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Oksana Grigorieva

Gets New Lawyer

... and the Flu

1/3/2011 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has a new lawyer -- #42 by our count -- but she also has a sick feeling in her stomach.

New York attorney Marty Garbus just got approval by an L.A. County Superior Court judge to appear on Oksana's behalf.  He joins attorney Dan Horowitz.

Now for the sick feeling ... Oksana is on her way to a law office for part 4 of her ongoing deposition in the Mel Gibson custody war.  But we're told she feels like crap and may have to pull the plug on the depo.

If she goes home sick, she can get a few pointers from "The People's Court."


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Also someone brought up Oksana's declaration before and when I read it, it mentions an 'Edith' being the babysitter. Supposedly this Edith was so terrified at witnessing some sort of episode.

Wonder where this Edith is right now?

Posted at 7:29 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Belinda
Edith? Well, if she's the babysitter witness, she's allegedly dead.

Or was that Leticia? Or Alicia?

Multiple names, convenient demise, wrong church. Sheesh.

1351 days ago



Thanks for remembering my hearsay posts.

Happy New Year all!

1351 days ago


What do you think? Maybe there is something on OG's computer hard drive this relates to?

Posted at 7:26 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by fuddyduddy

Garbus doesn't want Oksana to be silenced, right? Maybe he is there to keep her capable of for a lack of a better frase to 'tell her story to the world'. We know Oksana really wants to be famous, so she very willing to go along with this. If those confidentiality clauses can be removed out of the way. Can you imagine the hayday she along with whoever else would have this?

1351 days ago


Happy New year to you and I'm most happy to see you again!

I tried to save every little "lesson" you gave us. LOL, I need all the help I can get.

May I ask your opinion on this latest episode of "How Miss Oksana Churns . . . My Stomach"?

1351 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Wasn't it Alicia the one that was Ox's 'friend' who was 'making eyes' at mel behind her back? Or was THAT Leticia?

1351 days ago


Wasn't it Alicia the one that was Ox's 'friend' who was 'making eyes' at mel behind her back? Or was THAT Leticia?

Posted at 7:43 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Sam
According tape transcripts, it was "Alicia". But Poppa G speaks of a Leticia? Then there's an Edith?

I think a need several aspirin.

1351 days ago


Happy New Year, Shyone!

1351 days ago

M. Gabriel    

Happy New year Everyone! And happy birthday to Mel! I've enjoyed reading all your post and was both humorously entertained and intellectually stimulated! I too wonder about all this and wish it would quickly conclude so that the snakey, evil witch is served justice! The physical illness she's claiming is symptoms caused by psycho-ailment! Her mind is causing her to think she's sick with the flu because it can't mentally/intellectually handle the reality of her fate! She's losing and cant cope! Poor little sick pup! I would hand you a kleenex but you don't need one.......

1351 days ago


May I ask your opinion on this latest episode of "How Miss Oksana Churns . . . My Stomach"?

Posted at 7:42 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Curious

No opinion. Seems to be all speculation at this point.

1351 days ago


No opinion. Seems to be all speculation at this point.

Posted at 7:51 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by shyone
::inserting tongue to cheek::

This is no time to be reasonable!

::withdrawing tongue, with crowbar::

Speculation is also welcome. If necessary, it can be encouraged with cheese curls. :)
(Um, this is no way constitutes bribery of a court officer. Well, maybe a little.)

1351 days ago


Correcting myself -

this in* no way

1351 days ago


All legal stuff put aside, I still can't get over her doing all this for greed. Never once giving any thought to her child/children. The more information she puts out there the more she hurts them. When all is said and done I hope she can live with herself. All for $$$ she doesn't deserve. She will continue to use her children for money as she has no talent or means to support herself. For the sake of her children I hope she loses and they are given to their fathers so they can lead normal lives free from the insanity of their mother.

1351 days ago


That judge is really sticking it to Mel... guarantee the good judge Gordon, celebrity judge to the rich, will make Mel pay for every one of this crazy bitch's attorneys-despite the fact that they jumped ship because they got tired of antics that would have landed them in some deep sh*t if they had cooperated with her.

1351 days ago


@ Everyone

This is a post from by chimpix_o:

"Hi Team-Mel,
Most importantly ___ Happy New Year to all of you!
For reasons explained below ___ Could any of you pass my 2011 wishes on the thread, pleeezze? Many thanks! And spare a thought for us 'TMZ cut offs' "

Apparently, TMZ's website is being blocked in the UK due to some kind of restrictions there.

1351 days ago



The babysitter in the DV declaration is Leticia. What I want to know about Leticia is whether she is the one Mel and Ox argue over on the tape, the one the dentist recommended.

1351 days ago
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