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I'll Pay For Torched Model's

Hair Repair

12/26/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The model who's hair went up in flames at a party thrown by Diddy earlier this month is getting an early Xmas gift courtesy of the rap mogul -- TMZ has learned Diddy's offered to pay whatever it takes to repair the damage.

As we previously reported, Miyoki Jones became a human torch when she got too close to a candle at Diddy's album release party - and the fiery event was seen by millions on Diddy's Ustream

According to a source close to the model, Diddy called up Miyoki shortly after the incident to see how she was doing ... and then offered to foot the bill for her hair repair -- no matter what the cost.

We're told Miyoki has already set up an appointment for later this week -- and the work is expected to run Diddy around a thousand bucks.

Take that. Take that. Take that.


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in my opinion i think that he is a stand up guy for doing that. you guys can trash diddy all you want but it still remains what kind of guy he is when he does this and tries to help out someone that got injured.

1360 days ago


Of course he is going to pay for the damages. He couldn't possibly just ignore the problem with the press it has been getting. I would like to think that even if this had happened and no one had known about it that he would still have paid for the damages.

1360 days ago


Hey fishmouth! How about first paying the surgeons so you can be able to close your mouth properly like real human beings?

1360 days ago


I am by no means a fan of his, but it does seem like he is being very nice about it. Yes, it was his party, but she is an adult. It's not like he set her hair on fire. She was careless and it caught on fire. I have very long hair and I am careful anytime I am around candles for this very reason. He called and checked on her afterwards and is offering to pay for damages. That's a lot more than most would do.

1360 days ago

Bradley Smith    

This chick is your typical African American, lazy, effortless and always looking for a "free ride." I don't believe her for one second. This is why America is the way it is. The "African American" are holding us all down. We need to return them home.

1360 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Too little to small a price. He violated City and state fire code violations while causing bodily harm and liability to the hotel if the fire had gotten worse. He was visibly at teh time more interested in the half naked girls selling the product he was promoting. While in terviews after that he was not apologetic in the least. He is Piff Diddy. The bottom line is any contract she signed has been violated once her life was intentionally placed at risk. He knew or should have known. I would hold out for a condo for 4 years and a car with parking space and gas for 2 yrs plus my hair did.
If that is all that girl accepts she is a bigger fool than wearing that poodle weave in a tub with fire.

1360 days ago


He looka likea pig!!!

1360 days ago


Ok Bradley Smith...let me get this right. A woman's hair being caught on fire is evidence of how African Americans are holding America back. Congratulations, you are officially ending 2010 as the dumbest person to post on TMZ

1360 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Yeah he is a stand up guy. Yah ask those folks from City College in 1993. He likes to stand while he is receving. Puff Daddy is a hoar to money and has sold his soul. Just because he hs several children does not mean he does not like to feel or receive a lushes killbasa up a mans round tough virgin arse hole.

1360 days ago



1360 days ago


The model should be paying Diddy for the free pubicity.

1360 days ago


Hair should be grown, not's not an eXcalade people!..

1360 days ago


Why is this idiot permitted to walk the earth ??

1360 days ago


Diddy is doing the right thing and hey he is a billionaire he can handle buying a new weave.

1360 days ago


Am I the only one that thinks the "model" looks like a drag queen

1360 days ago
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