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Son of Former NBA Star Charged with Murder

12/31/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The son of former NBA player Nickey Maxwell Van Exel was arrested and charged with murder in the shooting of a friend -- in an incident his lawyer calls "horseplay" gone wrong.

Nickey Maxwell Van Exel Didn't Know Gun Was Loaded
Nickey Maxwell Van Exel is being held on $1 million bond in the death of Bradley Bassey Eyo. According to police, Eyo's body was found on Sunday near Lake Ray Hubbard (located just outside Dallas) ... but police later determined Eyo was shot at a home in nearby Garland and the body was then dumped near the lake.

Paul Johnson, a lawyer for the 20-year-old Van Exel, told the AP his client shot Eyo when the two were horsing around with a shotgun that belonged to Van Exel's stepfather. Johnson claims Van Exel didn't know the gun was loaded.

Johnson said Van Exel "panicked" and moved the body, dumping the gun in a creek. The weapon has yet to be recovered. Van Exel has yet to appear in court or enter a plea.

The father, Nick Van Exel, played 13 season in the NBA -- most notably for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1993-1998. He currently works as a player development instructor for the Atlanta Hawks.

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I will print all the stupid blogs I'm tired of seeing right now. "first". "just sayin". "whootwhoot". There-now all you idiots who use all these cool phrases all the time, get a personality and come up with something different.

1391 days ago


I guess after he "accidentally shot" his buddy he must have "accidentally dumped his buddy's body and accidentally threw the gun into a nearby creek" instead of, you know, calling an ambulance?

1391 days ago


Hey everyone makes a mistake sometime. Just hope he learns from it. Ok lets here your racist remarks....

1391 days ago


Those aren't my shoe prints on his face!
The first shot that missed was an accident too.

1391 days ago


The Guy he shot was White??

1391 days ago

Rahiq Syed    

When will these affirmative action thug ever learn. I hope they lock him away forever. It's wonderful to see these loser striving for excellence in the age of Obama.

1391 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Awesome - he's trying the Jason Williams defense (yeah I pointed the shotgun at him, and I pulled the trigger, and I tried to hide/coverup the body, and I ditched the gun, but I didn't know it was loaded). Enjoy jail murderer.

1391 days ago


This wasn't "horseplay" gone bad, it was gun play gone bad. Let's hope Daddy still has mega NBA money to buy a great lawyer!

1391 days ago


geez please learn how to spell tmz so lame u cant spell....

1391 days ago


Horseplay and body dumping dont mix. If it truly was an accident then you call 911. You dont load your "friend" into a trunk and take his body to the lake.

1391 days ago


You guys are too funny. Or how about "Hey do you see that white van right there, well if you don't know their weapons of mass destruction on that one white van right there. Now lets start a war with Iraq and kill there president for the oil we still didn't get and keep our troops over sees for years while their loosing their lives at the same time costing our economy and sending us right in to a fake recession. Who were we after in this war again Oh thats right Bin Laden where is he. Oh IDK somewhere in a cave watchin Jersey Shore. Now that everythings is a total mess b/c of G.W.BUSH. Lets just blame everything on President OBAMA it's all his fault anyway.

1391 days ago

Rahiq Syed    

I hope they lock him away forever. These affirmative action thugs are really striving in the age of Obama.

1391 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

If this was an accident, then why are local news sources saying the police discovered several items were missing from the victim's body, when they found the corpse??

1391 days ago


Are you proud of me Dad? I did the right thing right?

1391 days ago


I guess now this kid can't ever quit in the playoffs while chanting "Cancun! Cancun! Cancun!"

1390 days ago
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