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Oksana Grigorieva

Gets New Lawyer

... and the Flu

1/3/2011 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has a new lawyer -- #42 by our count -- but she also has a sick feeling in her stomach.

New York attorney Marty Garbus just got approval by an L.A. County Superior Court judge to appear on Oksana's behalf.  He joins attorney Dan Horowitz.

Now for the sick feeling ... Oksana is on her way to a law office for part 4 of her ongoing deposition in the Mel Gibson custody war.  But we're told she feels like crap and may have to pull the plug on the depo.

If she goes home sick, she can get a few pointers from "The People's Court."


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No problem, Midwesterner. :)

I think Curious, V, and Sam are some of the posters here that keep really good notes. Tara21 is another one.

1354 days ago


Char mentioned that Harvey said in one of the TMZ Live shows that the cohabitation agreement was key. Does anyone else remember that? I just remember it vauguely.

1354 days ago


I am confused about the New York Times article, which says Ox was at court for Garbus's hearing this morning. Did she get the flu later? (smirk)

1354 days ago


ROL reported that OG was at court this morning for the Garbus attorney of record matter, as well.

1354 days ago


I know this has nothing to do with Mel and OG, but I just have to laugh when I see some of the pictures of celebrities on vacation in warm spots. They guys wear swim short down to their knees, while the women wear swim suits that go up and over their butts!! LOL!

1354 days ago


LOL, good notes? Fuddy, you're a treasure.

From the beginning Attorney Horowitz has spoken of Attorney Garbus as the team captain. They've also really pushed the public appearances and DV, even going so far as to outright lie and say Miss Oksana was working with DV groups. Why?

Maybe to give an edge to the confidentiality clauses are nulled because a crime victim shouldn't be silenced argument?

That Miss Oksana was at the hearing isn't surprising, she was due for deposition in a lawyer's office and lawyers tend to have offices close to the courthouse. They'd all go together from there.

I don't really remember Mr. Harvey saying that, but I could have easily missed that episode.

1354 days ago



I am almost certain the cohabitation agreement is not before the court. From what has been reported, the only issues before Judge Gordon are custody, visitation, and child support. All of those are part of the mediated agreement, so I am certain the mediated agreement will be heard in Judge Gordon's court. Mel has no reason to challenge the cohabitation agreement, so he would not file a petition about that. OG on the other hand, may have very good reason to challenge the cohabitation agreement. Horowitz and Garbus have never stated anything about the cohabiation agreement. They have, however, made issue of the mediated agreement and have stated they are trying to have it set aside.

Posted at 8:45 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by fuddyduddy


I was wondering if the CO-Habitation Agreement could have entered by Mel Gibson's side to nullify any attempt by Oksana for anything other than CHILD SUPPORT (remember her claims about growing accustomed to a lifestyle - like a ex-spouse might claim), to explain the HOUSING ARRANGEMENTS (who owned the property and how rent would work), and to get ONE MORE SUPPORTING DO***ENT ABOUT CONFIDENTIALITY in the RECORD.

Guess if they tried to enter it though, the other side could argue its validity - ????

Maybe I didn't process everything as well as I should.
Thanks Fuddy!

1354 days ago


I am so curious about Mr. Jaffe and the Dentist and Internist!

There was apparently the DEPOSITION for the DENTIST just before Christmas.

Have to wonder aloud - doesn't the immunity provided by the Prosecution just HEIGHTEN the lack of creditibility a JURY would perceive? Add in a shared babysitter who just happened to illegally in the US, and one who may have died, and WOW - I am really wondering why the DA's office even bothered!

I was thinking if I was on a JURY, especially with my background knowing DV and knowing the mandatory report law, and a medical provider was called to testify and it was clear he didn't report - I WOULD IMMEDIATELY question the veracity of the belated testimony. IF he thought it was DV, why didn't he report?

Wouldn't Mel Gibson's legal team have a field day with him! Keep wondering if his notes mentioned what attorney he sent information?

And it still wouldn't preclude his testimony being used against him for a medical license review board right? That isn't in the hands of the DA, right? Completely DIFFERENT TRACK, isn't it in the hands of the Attorney General?

Here is the link.

(in some states it is in the hands of the Secretary of State professional licensing boards' enforcement division; in CA it appears to be in the hands of a DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL)
Wouldn't the DA's immunity actually throw it into the ACCUSATION status by the AG? Would Mr. Brown have had to sign off on the IMMUNITY?

I keep wondering WHEN the deal was reached for immunity with the District Attorney? Mr. Cooley was running FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL and was the expected victor until the last stretch wasn't he? Was a deal struck anticipating Mr. Cooley would be the ATTORNEY GENERAL?

Wonder if the Dentist is sleeping comfortably these nights?

I also wonder what the NEW ATTORNEY GENERAL MIGHT DO? Or if she could be hamstrung by a deal Mr. Brown did?

1354 days ago

Hugh Jass    

look at the the new counsel's nose hairs ....

1354 days ago


I have been reading far too much legal stuff.
I'll leave that to you brainy folks - aye, I'm looking at you Fuddy, V, Midwestern and Belinda. I'd be looking at a few other folks but they don't seem to be here at the moment.

I'm off to bed. Hoping to see a follow up soon.

Be well and stay frosty.


1354 days ago


Sleep well, Curious. I think a bubble bath is calling me. It's been a fun day chatting and speculating. I definitely think there is more to the confidentiality clauses then what's been discussed before. Take care...

1354 days ago



I had FINALLY STOPPED doing that! someone mentioned it awhile back. HERE I go again.

Mr. Garbus was born in 1934, he is 76 years old. I should be respecting my elders but honestly with the shena****ns he has pulled and the lack of enforcement so far in CA, I can't muster any respect for the man.

Sad but true I am afraid. The way the LOT of them have behaved and the weirdness by the press and the delay by authorities, just don't seem to enstill confidence in any of them!

1354 days ago


I haven't gone just yet!

I listened to a TMZ Live video. It's the one titled, "Oksana's Lawyer Part 2" with Horowitz. This one I believe reveals where he and Garbus are going with this case.

Horowitz talks about the McMillan v. Plummer case. That's the one about the 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back' author's divorce. I have mentioned this before here, and also stated that Horowitz and Garbus worked together on that. Well, Horowitz represented McMillan, the author. He states that Plummer's attorney wanted to settle and said that it would hurt McMillan's books. McMillian's attorneys said that they were trying to extort, Plummer said it was their first ammendment rights...and guess what? Plummer prevailed! So, I think that Horowitz and Garbus are going to use that angle in the Mel/OG case.

1354 days ago


Also, on that same video, Horowitz states that OG did not really read the 4 page agreement she signed, nor the other agreement that he states he cannot talk about. I wonder if that's the cohabitation agreement or the custody agreement?

1354 days ago


Thanks everyone for all the help, information, and ideas today. I must sign off myself, get a shower (wish it were a bubble bath, Fuddy!), and get some sleep.

I hope Mel is enjoying the last hours of his birthday. (I am assuming he is in California and has a bit more to today than I have.)

To our Australian friends as you sign on, greetings and best wishes. I hope to connect with you as the week goes on.

1354 days ago
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