fact that Lindsay allegedly perpetrated and assault on Holland.

People in rehab gor to bars? or fo midnight hair appointments? I so call BS on BF and LL.

1401 days ago


Ahhh ok I was waiting for Dina Lohan to make a statement. Now I can be 100 percent sure that Lindsay is telling the truth.

LOL I think not.

1401 days ago


Just Die Already. Please!

1401 days ago


While I tend to never believe anything I hear from Dina, in this instance, having seen the video and pics of the injured employee, I am siding with Lindsay. The woman took pics to show her injured arm, first it's the left, with inch long white nails. Really??? Inch long nails drawing blood and doing lab work? Really?? Then it's the right arm, with short red nails, then it's the left arm with short red nails. Really??? And we are supposed to believe the puncture wounds, those small, circular needle-like marks are inflicted by nails? Really??
Give it a rest. The woman was a former addict? She is an addict, in recovery, or not. She was on her way out the door, anyway, job over and decided to take Lindsay with her. Poor example of professional help at BFC. Hopefully, they stand behind Lindsay this time and kick staffer butt for creating this hoax.

1401 days ago

Irish Pubes    

damn look at that broad's chin...that **** is ****in huge, son

1401 days ago


Need to lock that whole whack job family up. They are all spoiled pricks.

1401 days ago


Guess who's coming next?

Michael Lohan, of course!

Media family reunion.. Ahggg!

1401 days ago
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