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Bristol Palin -- Why USC Wasn't an Option ...

12/28/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin's $172,000 went a hell of a lot further in AZ than it would have in L.A. -- where for the same price, she would have been lucky to find a home with four walls! 


We compiled a bunch of L.A. area cribs that fell in the same price range as Bristol's 5 bedroom, 3,900 square foot beauty in Maricopa ... and it's obvious, the real estate gap is wider than the Grand Canyon.


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What a **** hole of homes.

If I was ever so unfortunate(knock on wood) to live like that, it wouldn't be LA's **** hole.

1358 days ago

Flying Blind    

is that the refrigerator outside there in LA

where i'm at you could buy a house on Board Walk for $180,000.

1358 days ago


LA is no place to raise a family. Kudos to Bristol for realizing that and moving her son to a place where he can have a normal childhhod. Nothing normal about LA...which is why TMZ is there.

1358 days ago


This is why I love New York.

1358 days ago


Lets look as all the positives:
Pic #1 Looks like you can zip-line in and avoid all the traffic. Nice neutral color scheme ON THE LAWN.
Pic #2 Hardly a window to clean (or bar up) an attractive a/c unit and a bi level fence.
Pic #3 Dueling Direct TV dishes, a wide array of trash receptacles to choose from! yayz!
Pic #4 We've pulled our fence up around our gutters! How cute!
Pic #5 The Pepto Bismol house. No more squirts!
Pic #6 Only one half step up and you're inside! Extra bedsheets on the windows.
Pic #7 We gots bars on our bars!
Pic #8 Everything was square, then the gorgeous Direct TV dish added balance. Outdoor living-room!
Pic #9 RED WHITE and BARS!
Pic #10 What? No bars, no a/c unit, no trash cans? Oh wait, bars on the door! whew!
Pic #11 Wall to wall bars! BLUE too!
Pic #12 Chain-link, garbage and bars! THIS is how it's done!
Pic #13 Low ceilings, bars, and square bushes.
Pic #14 Gift Shop Chic (we're not really a gift shop can't you tell by our bars?) Nice meter!
Pic #15 Oh good Lord, NO! Bahahhaa! Okay... okay... deep breath: short, sweet, in for a treat (you DO see the dog house on the garage, right? -- the treats are in there)
Pic # 16 Well, you can take a dump on our lawn. Ghetto castle.
I give up ...

1358 days ago


The money Bristol will save on housing she will pay for in medical bills when her eyeballs are boiling in the August (make that May thru October) desert heat.

Her contraception will be the scorpions all snug in HER bedding.

When she takes a walk with her son, I hope her brain will be aware of mountain lions. Since Bristol is not so good on her feet as evidenced on Dancing with the Stars, that could be problem.

The dizziness she will experience from the triple digit temps will finally match her personality so it won't be as obvious as it is with others.

Other than that, she should be good.

1358 days ago


Readers I live in Orange County CA and have no need for bars on our windows. There are many nice areas in LA. They are showing you the worst you can find, please if you have never visited you really can't comment. My brother lives in Tempe AZ. it's nice but they cannot compare to our housing prices: it all has to do with our weather and beautiful beaches.

1358 days ago


I found a house for sale in Palmdale that looks REMARKABLY SIMILAR to the one that Bristol just bought in AZ. It's 5 bed, 3 bath, and 2758 sq. The list price is $195,500. The URL to the listing is below.

How close is Palmdale to Los Angeles?? is this a good deal??

Posted at 5:51 AM on Dec 28, 2010 by Amy Hamilton

Its about an hour and a half. There are a lot of nice homes in L.A. Not all areas are terrible nor do they look like that. I'm finding it hilarious out of all the L.A homes to pick they pick one with a broken fence and bars. There are homes like that everywhere.

Here is a beautiful home in los angeles Why the hell would she choose to live in south central. TMZ you need your ass kicked for that one.

1358 days ago


Ew! L.A. looks like the ugliest place on the planet to live. Who would want to live somewhere where you have to have all those bars on every window just to keep the s*** out. Ugly ugly uglayyyyyy!

Looks like L.A. is the butt-crack of America...

Posted at 6:12 AM on Dec 28, 2010 by ahahah

Coming from L.A myself you sound very ignorant. I lived in a 7 bedroom house with a front yard big enough to put a guest house in, a backyard that could fit another guest house AND a pool..and the side yard big enough to fit an Olympic sized pool in and that house was smack dab in the middle of south central. Not all of L.A is a hovel. Its a large area. I guarantee where you live there are ****holes too.

1358 days ago


L.A. is the best city in the world. Just look at the weather report tonight and see how the climate compares to the rest of the country. The city is also loaded with gorgeous women.

1358 days ago


Arizona must really suck if a small, broken down house in Compton is worth more than a 3,900 sq. ft. house in Arizona.


1357 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

pic #9 looks like tre's house from boys n the hood......from a looooooooong loooooooong time ago.

1357 days ago

Karen Marshall    

I used to live at 163rd and Hawthorne Blvd. Some of those houses look WAYYYYY too familiar. They looked now like the looked in 1989-1991 which is super scary. Good head on Bristol's shoulders to choose AZ over CA. Way more bang for her buck.

1357 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Momma Gris felt that the odds are better at ASU for not getting a mulatto grandbaby. She didn't want Bristol Sheeran Marie starting a family trend with her sisters like Kim Kardashian did. USC - odds not so good!

And what kind of name is "Sheeran" anyway? Is it like Shakeina, Shalesia, Sharonda, or ****oya?

1357 days ago


USC has entry requirements that Palin could not meet no way no how. Arizona has a reputation of being a low level college as far as who can get in. It has nothing to do with the price of real estate.

1357 days ago
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