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L.A. County Coroner to Discovery: Go Pound Sand

12/30/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Coroner has joined the chorus of those who are scoffing at the Discovery Network for an upcoming show reenacting Michael Jackson's autopsy.


Sources tell TMZ ... producers from Discovery -- who plan to air the show in Europe -- went to Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter earlier this year, asking if he'd sit for an interview, describing MJ's autopsy and the investigation into his death.

Winter tells TMZ, "I told them no, we had no interest in doing it and it was a pending case."

Winter adds, "I think it's unprofessional and I wouldn't do it out of respect for the family."

We're told producers did get a copy of the Coroner's report, which is public record.



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It may not be professional but TV isn't about right or wrong. It's about money.

Let's remember Jackson's past. He was not regular guy. Most people dissed him before he died.

He was a musical genius, but a failed human being who opened himself to ridicule.

1395 days ago


Mikey J. . . Ummmm. . . yeah. Sooooo many people care about a re-enactment. Leave the poor pedophile alone already.

1395 days ago


Interesting, LarryP.

So if you´re not the mainstream sort of person, if you´re a "failed" human being (according to who? And how many?) it´s quite okey to disrespect you and your family. Sounds like the old bullying in school.....

What a way to label people!!

1395 days ago


I personally didn't care for M.J., as I thought he was a molester who bought his way out of trouble. However,I do think this is going to far. Whats funny to me is it would probably be mostly his fans who would watch something like that. They're so fanatical they would watch any program having anything to do with him.

1395 days ago


I think that Mr. Winters should be commended for his integrity. I don't object to them showing an autopsy (per say), but why must it be Michaels? Wasn't he exploited enough in life at everyone's hands for the sake of money - and now, in his death - he is still being exploited. I think that everyone - should let Michael Rest In Peace - and stop feeding off of him even in death! Just my opinion.

1395 days ago


The show is in such poor taste...I'd never watch such a disgusting thing. I'm glad Ed Winters takes his profession seriously and has respect for the deceased and MJ's family and friends.

Love and miss you forever MJ.

1395 days ago


TMZ shame on you. Could you bring uglier picture of Michael Jackson??????????? No, of corse. You must sell your site.

The bad you did to somebody always come back,
punish us like criminals. I'm not believer but I believe in KARMA and you who publish this cheet, will come back to you.
Who would look your site if it's not negative about Michael Jackson???

Nobody, freeks etc. Shame on you.

1395 days ago


I think it's in extremely poor taste and shouldn't be doe, if for no other reason than out of respect for his family, espescially his mom and his kids. But if it ultimately does air, I certainly won't be checking it out. The people behind this show are both ghouls and whores at the same time.

1395 days ago

casting couch    

Discovery is just another vulture in line for Michael's fame and money.

1395 days ago


LarryP is right. It's all about the money and ratings. I also agree with Pat. I don't understand (outside of the ratings and money)why the re-enactment.

Everybody knows Jackson was a full blown junkie for many many years. It's only the Jackson family who has to blame somebody else and not MJ himself.

Let's keep in mind Michael was pimped out by 6 years old. Even though it was the Jackson 5, in a very short time it was Michael who stood out in the group and it was Michael who people came to see. Joe Jackson knew it was Michael who was the true money maker of the group. Joe was not going to give up that meal ticket. That's a hell of a burden on any kid. Even after death his family is still using him to the hilt.

Joe and Katherine did alot of dammage to their son and it manifested later in his life.

Michael Jackson can't catch a break even in death.

1395 days ago


I've been living in Europe for two and half years now, and sadly, I'm finding that IN GENERAL (there are ALWAYS exceptions) "toute mechanceté est bonne à dire" over here - Loosely translated: "anything mean is worth saying"...So why would they stop at desecrating someone's memory? To the people at Discovery, Michael is not someone's father, brother, or son, or even a person for that matter. He's Frankenstein's Monster, to be pursued relentlessly until he is destroyed...

1395 days ago


There are good people and bad people. Imagine you are Michael Jackson....

How he felt????



1395 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with." Michael Jackson

L.O.V.E and Miss MJ

1395 days ago


I would soo catch a buzz and watch this show...
was he really wearing that glove when he died???

1395 days ago

mj fan forever    

This miserable program should be cancelled and if Discovery Channel would have a shred of moral dignity, would delete it, but apparently, they have no intention of cancelling it and this show their total absence of moral dignity and humanity!!!! As for the family, they think just at money by exploiting whatever they can in every way possible!!! They don't care anything, instead should have been the first people to rebel!!! They only care to do lawsuits to try to get more money!!! WHAT A SHAME!!!!

1395 days ago
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