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Val Kilmer

Another $500,000 in

Tax Problems

12/28/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Val Kilmer is back on Uncle Sam's bad side -- the "Iceman" reportedly left the IRS in the cold ... to the tune of $500,000 in unpaid federal taxes -- and now it is out to collect.

Val Kilmer Tax Evasion

According to, the Internal Revenue Service filed a $498,165 lien against Kilmer on Nov. 30 in New Mexico ... where the actor owns a multi-million dollar ranch.

It's not the first time Kilmer's had issues with taxes -- the IRS had filed a lien against him for $538k back in 2009 ... but Val reportedly settled that debt a few months ago.

So far, no comment from Val's people.


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jealous of kate    

don't these 'hollywood' actor types have accountants? and if they do, why don't they put their money into accounts, figure out what they OWE ON TAXES, then spend their money???? BTW, TMZ, his RANCH in NM is up for sale, and it is a HUGE RANCH... once that is sold, the IRS will get their money... and ITCHY BALLS, this can't be from last year's taxes OR THE YEAR BEFORE, it will be from a few years ago, Kilmar not paying enough taxes and/or taking a deduction that is not allowed... they try it all the time, and MOST OF THEM PAY UP, but some actors don't count on their careers going SOUTH!! Snipes, it sounds like he just did not think he should pay any taxes to the united states. Fine if he lived most of the Year in Monacco and was a citizen of that country, BUT HE ISN'T

1394 days ago


He is just an overpaid idiot actor who thinks he is above the rest of us. I think he should OD in 2011 and do us a favor

1394 days ago


Keep voting democrat you stupid azz Hollywood filth. No sympathy only laughter at you trash.

1394 days ago


I do have a serious question and I may just be ignorant of the law and I am not a fan of Wesley snipes, but why was one sent to jail for 3 years and the other just has to pay it back?

1394 days ago

Overtaxed American    

How do folks like Kilmer and Rangel get away with owing the IRS this much moolah and are still walking around not in shackles. They'd haul an honest person away and seize all their worldly assets if a "normal American" owed this much in taxes.

1394 days ago

Sar Thella    

Its funny how these Democrat hollywood actors are always raving how the rich don't pay enough taxes and how we should "raise taxes." Maybe if THEY started paying their own taxes we wouldn't have all these problems. TMZ - how many people in hollywood are tax cheats?

1394 days ago


Glad to see that someone at the IRS finally realized that investigating the stars will probably pay off a lot faster than hasseling the regular Joe's. They make so much frickin money, get tons of things 'given' to them...its only fair that they pay their fair share.

1394 days ago


I don't trust the IRS one of their employes in New York was caught stealing tax refunds from tax payers. Plus a lot of Government employes have not been paying taxes.

1394 days ago

fortune cookie    

He's not broke like Wesley. He comes from money, he inherited a few hundred million dollars after his father's death. (maybe the 90s? not sure of the date, but I remember reading about it)

So, it'll be paid off soon.

1394 days ago


I guess I don't understand rich people problems, but when I work my employer withholds tax money. How do these people earn so much untaxed money anyway?

1394 days ago


I agree with fortune cookie it will be paid off soon, that happens. In comparison to other Celebrities problems this one is small. Val's star will rise again. BTW I don't think Wesley Snipes should be in jail not with Government Employees not paying anything at all and nothing happening to them.

I guess Mel Brooks was right it is good to be the King or in the Government.

God bless you Val New Years child. Happy Bday.

1394 days ago


Is he on some kind of medication? WOW, can't believe his size. Course, I should be throwing stones into that glass house.

1394 days ago


maybe he can room with Wesley Snipes in the big house.

1394 days ago


Maybe he could do like OCGTOMOM and get that Vivid trash to pay his IRS bill? That way he could save face like OCTOMOM clearly will...

"I only did for the CHILDREN!!!!"

Except Val could say "I only did it for the PORK ROAST!!!" (Dude's getting WAYYY fat man)

1394 days ago


To post #18 - b - You may not like Val, but to wish him death is just stupid. And you add "do us a favor". Don't put your crap on everyone else. You act like he ripped you off or did something personally to you. I can only hope you see what an idiotic comment you put on here and then look in the mirror and say, "Oh my God, I am an idiot and I pay my taxes!"

1394 days ago
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