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'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood

Pleads Not Guilty

12/28/2010 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood just pleaded not guilty to beating her baby daddy.


Portwood is charged with several crimes, including felony domestic battery and felony child neglect.

The incident was captured on tape for the show.

Amber, who is being held on $5,000 bail, is expected to be released later today.

The Indiana court also prohibited Amber from having any contact with her daughter or the alleged victim.


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@12... She is a loser for sure... I would NEVER stand up for her!! But Anderson is not really a bad town!! Everywhere has its trash!!!

1294 days ago


She should be prosecuted just as a man should be if he hits a woman.

1294 days ago


yay great job mtv your cropping a whole new set of teen slobs who think they can get prego at 15 and its cool cause mtv will put you on TV.notice all the tramps from this show have all seem to gotten in trouble somehow.what a bunch of pigs.

1294 days ago


I am so glad the court is not allowing her contact with the child. That is a huge concern. Good for the court.

1294 days ago


First off not guilty? Girl please?!? there is hard core evidence of you hitting your baby daddy. Hello!! TAPE.. Anyways there is always 2 sides to every story and I'm pretty sure Gary has some fault in all of this, but she should just take responsibility because it clearly that she needs some type of help. Anger issues anyone??

1294 days ago

Daddy DaDa    

It's a Reality Show people! and on MTV!(lol) Of course we should believe everything we see on television. Television would never lie to its viewers.

1294 days ago

Tony B    

★ ★ ★If you watched the show, you'd see that Gary was a total sweetheart, while she was a complete psycho.

At the season finale of last years run, she even appeared drunk or messed up on something. It was very obvious.

Gary deserves someone WAY better than this. Wishing him all the best, and here's hoping Amber gets what she deserves.

HI HARVEY!!!★ ★ ★

1294 days ago

Peter Sc    

It seems very late for the law to intervene. The crime took place months ago and was not reported by the film crew because they so obvious wanted to make money on the drama.

MTV feeds of crime. Isn't there a law there where such crimes must be reported. Here you can go to jail if it is proven that you saw domestic violence or child endangerment and didn't react.

I am so disappointed with MTV.

1294 days ago


YES!! that sloppy stupid sow pleaded not guilty! YEAH!! The D.A. will show no mercy!! i hope they come down on her like a ton of bricks!!
not only is she going to lose her kid...she goin to jail!!
totally fat and no common sense is no way to go through life, but what can you expect from white garbage?

1294 days ago

Oval Beach    

Ahh...the benefits that come from being on "Teen Mom" formula donated to you as part of your compensation...fame and celebrity knowing you have brought a bastard child into this world...a home at the best trailer park that money can buy...and a felony on your record because you think just because you are a female...that THAT would exempt you from justice...haul that trashy bitchy bitch to jail and take her child away from her.

1294 days ago


Shouldn't you black out the victim's address TMZ. Hers was not shown, so his shouldn't be either.

I agree with most of the comments here. She is obviously guilty and disturbed. And maybe Gary is somewhat lazy and doesn't do as much work as he could/should. But that does not mean it is ok to physically attack him. If it was the other way around, he'd have been in jail a long time ago.

1294 days ago


"The Indiana court also prohibited Amber from having any contact with her daughter or the alleged victim" At least the judge has some sense. Now the state should take the kid and allow it to be adopted with the bitch never seeing here again. Then the forced sterilization and that should fix the problem.

1294 days ago


@#4 gt- those comments are so inappropriate!! She is still someones mom and regardless of her abusing her boyfriend dosent mean anyone should deserve what you are implying. She will get the worst punishment of all when she has that baby taken away from her and that punishment enough. Her bf handled the situation correctly and Amber is young and angry and stressed she never hit her baby she really needs consouling and anger management and maybe some antidepressants to help her cope with being a young mom. She is going to get the help she needs now and her bf isnt all innocent here either he fueld her at times as well and that dosent excuse here hitting him but he is at fault her in some asspects as well they need to get counsiling together

1294 days ago


Why didn't they block Gary's address out of the do***ents and just hers?

1294 days ago


@Wheels He was smart NOT to touch her, she's the only one in trouble, not him :)

1294 days ago
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