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Palm Desert PD Gunning for Lindsay From the Get-Go

1/4/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Palm Desert Police Department was rabidly trying to get Lindsay Lohan arrested just days after her altercation with a Betty Ford Center staffer.

Sources say a police lieutenant contacted L.A. County Deputy Probation Officer Barbara Parker shortly after Lindsay's December 12 run-in with Dawn Holland, asking her to come to Betty Ford and arrest Lindsay for violating her probation.  When Parker told the lieutenant it would be premature to take such drastic action, we're told the lieutenant began arguing with her and it got "extremely heated."

We've learned after the call, the lieutenant's boss called Parker to apologize.

As TMZ reported earlier today, the police are now saying Lindsay violated her probation by committing a battery.  What's interesting is that it's for the L.A. County Probation Department and ultimately a Beverly Hills judge -- not the police in Riverside County -- to conclude if Lindsay violated probation.

Sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Probation Department will take no action against Lindsay unless she's convicted of battery in Riverside County.


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Spoiled rich B**ch will get out of this like she has always done. If she were poor white trash without money for high priced lawyers she would be in jail now not Betty Ford. Let it go she will kill herself soon enough, then she can join another of TMZ's adored entertainers (MJ)in the ground, that is the only think that will ever change her. Lets see when did Robert Downey Jr (an extremely talent individual) finally get straight? Oh yea when the state of California put his azz in jail. All for giving second chances, but this B**ch is way beyond second chances.

1352 days ago


#11. Ashley. You are an idiot. People know here situation because her parents have let it play out in the media. The reason she went to rehab was to avoid jail. Not get a "legit" run at getting her life together. Why if she wanted to get a fresh start would she move next to that freak Ronson and all the drama that will come along with it? Wake Up!

1352 days ago


#11 how big of an idiot are you? People act like they know the situation because it has all played out publicly thanks to her parents. She was forced into rehab or go to jail. She did not go want to take a "legit"

1352 days ago


OK, no jail in LA, everyone given snap probation. LA criminals go out of county and commit crimes. LA won't revoke their probation unless they are convicted, when? 2 years later? CA is falling apart as we speak. Criminals take notice, your future is in LA! Still lots of good stuff to steal there if you hurry.

1352 days ago


Riverside is getting ready to throw the book at Lindsay! Charges may include assault, battery, trespassing, disorderly conduct, threats, drunkenness, lying to a police officer, resisting arrest, compromising an officer of the law, bestiality... the list is big! Apparently Lindsay jumped the officers night stick, left teeth marks and corrupted his K9. Both officers are receiving treatment. The K9 has broken training and chases crack ho's apprehending them dog style. Nice work Lindsay!

1352 days ago


So who ARE these sources, btw? People in the law enforcement field? BF staffers? Or (most likely of all) the Lohans? (Give this commenter a cigar as the duck comes down from the ceiling.)

1352 days ago


Oh, don't tell me that the little weasel is going to walk AGAIN???

1352 days ago

boro silicate    

a star is a large ball of gas and lindzee, you stink.

1352 days ago


Riverside wants to abide by the law, and surprise, surprise, the StarF++king LAPD does not want to go after a "celebrity." Can we just send Lezby Lowtalent to live with her fellow nutjobs, Randy and Evi Quaid in Canada and never hear from her or her disgusting skank family again?

1352 days ago


All along they have looked the other way with Lindsay's probation violations. To say she has had special treatment is an major understatement.

She thinks she can do anything to anyone and have it overlooked.

1352 days ago


So let's get this straight, Paula. If the BF staffer had been white she would have been telling the truth, but because she's black, she's lying? Darned funny that you're actually willing to take LOHAN'S word against the staffer's...given that Lohan is so honest, and all (ROTFLMAO.)

1352 days ago


People get hit all the time, but most people aren't whiny b*tches that cry to the police every time someone touches them.

1352 days ago


If the police dept. has proof that Lindsay did attack Dawn (which we all know she did) than it wont be long before there knocking on her door.

Next TMZ post will be that they have her in custody

GO Riverside PD!!

1352 days ago


riverside county loves to throw the book at people.

1352 days ago


Why should anyone believe this CRACK HEAD on her being assaulted by Lindsay. She looks like she can take care of herself. I would also questions this animal who by the way was in re-hab 8times and she's a "JUNKIE" she violated Lindsay's right also by going to the media and discussing Lindsay regardless of the situation she should as well have charges brought up against her as well.

1352 days ago
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