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Teen Mom's BF -- Can I Drop 'No Contact' Order?

12/29/2010 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary Shirley is "interested" in getting Amber's "no contact order" dismissed ... and he's already reached out to the court to make it happen ... TMZ has learned.

Amber Portwood

Law enforcement sources tell us Gary called court officials this morning asking how he could help convince a judge he doesn't need a legal order prohibiting Amber from contacting him.

We're told Gary was informed either the prosecutor or Amber's attorney would have to file paperwork. Gary claimed he was "interested" in getting that done.

Stay tuned.


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he wants her back..because thats the only poon he can get.

1359 days ago


Gary likes it rough apparently...just another poor choice by the big guy

1359 days ago


He seriously needs to let her go. She's so unstable and she's going to keep verbally and physically abusing him. She keeps blaming her stress of being a teen mom and blaming her medications. Seriously, being a teen mom is not much harder than being a mother at any age. I wish teens would stop playing that stupid "I'm a teen mom, I have it much harder than anyone else" card. There are people in this world who had everything when they became parents and then lost it all and now live either homeless or in shelters. Yeah, Gary needs to get a job and take care of his daughter, but for a lot of people on here saying "If he was my baby's dad and being lazy I would kick his ass too" that's is pure ignorance. Violence is not acceptable for any reason and it's no wonder why this whole country/world is screwed up because people condone violence. I think this psycho trainwreck should have her daughter taken away from her because you don't know when she's going to snap and beat on her and she needs to keep her ass in jail and receive psychiatric help. If her medication is supposedly making her feel the way she does, then get off the meds. Don't be a dumbass and start working on yourself, your family, and basically get an education not only for yourself, but for your daughter so you won't have all this negative feedback.

1359 days ago


I watch the show and amber is a huge biotch! All she does is complian, even when gary proposed to her at the beach, she complianed about the way he did it. Gary stayed because of the baby, he was trying to do whats right!

1359 days ago



1359 days ago


He is a fat a$$ and you can tell by the videos that he and his friends think this is all a joke and do everything in their power to push her buttons. He is a total looser and she needs to get away from him.

1359 days ago


These two need to seriously start thinking about their daughter rather than themselves. It is time to grow up. Leah doesn't need to be in the middle of an abusive relationship where Mommy and Daddy keep crawling back to each other.

1359 days ago


Jerry, Jerry, Jerry Jerry, Jerry, Jerry Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.....

1359 days ago


"Law enforcement sources tell us"

Really, how does that work harvey? Does tmz have someone on the payroll at the police station who has tmz on speed dial whenever something even remotely interesting happens? Or does tmz call every 5 minutes and ask "Has anything else happened yet?"

1359 days ago


I'm trying very hard to figure out why I should give a f#%k about these two losers.
OH! that's right...I DON'T!!!!!!!!
They can beat the **** out of each other with bratwursts for all I give a crap.

1359 days ago


Gary.... GROW A PAIR already!

1359 days ago


What do you tell a guy with two black eyes? Nothin, he's already been told twice

1359 days ago


The sad part to this whole thing is MTV did NOTHING. Even on the Reunion show, I feel like "Dr." Drew ( and I use the term Dr. very loosely here) coached Amber on what to say. She never once said anything about "blacking out" and not remembering until Dr. Drew gave her that idea. It's pathetic. As a professional, Dr. Drew should have reported this as soon as it happened. Instead he gave Amber and himself a way out. And anybody saying Gary deserved that to happen to him.....GTFO. Put yourself in that position before judging him. IMO this whole mess is due to MTV's lack of morals and lack of responsibility, and Amber's rage and drug habit

1359 days ago


whats hilarious about this story is this lil bi*ch thought she was the shiit hitting that dude....but u kno damn well if he hit her once she would be crying her assssss offf.....she tried to act like she was an aggresssor....come on now...seeing them fight was like lookin at a chihuahua jummpin at a bear....i jus think its soooooo funny when these girls seem to think their badass...lemme see that girl try and do that shiiit to me....she wont be thinking ANYTHING after that....

1359 days ago


another thing....that lil girl is being put into the media for no a parent i think its disgusting that the media seems to think its okay to be putting a child on blast like that....even tmz needs to stop...that poor child doesnt need to be brought into this media circus

1359 days ago
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