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D.A. Acknowledges Murray Defense: MJ Killed Himself

12/29/2010 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The prosecutor in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case just said in court what TMZ told you back in April -- that Dr. Murray's lawyers will argue ... Michael Jackson killed himself with a fatal dose of Propofol.


L.A. County Deputy District Attorney David Walgren told the judge today, "I do think it's clear the defense is operating under the theory that the victim, Michael Jackson, killed himself."

We broke the story ... Murray's theory is that when he left Michael's bedroom the day he died to go to the bathroom, Jackson awakened and in a moment of frustration infused himself with a massive dose of Propofol.

Walgren said in court, "They don't want to say it but that's the direction in which they are going."

To read the defense theory on MJ killing himself, CLICK HERE.


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1361 days ago


So they are claiming that while Murray was taking a prolonged dump, MJ killed himself in "frustration." Way to go down in history Murray. Your bowel movement is responsible for the death of a genius.

1361 days ago


Ah come on TMZ.

I already posted this info on another board 20 minutes ago.

1361 days ago


It was a HOMICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A death by SOMEONE ELSE, OTHER THAN THE VICTIM!!!!!!!! Coroners said there is no way MJ injected himself!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Murray to claim this nonsense is one thing
For this BS to be accepted as a valid defense is CRAZY!

Even people in mental institutions wouldn't come up with such a wild, ridiculous, insane explanation!!!!! Murray is adding insult to injury! Is this the BS Katherine Jackson has to listen in the court room?????????????

Murray , tread very carefully! VERY F'ING CAREFULLY! If I were you, I wouldn't come to court with this, I really reallly wouldn't! You will make lots of people ENRAGED! Why do USA act like it has a justice system? STOP PRETENDING, WILL YA! This excuse of a doctor should have waited his court in jail and should have been charged with MURDER!

1361 days ago

my angel    

murray is a killer

1361 days ago


Accidental suicide? So many things don't make sense based on that crazy idea. I can't wait to see who they are going to bring on the stand. The women he instructed to clean out the storage unit? The paramedics that said he was too far gone. His insistence that Michael's son watch his efforts. But we're talking LA so anything is possible.

1361 days ago


So Murray had said he left the room for 2 minutes to pee ( he should have never left MJ unattended, no doctor would). However, in 2 minutes a drugged up, groggy, MJ managed to open a bottle of Profocol, hook it up, and inject himself. Put this guy away for a long time.

1361 days ago


WOW. . .tmz puts up some of the worst pictures of people. I actually applaud that stance, because it shows these stars as human as the rest of us. Full of flaws.

1361 days ago

Fred Farkel    

If I was on the jury - I would let off Dr Murray and tell him THANK YOU.

No MJ fan is likely to admit that MJ was an impulsive little brat the NO ONE would stand up to - especially his loser family.

A typical acccidental OD happens when you just ain't thinking straight. I have personally OD'd on Motrin when I woke up many times during the night with a 104 temperature that made me insane. I kept getting up and shoving more Motrin down my throat and ended up OD'd because I was desperate to go to sleep and feel better.

So why not turn up that IV knob a tad to knock yourself out WHEN YOU AIN'T THINKING STRAIGHT??

Thank you.

Happy New Year from Uncle Fred

1361 days ago


Total BS. It will never fly in court.

1361 days ago


The prosecutor should bring multiple medical professionals on the stand and ask when it is acceptable for a doctor to use Propofol to treat insomnia. And how was he measuring and monitoring the intake? And was he certified as an anesthesiologist. And if Propofol had been administered in the appropriate environment, with monitoring equipment, would it even be possible for a patient to do what he's saying Jackson did. What patient, during surgery, sits up and injects himself with more Propofol. Sorry, Murray, even by their own theory, he is still liable. Not that the theory is believable, it's not, but the entire setup was a disaster waiting to happen.

1361 days ago


That pic stinks!!!!!!!!!

1361 days ago


MJ sure as hell DID kill himself...with all the drugs, the odd silicone and plastic substances injected and implanted into his face and God knows what else.

Michael Jackson is 99.99% to blame for his death (Joseph Jackson is .01% to blame from being an evil, money grubbing abusive bastard who couldn't hack it on his own so he had to do it through the sweat off the back of his children).

1361 days ago


Has anyone ever woke up after getting propofal? It would be highly unlikely he would be able to do this. Maybe someone in the house overdosed him while he was in the bathroom. There are so many things that could have happened. I just pray for the truth will come out and justice for Michael. I dont think MJ would have ever wanted this doctor convicted for his own bad decision to use this drug. He took his chances and it killed him. Michael must of like this doctor to share this secret and trust him with his life. What Murray did was not a mistake he knew what he was doing everynight to MJ. Thats why I think its a homiside because this was not a accident . He did this knowing it was wrong, but money took over his sane thinking.

1361 days ago


Murray's lawyers were shot down in court today!!! Tell them TMZ they were shut down by the judge. I know someone who was in the courtroom today. The judge shot down Murray's lawyer and the whole theory that Michael killed himself went down in flames today when the judge told them NO!! Murray's lawyers are grasping at straws because they know as Murray does he killed Michael!!

1361 days ago
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