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Lindsay's Battery 'Victim' to Cops: 'Back Off!'

1/5/2011 10:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The former Betty Ford employee who filed the battery report against Lindsay Lohan thinks the Palm Desert Police Department is out of line by gunning for LiLo, and thinks cops should "back off."

Dawn Holland, who was fired from Betty Ford after the December 12 altercation, tells TMZ, "Lindsay has got enough to deal with as is ... they just need to back off and let it go."

Holland is suspicious of the Palm Desert cops' motive, saying they seem to be going way out of their way to nail Lindsay.

Holland adds, "Jail is not going to rehabilitate her."


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No matter what they paid her when she's called to testify she's going to be under oath and she can't lie. Trust me she's not going to refuse to testify either or they will lock her away until she does. Just a matter of time before she starts singing.

1387 days ago


That's not LAPD. They're dealing with the Sheriff dept., and they are the ones to avoid in SoCal

1387 days ago


Before I read a ONE of these comments, I thought this Dawn woman had to have been paid off. Now that I see all of these comments that say the same, it obviously is O.B.V.I.O.U.S.

Yep, Dina, good call on your part! Now get this woman to shut her mouth.

1387 days ago


I hope this woman is called to testify and I hope she does sing; she won't have a choice if she has to testify. I don't think she's willing to go to jail for Lohan. I find it kind of funny that Lilo paid her off and may still lose her money (and her freedom). Serves her right!

1387 days ago


I think she may be right; jail is NOT going to rehabilitate Lilo. On the other hand, a handful of Lohan cash can shut some people up.

1387 days ago


this bitch clearly got paid off if anyone cant realize that then they are dumb as a bag of bricks

1387 days ago


Lay off Lindsay, cuz I don't wanna testify against my new BFF! Green is such a nice color, isn't it, Dawn?

1387 days ago


Some people do need jail to hit their bottom.
For Lindsay this has been nothing but fun and games

1387 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Wonder how much money she was paid? Lindsay is as nutty as a fruitcake and should go to a Prison with a Psycho Ward.

1387 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

That's very nice of her. Really. But it's not for her to decide which course the law will take. Hopefully they throw the book (as well as a lot of soap, shampoo, & many washcloths) at The Thing.

1387 days ago


Where did fire crotch come up with the funds to pay off that pile of worthless trash??

1387 days ago


Once again if Miss Lohan was doing what she was supposed to be doing she would not be in this situation....It mkes my stomach turn for what a mockery plus what it is costing taxpayers for this person, my feelings she thinks she is above the law has absoluty no respect for the Beautiful Program AA that has saved many lives, plus the Judicial System. We all have to follow the law apparently Lidsay feels she is "The Queen"...Get Real People.....She hasn't gotten what she deserves, let send her Maricopa County in AZ.......

1387 days ago


So for goofs I just googled Lindsays new address. Now its bad enough that we can all access this info, but whats worse is they interviewed some bartender named Doug who works at the Baja Catina, not far from Lindsays new secret home. Doug says "I would not have a problem serving Lindsay, but... would keep a strict eye on her." He then says he would be willing to make certain drink-volume exceptions to let Lindsay drink more, and would allow her to dance on the bar so that he could watch.
Clearly Lindsay needs a life coach as well as a sober coach, and VB aint the place for Lindsay.

1387 days ago

She was paid off!! I hope it worth it...
Ms. Holland, you are obstructing justice here. As I said before, Law Enforcement can go on investigating any possible crime committed...that's their job. You dumbass!!

1387 days ago


Stop being so cynical, people. You don't know that she was "paid off". I find it more likely she just doesn't want to get further involved because maybe she wants to continue to work in the industry and doesn't want to get blackballed and perceived as making a mountain out of a molehill. She already screwed up by going to the media and that's what got her fired and now she appears to be toning it down and back pedaling a little. I'd probably be doing the same thing to try and save some of my professional reputation.

1387 days ago
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