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Plus Bikini

1/5/2011 9:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

A bikini-clad Kate Gosselin took time out from fake baking filming her latest reality show to tan her maternal bones in the natural Australian sun on Wednesday.


Hopefully the mother of 8 used protection.


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what an attention whore. i used to hate sarah palin but then after she mocked kate on their 'camp out', i love her to pieces. kate is SO self-centered it's scary. i'm embarassed to say that i'm from the same town as kate.

1352 days ago


she's still FUGLY!
no one likes her- please kick her off TV already!!!
never seen her show and never will

1352 days ago


Doctors did great work. She looks great.

1352 days ago


"IRATE KATE" needs to fade into the sunset. She is so ego-centric it's not funny. Ever since the drama in Alaska, I can't stand to even look at her. For years, she has played the martyr parlaying her failed marriage into sympathy and prostituting everyone around her, including her kids. NO MORE "IRATE KATE." We've seen the real culprit...and it's YOU. You can't fool us twice!!!

1352 days ago


all she cares about is the six kids. you notice she never spends time with the twins Mady and Cara. She always seemed to favor the six kids.

1352 days ago


Isn't it amazing what plastic surgery can do for someone who's had 8 children. She wouldn't look like this without it.

1352 days ago


Look at these pics with her daughter sitting on the lounge chair. Clearly looking for some mom attention! How sad that you sit inches from your children and do not show any affection! How about a little mom/daughter time...sit up...braid her hair, read a book together or even get up and play with the kids in the pool! I am sooo lucky to have had affectionate parents who showed us love and made us feel like they cared. Try it Kate...they may thank you for it later.

1352 days ago


She looks good. Everyone can sit here and say what they think they know but in reality, none of you do. Her children are well taken care of and if her husband wasnt a lazy f*** then maybe everyone wouldnt think she is such a B****.

Good for her for working out/ a bit of plastic surgery. I'd do the same if I looked the way she did.

1352 days ago


In regards to #26 David Jones comment.I'd like to find out if her rug is shaggy.If it is I'd love to put my face deep in it for a good taste.

1352 days ago


gotta love the tummy tuck scars circling her waist.

1352 days ago


I think she looks good for her age and having all those kids. Its to bad she such a bitch and the way she acted with Sarah about camping was a real turn off. If she could just get some counseling to change her inside. Shes a very angry women.I know camping isnt for everybody but she handled that like a child.

1352 days ago


i hate this biotch....she is keeping the kids out of school for 2 weeks so she can lie out in the sun and get wrinklier!

1352 days ago

And another thing    

Her belly button looks like its trying to get as far away from her vagina as possible.... and I don't blame it.

Please make her go away....... there are 2 douche bags in that family!

1351 days ago


Where's a box jellyfish when you need one.

1351 days ago


Looks like a very educating trip for the kids, no wonder they are out of school for two weeks.

P.S. Kate's a narcistic bitch

1351 days ago
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