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Michael Jackson Manslaughter Prelim - 30 Witnesses

12/28/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned more than 2 dozen witnesses will testify at  Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.


Sources say the prelim will last roughly 2 weeks and approximately 30 witnesses will be called.

We're told there won't be a "Perry Mason" moment -- instead, prosecutors will lay out their case, piece by piece, to show Dr. Murray acted recklessly by medicating Michael with Propofol and other drugs at his home the day he died.

Sources say the witnesses include various medical experts, as well as 3 LAPD detectives who investigated the case.

And, we're told, prosecutors will present more evidence than in a typical manslaughter case, because the legal theory here is novel -- that a doctor committed a homicide in the treatment of a patient.



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I'm out!!!! catch yall tomorrow!!!!

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1339 days ago

Lee lee    

Annie I agree with you. Just because the autopsy report doesn´t show it, it´s a fact he had a drug problem at least some years before his death and of course the autopsy would not show signs of drugs from years ago.
I talked with a close friend of Michael by facebook and he said me that:

"Michael was flawed, he was an addict who demanded drugs and a celebrity who used his fame and power to get what he wanted and if one person didn't want to help him; 5 others were waiting to give him what he wanted. While I abhor what Dr. Murray did, most people don't know that Michael overdosed before on drugs and that if it wasn't Dr. Murray it would have eventually been another doctor or combinations of doctors that would kill Michael. It was destined to happen or at least he was destined to overdose on medications whether or not it killed him would have just been a factor of what drugs and how much of them. Michael was already in a bad situation for many years..."

Posted at 2:08 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by MiaUndercover

Bahahahaahahah MiaUndercover?????

You heard it on Facebook ?????? well then IT MUST BE TRUE!!!!!

Oh lord !!!

1339 days ago


Peace mymjj5 see you around.

1339 days ago


The ignorance and negligence of murray is unbelievable. Michaels one and only complaint was insomnia. He had a long history of this.Doctors are supposed to take a historty from patients they treat and to pay attention to the main symptom that the patient presents with. Simple.Then THINK about what
to do about
it.There is no indication anywhere for Propofol for this.
Now nobydy expects every doctor to be a specialist in sleep disorders.But every one knows that there is something called referral to a specialist.-There are sleepdisorder clinics.
Michael did not have a medical background. There has been ongoing research into sleep disorders for quite some time now.
They kept his brain to study for possible neurological signs or
abnormality. There is something calles FFI= familiar fatal insomnia.Obviously he did not have that.But much is known about insomnia. and all of you who go on & on about drugs, just inform yourself of the heavy toll insomnia has on a person.
Dont just be judgemental ignoramuses.-FFI hits people in their 40-50ies and kills in 2-3 months.Less severe insomnias also cause serious discomfort, undermines the immune system and much
more. Why do you they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture?

1339 days ago


@Dr. Bob with all of your education they didn't teach you how to spell? In medical school don't you have to take courses on dealing with other cultures? Then why do you spew such racial hatred?

1339 days ago


Is there another site besides TMZ to follow the story. That would be great.

1339 days ago

Lee lee    

...besides.......At the end of the day , if speculation of Michaels drug abuse had any standing.......Well then Dr Death AKA Murray , should have known better than to be treating him. Because the $$$$$ got the better of him, he sold his Oath as a doctor and treated his patient with a total lack of morals or integrity .

You can put what ever spin you want on this regarding other doctors having already traveled down this road with Michael........IT DOESN'T MATTER !!

On the 25th Of June 2009 Dr ( cough cough ) Murray ....was responsible for the care of his patient Michael Jackson.

It was Dr Murray who failed his patient.....his patients children, his patients family , his patients friends.

It is Dr Murray who is RESPONSIBLE !!!

1339 days ago


Think I saw the words "sincere ignorance" in a post here. That is something to be weeded out first year in, sorry
murray. You have failed in more than one way.

1339 days ago


I agree Lee lee lets break the numbers down.....$250,000 a month divided by 30 days in a month. $8333.33 for each night's work, not a bad pay cheque. Problem is Murray worked days then went to assist MJ. The very least he could do making that kind of coin is monitor the guy properly, I just don't get it other then greed and stupidity. Yeah babymomma guess where I am MJ's house I just put him to sleep you will never guess what kind of toilet paper they have........

I really wish they had a copy of the call and or calls he made for court that in itself would be very revealing.

1339 days ago


Unless Michael Jackson told murray to give him lethal amounts of propofol, and then leave him unattended for several minutes so he can talk on the phone with his girlfriend, then you can't say it's his fault, or "he killed himself". I read the autopsy report, and it was concluded that Michael's death was the result of recklessness, not drug abuse.
Posted at 2:37 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by pauline

Finally someone who is intelligent commenting on the TMZ board.
I cannot stand it when ignorant people here on TMZ write that Michael Jackson was a drug addict who was going to die anyway of an overdose and that Dr. Conrad Murray should not be blamed at all for his homocide death.

1339 days ago


Think I saw the words "sincere ignorance" in a post here. That is something to be weeded out first year in, sorry
murray. You have failed in more than one way.

1339 days ago


Here's the absolute kick in the nuts that Murray did.......even after he killed MJ he went to AEG to "collect" his pay cheque! that alone should tell you everything you need to know about Murray.

1339 days ago


i think fame and fortune killed mj. he was much too popular for his own good.

1339 days ago


@Jess there are plenty of people with fame and fortune that are still alive, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner....Donald Trump..whats your point Michael was murdered.

1339 days ago
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