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Kim Kardashian

Locks Down Kanye

for Music Video

12/29/2010 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West teamed up with Kim Kardashian and Hype Williams for a music video shoot in L.A. yesterday -- but it wasn't for his own album ... it was all for Kim's upcoming single.

Sources connected to the video tell us ... Hype -- the most famous music video director on the planet -- spent hours working with Kim and Kanye during a secret closed set shoot.

As we previously reported, Kim is working on an entire studio album with super-producer The Dream -- but it's unclear when the world will finally get a chance to hear KK's voice. 


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We can all thank Paris Hilton. Now she wants to be a singer. What's next? I am sick and tired of reading about these people. As long as people keep watching their shows we will never get rid of this family. If it wasn't for the sex tape she would not be getting any publicity. We can only thank America. People always capitalize off of negativity. Now, her sister is trying to model. Who wants to look up to this family; they have no respect for the pimp or the pimp's father. Now another show in January. PLEASE LET THEM GO AWAY.

1371 days ago


She looks like a tranny in this pic. What is up with the severe fake-bake?

Music is officially dead. Anytime a talentless hack like KK can bankroll an album, you know the music industry needs to be reformed.

Oh yeah, Kanye... you truly lost all credibility in the industry, with this vainglorious shi*.

1371 days ago


CHER is HALF ARMENIAN (father) as are the Kardashian (father) sisters. She has never brought shame or embarrassment upon herself or upon the Armenian community as the Kardashian clan. Who else would have conducted themselves with such deep dignity when confronted with an extremely personal matter? Only Cher. She and the K sisters, especially Kim, are worlds apart and could never come close to sharing anything in common not, ever! Sorry for Bruce Jenner being tangled into that bunch of women. At one time he was a highly respected athlete and probably still is, but, being married to Mama Kris seems to have turned him into a spineless jellyfish with no control under his roof. Mama has sold her daughter for a few bucks so, I guess that is fine as long as Kim keeps wearing out the path to the bank so Mama can claim her, "cut." See what I mean? No comparison between two half Armenians. Cher is superior, the others, not!

1371 days ago


this is going to sound like ass.

1371 days ago

Clarence Shaffer    

I think everyone will be surprised and this collaboration WILL BE HOT!

1371 days ago

Clarence Shaffer    

I think everyone will be surprised and this collaboration WILL BE HOT!

1371 days ago


If you dont know what songs dream produces other than the hits than im warning you now dont expect much! Ciara fans made that mistake with Basic Instinct (which was mostly produced by The Dream & Tricky) and we were dissapointed with the result!

1371 days ago


make her go away along with all the rest of the freakish kardasians. they r scary!! GO AWAY PLEASE lets make 2011 kardasian free, now that would be nice!!

1370 days ago


another p diddy and jlo

1365 days ago

Giny Garcia    

WOW!!!! talking about disappointment ;-( I went to the new year's eve event at Tao to "party" with Kim and that did not happen.... I thought she would have been more attentive and interacting with the crowd, but she was only into herself and the camaras.... NEVER AGAIN would I go to see her anywhere even if they tell me the entrance is free and I would be sitting next to her in the VIP.... what a shame. After this experience I realized that she has no personality or public speaking skills... she came out only once and you can tell what she was saying was scripted or already rehearsed. I truly believe Kloe is a better person and more real out of the three sisters. Good luck to you,
One of your ex-fans...

1362 days ago


Oh please, TMZ, not again.Please, when are you going to stop?Who the hell cares about Kim or her no talent black boy friend.I cant stand either one of them.This bull **** will never stop and we have the wonderfull TMZ to thank for it.Im so done with this Kardashian site.

910 days ago


What's wrong with Kim's mouth? It's called plastic surgery. She looks like the "Joker" as does her pimp, mama Kris Jenner. Kim claims she's never had plastic surgery on her ass. Is she talking about her ass face or her ass ass. Regardless she is a liar. She use to be pretty. Now she looks like a wax faced dummy. No longer pretty. She's lucky there is air brushing these days. When you really see the size of her ass without the airbrushing, it's gross. Too much botox and ass implants. Her sisters so far appear to be natural. Hope they don't go that way or they'll ruin their faces too. Kim is going to hate her mother one day if she already doesn't. She's in too deep, she doesn't even know who she is anymore. A used up whore is all. So sad! They're mother doesn't love them, she loves money. She's a money whore she'll do anything for it. What don't they have their hands in, and as long as people keep buying their **** and watching their programs, they keep getting richer and richer. Who are the fools? We can't even buy a magazine to read about other stars, without some Kardashian **** on the cover. What do we have to do to get rid of them. Even the young Kardashians are monopolizing the modeling world and they're not that cute, forget pretty.

900 days ago


Hello the relationship is a stunt ...her whole life is a stunt...she can not go a month with out cameras...she is a fame junkie..i am tired of seeing her face, she did not have a hard life her mommy and daddy gave her money to shut her mouth! and she is not the symbol of beauty! if she had kids!!! i bet the world will wanna cash in! n she will keep it!! Shes famous because she is a porn star!

823 days ago


lol seriously, old fat ass DOES NOT need to sing....PERIOD>>>> She is sooo disgusting, she has to be everywhere....she's like dog poo. ugh.... When the hell is she gonna go away....ewwww

819 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

This girl is going for the gusto.......... She will do anyone for fame. I don't know what its about; her family has money....oh I forget her Mom is selling her for fame and fortune........................................

819 days ago
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