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Porn King

Face-to-Face with Octomom's Landlord

1/3/2011 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vivid Entertainment boss Steven Hirsch just met with the guy who holds the note on Octomom's home -- and by the sound of things ... he's even closer to banging out a deal for the Octo-crib. 

As we first reported, Hirsch is looking to take the note off the hands of Amer Haddadin as a way of "beginning a relationship with Octomom" -- since she's turned down all his previous job offers.

Hirsch still needs to see some paperwork -- and the inside of the actual house -- before things go any further ... but he tells us things are going in a very "positive" direction.


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Steven makes me really vomit.....why can't he mind his damn biz....Stupid idiot.

1387 days ago


Steven is ugly as hell. Only money can buy ****. Aww!!!....

1387 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

All this Octo and porn is a red herring.

Look at the photo/video above.
What do you see?
THREE chubby, fugly, middle aged, SLEAZY businessmen talking.

As for OctoMoron (aka OctoMaim)....she is a renter. Amer may (or may not) sell the mortgage loan to Steve, another businessman.

Steve, IF he holds the mortgage can ASK for one of several things....ask for rent money (or allow her to live for free), ask her to work for him (not necessarily porn), or ask her to vacate the premises.

OctoMoron has free will choices (depending on the choices offered) the rent, work for Steve, or move.

Steve never met her and so far all he has done is offer her a (sleazy) job.

I repeat, all this being forced into porn bullsh*t is just a red herring and done for publicity.

And only suckers in my book would feel sorry for OctoTrash. She did this (the mess she is in) to herself, looking for fame and fortune.

1387 days ago


I repeat, all this being forced into porn bullsh*t is just a red herring and done for publicity.

And only suckers in my book would feel sorry for OctoTrash. She did this (the mess she is in) to herself, looking for fame and fortune.

Posted at 12:33 AM on Jan 4, 2011 by Peanut Santiago

Peanut, truer words were never spoken.

From the comments it seems there are a lot of suckers blaming Hirsch for buying a piece of property that OctoTrash lives in. They have already decided he is a stalker and worse. While I don't necessarily like his choice of business, it is legal.

Further, as you stated, she can move if she doesn't like it. She doesn't own the house, never has and never will. She needs to get in line at the welfare office for section 8 housing in the ghetto where she belongs.

1387 days ago


I wonder what his fascination is with her. She didn't conceive any of her children the normal way. She is delusional and brought all this trouble upon herself, so why is this guy willing to "rescue" her from her dilemma.
I clearly remember all the hoopla when news first broke about these multiple births. The world wanted to know. What usually happens under these cir***stances is that the diaper industry would have given her a lifetime of diapers, a new van to fit all the children, maybe even a house big enough to hold all those children, and definitely unlimited assistance.
But what she wound up doing is being one of the most hated people in America. Not only for implanting so many eggs, but the fact that she already had 6 children done through invitro. She was a scam artist. People were disgusted and walked away from her and her stunt.
But sadly its the children who are paying the price for her deception and lies. Someone would should have stepped up with still offering her the diapers and assistance with the children. It's not their fault that their mother is a psycho who happened upon a mad scientist doctor!
I hope no matter what, that this guys intentions are pure. And not something that he will use as leverage to get her naked and in his industry. She's already sick in the mind, don't make it worse by subjecting her to XXX action. She's probably still a virgin! JMO

1387 days ago

My Little Girls    

Well, I thank God everyday that my daughter didn't move to this area. Her and her husband were looking for a home last April and found a short sale in Tustin. The day it went on the market their were three offers by the afternoon.
They bid a few thousand more then the asking price but they were out bid by about 35,000.
The realtor then show them a house in Octomom's area that was less expensive. When she told me about this house, I warned her this would be the biggest mistake she ever made.
While they were trying to decide if they should make an offer the first house became available because the bids submitted by the two parties couldn't qualify. Their is a God. Need to say, it closed and they are very happy and I don't have to drive in the area of Octomom.

The real people I feel sorry for are the neighbors of the community. Need I say, no one is going to want to buy in a neighborhood were a porn king owns a house.
Even if Octo moves he still can do what ever it wants with that house.

Hey Nayda, get off your computer and take care of your children. You have plenty of time to find a rental in your price range. At least, you don't have to leave in your car like some many families because they lost the job's and everything they own. I don't feel the least bit sorry for you. You made your bed and they only thing you doing are destroying the lives of 14 innocent children.
Don't think these children aren't going to grow-up and resent you for the life your gave them. Your not a Mother... Mother's don't treat their children in the matter you chose to raise them. Do the right thing... You're not a stupid person just ignorant and selfish. Get over yourself, we've gotten over you a long time ago, all their is to see now is CPS to make their move with the Federal Government...

1387 days ago


Someone previously mentioned that Octo is being investigated for fraud in her worker's compensation claim. How would you know that? Where do you get your information?
Obviously she's not as injured or disabled as she claimed to be. She has used the funds from the wc case to use for the invitro's she's had performed on her.
With a bad back the last thing that would be beneficial is being pregnant with multiple fetuses. Then the kicker was being pregnant with 8 babies. I don't know if your comment is true about her being investigated, but it certainly should be.
She always has a baby or two on her hips, she's taking care of 14 kids and if she has a bad back that would be close to impossible.
So much mis-information is often spread by people like you who made the statement about the workers comp., with no facts to back it up. Yet you now made me wonder if it's true. I wouldn't be surprised given that she is now a public figure so there's no hiding and if she truly had injuries so severe that they made her incapable of working at such a young age, then she's deserves an Oscar for her performance in getting the monetary award money. I hope they do find fraud if indeed this story is true.
She's just about getting over on everyone. And I feel sory for the tax payers of CA who are supporting her and her 14 children. Through welfare, medicaid, disabilities, and anything else that those who are scamming the system can get.

1387 days ago

My Little Girls    

I can't wait to see what the new owner of this property will do about the rent. Considering he has every right to raise the rent when he takes position.
My advise would be to look for a place in Fontana or San Bernardino county. The rents are cheaper and you could afford to live with your children. If your getting $8,000.00 a month plus food stamps and free nannies you would be fine.
You don't have to do porn or try and other scams to dupe the public any longer.

1387 days ago


Hey Barbie:

According to the Workmans Comp website - both her files are active. She signed a Compromise and Release in April and was given a final settlement, but she can still be investigated for fraud. It appears that is what is happening - there is no other reason for her files to be active.

I'm sure enough people have sent videos and pictures of her doing things a person with a bad back couldn't do, not to mention back to back pregnancies, ending with the octuplet pregnancy.

Type in Nadya Suleman for her first and last names.

1387 days ago

My Little Girls    

Good Morning bellestarr.. smile
I checked this site and it's probably not updated.

If she closed the case last April with a C/R then she could do hand stands all day long in her front yard and their is nothing anyone can do about it... She knows this.

Social Security does need to know what she received as far as settlement and what appropriation needs to go to Social Security if she receives medical coverage for herself.
Any further medical would be her responsibility in the future and not another insurance company. She probably sued Kaiser for all future medical for herself and then they would cover.
She is a piece of work.

By the way, Octomom, here's a site for housing that you could afford.

You may have to send your older children to public schools except for the autistic. They will require some special education and from the looks of it, some of the 8 may need help.
This would be in addition to what your receiving now.

Most people would love to be in your situation right now, they are living in cars with no jobs. How can you live with yourself.

1387 days ago


Regardless of what she did she should not be forced into porn. I agree that she she absolutely no business having as many kids as she did, but she made a very bad mistake and I'm sure she is paying for it. But having to deal with a situation like this is horrible.

1387 days ago

My Little Girls    

Regardless of what she did she should not be forced into porn. I agree that she she absolutely no business having as many kids as she did, but she made a very bad mistake and I'm sure she is paying for it. But having to deal with a situation like this is horrible.

Posted at 4:44 AM on Jan 4, 2011 by underwsr

She doesn't have to be forced into porn. She has the ways and means to move to another home more suitable for her income. No one needs to bail her out anymore.
She has money put aside for her personal needs.
If someone is capable of selling signed bras at a yard sale then she could do just about anything to get money.

1387 days ago


Octo (Kimba10) has been pretty quiet on this board. She must be holed up at Madonna Lane, throwing screaming temper tantrums about this whole thing.

Amir can sell his houes to whomever he chooses. Ccto is free to move. Nobody told forced this idiot to put down $130,000 down and then pay $14,000 per month on some broken down house in La Habra that she cannot afford. She could have taken that money and paid cash for something in Arizona like Bristol Palin. She would own something outright and not be in this mess. Real Estate is very expensive in Southern California but Octo and her equally idiotic parents have no concept of making good choices.

Kimba 10 keeps harping the fact that Octo has made "mistakes" blah, blah, blah. The thing is, this dummbazz make one giant mistake after another, again and gain and again. Going to Disneyland and buying expensive toys from the Lego store is an example. She is trying to buy those miserable, unhappy children's love with trips to Disney and Legos when in fact those kids would be much happier if she had paid her rent and bought them toys at garage sales. This type of rational thinking never enters into her mentally ill pea brain.
If Amir sells the house, and she does not like it, then she needs to get the he$$ out. Take your welfare, Medi-Cal, food stamps, and Section 8 housing to Bakersfield or someplace where you can afford to live.

To those of you raging at Steve Hirsh: nobody is going to "force" this POS into porn, just like nobody could "force" her to stop getting IVF and having a ****load of kids while she is on welfare, food stamps, Medi-Cal, had no job, no husband and no money. She is free to do whatever the he$$ she wants to do.

1387 days ago


"American dream" lmao.

1386 days ago


So instead of trying to find an honest job (not porn related) she just sits on her ass waiting to be bailed out. When is she going to be a responsible adult or a responsible parent??

How many people are out there busting their asses off just to make ends meet and pay for their own home while this woman just does nothing and waits for someone to get her out of her own mess?? How many people out there have had their homes foreclosed on them while they try their hardest to desperately save it only to have it taken away?? This is ridiculous! Any normal person and it would be in the process of being foreclosed already.

1386 days ago
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