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Man Sues The Rock Over WWE Match from 2000

1/6/2011 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

11 years after a legendary WWE match between The Rock and Triple H -- a guy who was in the audience is suing the wrestlers ... claiming he was injured when the men ran into the crowd and knocked a female fan into his knee.


It's all in a Kentucky lawsuit filed by Ronald Basham -- who says he was 7-years-old at the time of the incident ... and too young to sue for himself.

According to the lawsuit, Ronald claims the wrestlers took the fight out of the ring and into the stands -- when The Rock shoved a spectator ... and caused a woman standing nearby to fall onto Ronald ... injuring his right leg and knee.

Ronald claims he sustained "severe and painful injuries" that will continue to bother him. In fact, Ronald says he recently had to undergo surgery on his leg as a result of the wrestling incident.

A rep for the WWE tells us they are "looking into the matter" but says they "don't comment on pending litigation."


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So you led a full teenage life and all of the sudden you are 18 and discover knee problems that are attributed to an 11 year old injury? Did you stay off your feet for 11 years? Were you examined as a seven year old. If you need surgery now because of this you would have needed surgery then so I think your problems might be due to something else not this incident. Only in Kentucky would this happen..............

1394 days ago



Seriously, if anyone living near that douchebag happens to have a gun, YOU NOW KNOW WHAT TO DO...

Posted at 11:47 AM on Jan 6, 2011 by MightyMad

Shoot that f#cker in both his kneecaps. Give him something to reslly sceam about.

Posted at 12:17 PM on Jan 6, 2011 by I'dtagthat
Dont give the anti gun nut jobs ammo use a real rock if you must.

1394 days ago


Just like a person who is hurting for money and what way to get it sue a star for money. Where were the parents why wasnt this out in the open years ago. Hopefully this person doesnt get one cent for the lies she is telling.

1394 days ago


seriously dude,it was 11 years ago.stop being a lazy POS and get a job.IF you had a case your custodial supervisor could have followed up on the lawsuit so stop your BS reasons.bottom line get a job and dont try to get something for nothing.

1394 days ago


as my way of thinking you have seen it on TV you know it could happen in the crowd yet you went.im sure WWE has some form of disclaimer on the ticket or something somewhere protecting there arse from lawsuits in case it ever happened.

1394 days ago


Like it was said above. "IF" it happend, his parents would have sued over it. And if they didn't then its over. Just a lame excuss to try to get money. Thats why a parent is also called legal guardian, couse they are legaly responsiable for you. So if he was injuried, would have been up to his parents. He was a minor, so that is only way it could have happend.

1394 days ago


I ROTFL@ this.

1394 days ago


11 years later. There has got to be a statute of limitations. You can't sue for something that happened forever ago. And why wasn't there anything before this. Even if he wasn't old enough to sue someone should have been notified.

1394 days ago


I looked it up: Kentucky law says you have one year from the date you turn 18 to file a lawsuit over an injury suffered as a child. If he's 18, he's within the statute of limitations.

Just because your parents didn't sue does NOT deprive you of the opportunity. (If it did, you'd never be able to sue your parents/guardians, as in cases of abuse, because they'd sure never sue themselves :) )

1394 days ago


WOW 7yrs old and NOW ur deciding to do sumthing about it? first of alll ur parents would of did sumthing and sec id be honored if i got hurt by a real wrestler u kidding me, ppl would be like hey how did u get that injury ohhhh the rock and triple h hurt me when i was at a show. ur hellla stupid u aint gonna get crap for this and ur just makin urself look dumb,just bc ur poor and u probably live in ur parents basment still and u had to make up some lame asss story to try and get rich is sad,go back to mcdonals and getsome kinda life.

1394 days ago


I'm sorry, but one's parents can sue on one's behalf.

1394 days ago


There should be a law against filing fake lawsuits and there should be legal consequences for doing so, like a week in jail or something.

1394 days ago


Hey now, I live in Kentucky!!! And no, I'm not married to my cousin, live in a trailer or live on welfare!!! These kinds of lawsuits can happen anywhere!! Just so happens that an idiot from KY is suing this time!!
I am so tired of people suing for the most idiotic reasons! A woman suing Mcdonalds because she spilled hot coffee on herself, suing the cigarette companies because you got cancer, suing Mcdonalds yet again because you gained weight and now this idiot claiming he got hurt at a wrestling event 11 years ago and just now saying anything about it!!!!!!!!! I am pretty sure he's been planning this for a while, so he can get some kind of huge settlement and never have to work! I hope this doesn't even go to court, it's a waste of time and money! Get a job ya bum and stop living up to that Kentucky sterotype!

1394 days ago


as stated before, i do not think the WWE puts any disclaimers on their tickets (it's been a while since I've been to one), but if you watch it on TV or PPV, you do the chances of a match possibly coming into the audience. if anything does happen, paramedics would have automatically appeared and helped out anyone who was hurt. I've seen audience members accidently trip down stairs or something along those lines, and paramedics are always at their side ASAP.

1394 days ago


If this is true and he was injured to that extent, why didn't his parents file a law suit..BS

1394 days ago
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