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Michael Jackson Manslaughter Prelim - 30 Witnesses

12/28/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned more than 2 dozen witnesses will testify at  Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.


Sources say the prelim will last roughly 2 weeks and approximately 30 witnesses will be called.

We're told there won't be a "Perry Mason" moment -- instead, prosecutors will lay out their case, piece by piece, to show Dr. Murray acted recklessly by medicating Michael with Propofol and other drugs at his home the day he died.

Sources say the witnesses include various medical experts, as well as 3 LAPD detectives who investigated the case.

And, we're told, prosecutors will present more evidence than in a typical manslaughter case, because the legal theory here is novel -- that a doctor committed a homicide in the treatment of a patient.



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The non-stop stories about Michael's drug use are just that....stories. If he were this hard-core druggie that would have shown up in the Autopsy report and as we all know; well at least those who read it, no such drugs were present. Hard core addicts would have drugs in their system.

Did he use pain-killers? Yes he did. Did he admit to having a dependency at one time? Yes he did. And he sought treatment for that. Hell, I had major knee surgery a few years ago and I became quite dependent on the pain-killers given to me. Not because I was this major druggie and wanted to get high; but because they took the horrible pain that I was in away! Now Advil takes care of it but I guess you could say we all have a dependency on drugs here and there. You get a headache and what do you do - reach for the drug you know will take care of it.

Imagine having your head catch fire and suffering from 2nd & 3rd degree burns to your scalp?! How much pain would you be in? And what would you do to get rid of it?

Just because TMZ or some other tabloid media says MJ was this huge druggie does not make it so.

1364 days ago


It is true that would Murray have wanted to kill MJ, he wouldn't have acted any other way !

1364 days ago


WillOWisp - You are as deceptive as the media! You forgot to LEAVE out the fact that these drugs were ONLY from that fateful day!! And, that NO OTHER EVIDENCE of drug abuse or ANY OTHER DRUGS - not even an aspirin - were in his system.

If you looked up the autopsy report to have this ONE convenient paragraph - you should have reported this honestly!!

In addition, NO LEGAL SYSTEM is going to charge someone with Manslaughter if the person killed themselves!

Why are you so determined to trash MJ? What the hell did he EVER do to you??

1364 days ago


Dr. Bob - my ass! You are ALL going to burn in hell because you don't know what is REALLY going on with thousands and thousands of people right now. Michael was MUCH more - than you ever knew . . .than anyone knew!

WHY? WHY? WHY? do you hate on MJ? He never did anything to you!!!

1364 days ago


Posted at 12:33 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by Dr Bob

YOU are "disgusting"

1364 days ago


Sometimes you just have to admit that people are not always what we make them out to be. He was a musical genius and he was a spoiled drug addict who couldn't control himself. Stop blaming other people for the "bad events" in life.

1364 days ago


Sometimes you just have to admit that people are not always what we make them out to be. He was a musical genius and he was a spoiled drug addict who couldn't control himself. Stop blaming other people for the "bad events" in life.

Posted at 12:39 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by jeff

This isn´t about "blaming" anybody. It is much more. It is about a criminal case involving a (drunk?) doctor who negligently and criminally killed his patient. There.

1364 days ago


JEFF - of course! Another man - jealous of MJ! You are sick to still be jealous of him.

But, here is what you do not know - but, some day will . . . he was MUCH more than a musical genius. MUCH, MUCH, MORE and maybe some of the people from around the world that have had a spiritual connection with Michael since his passing will have the desire to come on here and let you know.

Don't be jealous of someone that would have never done anything to hurt you. Michael could not help it that he was gorgeous, talented, compassionate, and loved and still loved by BILLIONS!

Don't worry - Jeff . . . I am sure that some woman will adore you enough some day to take away your insecurities. I hope so anyway because you hating on someone that has passed - is really really sad!

1364 days ago


The autopsy report of Michael Joseph Jackson will be the one piece of solid evidence which will stand up in the trial of Conrad Murray.

The autopsy report was sound in showing that Michael was relatively healthy, no sign of organ damage whatsoever caused by drug abuse and the only drugs in his system were those consistent with what was administered by Conrad Murray his doctor.

The truth will prevail even though those responsible for Michael's murder are powerful enough to create sophisticated cover-ups of the truth, buy people's co-operation in their webs of deceit and put people in the right place at the right time to pursue their means.

That demonstrates how powerful Michael's message to the world was, that he needed to be stopped.

All that remains for those of us who love Michael is to pray for justice for him, his family and for all of us who have loved and admired him.

Eternal rest grant unto Michael Oh Lord and let the perpetual light shine upon him...and may he rest in peace. Amen.


1364 days ago


This all is so sad.Just could cry.Poor Michael it hurts so Bad.In all its so sad.His poor children.Ach ich weine nur noch.

1364 days ago


This all is so sad.Just could cry.Poor Michael it hurts so Bad.In all its so sad.His poor children.Ach ich weine nur noch.

Posted at 1:17 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by Eleonora49

Yes Eleonora, it is so very sad. And take a look at how Michael´s killer is feeling. Look at his smug grin, sipping drinks in the pool... This is how HE feels.

1364 days ago


"There is nothing more dangerous in all the world then sincere ignorance". I know that you mean well and i understand that you were a fan and that is great. He was a wonderful musician who help many people and, like all of us, he had issues in his life that he was dealing with. YOU DID NOT KNOW MICHAEL JACKSON! You knew his music. Stop pretending that you knew him. When you get out of high school maybe you will have a better understanding of life and the way, happily married living in a condo a half mile from the beach in sunny south Florida.

1364 days ago


Even if Michael had a drug problem, Dr. Murray should know better than to administer that type of drug without the proper medical backup care.
Posted at 10:30 AM on Dec 28, 2010 by Sandy

June 25, 2009- Dr. Murray administered the propofol drug to Michael Jackson in his bedroom and without the assistance of a nurse. Then he went to the bathroom for forty minutes to chat with his baby mama. When he came back he saw Michael Jackson had trouble breathing and instead of administering CPR nonstop he left the room again to call the bodyguards and Prince Jackson. Then he came back five minutes later and finally administered CPR 'on a bed' to his dead patient for about three minutes, then he stops the CPR so he could clean the room and remove the vials of drugs before the police and the ambulance shows up. Wow!!!!!! This is the worst case of medical negligence I have ever seen in my life! Does it even matter that Michael Jackson allegedly was a drug addict? No it does not even matter. What matters is that a medical expert was negligent with the health of his patient and allegedly killed him.

1364 days ago


I grew up watching MASH on tv so I can consider myself somewhat of an expert in the medical feild
wacko jacko died of a drug overdose..overdose..that means he had to many and too much of drugs in his system so he died..
just call me hawkeye

1364 days ago


I am sure most stupid and cruel comment's on MJ news comes always from people of US OF A....!! Wake up and do something
about your country and the level of it's education level.
With your comment's no wonder why you are at the last 25 country
among 30 developed countries in the world on education!!!!
You did not deserve MJ. America is a corrupt country. You are
famous for ruining the greatest in your nation and repeating the history over and over. DISGUSTING!!!

1364 days ago
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