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Mayweather Explodes on Security Guard

12/27/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr. unleashed a nuclear verbal attack on a guard inside his Vegas community last weekend -- all because the guy didn't recognize him ... and TMZ has seen the footage.


It all went down Sunday December 19 around 4 AM -- when Floyd drove up to the main gate and the security guard asked him for ID. 

That's when Mayweather went ballistic -- screaming, "Let me in my mother f**king house!!! You know who I am man ... let me in my house!!!"

Mayweather continues, "Stop giving me a hard time ... you don't give Maloof a hard time ... you don't ask him for ID when he comes."

During his tantrum -- Floyd also references a prior incident with security in which the boxer was accused of battering one of the guards during a parking dispute ... saying, "I had a problem here before when the security lied and said I touched him and I didn't!"

Floyd eventually got out of the car, went into the guard shack and opened the gate himself.

The tape has been turned over to cops -- and the footage may be used in the battery case to show Floyd has it in for the guards.

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Rick O'Shey    

We all know where this would be going if someone had gotten into the community and did something to Mayberry or his home. The F bombs and other mature works and actions would be blaming them for not doing their jobs. It's a no win situation with this kind of person and the ones who defend him here.


1394 days ago


Did someone seriously say that the gaurd could have googled Floyd in the booth? He does not have to google anyone. Simply show your damn ID. Not only is it a faster solution, it's the protocol. Stop making excuses for bad behavior!!

1394 days ago


Who's Mayweather

1394 days ago


I think Floyd is an abusive azzhole. You get back what you put out. Period.

1394 days ago


I jus had to sign up to make a comment about some of the idiots posting on this site. If you listen closely to the beginning of the video, the security guard clearly states he knows who he is, but he still wanted to see his id, what kind of sh## is that, if you know who he is then let him in his house, if the security guard was unaware of who he is, then you might have an arguement, but even thats no excuse. trust me, if maloof or anybody besides floyd was subjected to this type of treatment the security officer would be seeking unemployment benefits as we speak.

1394 days ago


Just a head's up for those who are clueless - the guards don't know everyone by sight! Especially if the guy (guard) is new!

This bitch would be the first to complain if the guards let someone in who they shouldn't have. How hard is it to flash your god-damned driver's license?

What an entitled ****tard!

1394 days ago

Gil P. Acosta    

In my school, I was stopped by the same security guard asking for my ID. I told him that you were the same guard who stopped me a while ago and showed my ID. What did I do? I showed him my ID. I did not complain or raised my voice. This security guard did that 3x on the same day. I did not complain I just did what he asked for. Some people have short or poor face recognition. It is not so hard to reach for your pocket and show your ID. Any sane person will do this to avoid confrontation. If indeed the security guards are trying his nerves so that he can explode on tape and shown the same tape to the public, then indeed, Mayweather was stupid for letting these people provoke his temper. Even though he has a house in that guarded community, he is not justified to just open the gate and drive in. Remember that the incident happened in the early dawn when burglaries happen frequently. The security guard in this scenario is more than justified to ask for an ID and if there is no ID, then he can be refused entry.

1394 days ago

black lee    

I have to back up Mayweather on this one. Everyone in Vegas knows him, knows what he drives, where he lives, and knows he comes in every morning from the club scene. His Id is billboards, HBO and television.

1394 days ago



1394 days ago


You guys are idiots....the guard said I know its' you and he still demanded ID...are you ****ing stupid? You gonna tell president Obama you know its him but still ask him for ID? Go **** yourselves idiots, that are supporting the guard.

1394 days ago


He just should have just showed his ID and get make things easier for him. Keep It Simple,Floyd..

1394 days ago


WRONG he lives in a house that is in a community that pays money to hire these guys to CHECK ID to get in to ensure a safe living condition under anymeans possible... he can move to a less secure place where they dont check id;s

1394 days ago


This guy simply needs to show his ID and skip the drama, period. I don't know why people have to make it so difficult. If someone who looked like Mayweather did the same thing at the gate, gets in and commits a crime at Mayweathers house then the security guard would be blamed and possibly fired for it. The residents of that community depend on the guard for additional security. Mayweather is at fault here.

1394 days ago


some of you commentators are very ignorant and appear to be jealous of Mayweather's fame and fortune. Security is suppose to know who lives there and who doesnt and is suppose to obtain id on visitors. If i paid multi million dollars for my residence I expect RESPECT and for you to know who I am!!! If you go to any high end store,hotel,or restaurant you notice the associates know you by name and make notes about your preferences in order to give you great service. So security knowing who I am and not demanding ID is what is to be expected for such an expensive asset and home. furthermore, Im pretty sure he frequents his home often enough for them to know who he is.

1394 days ago


TEAM FLOYD! rent-a-cops, please! They know its him..let him in!They would love for Floyd to punch them so that they can sue!

1394 days ago
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