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'Jersey Shore' Cast

Gym, Tan ... Brand New Car!

1/7/2011 10:45 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

The only thing remotely new (besides that chick Deena) on last night's third season premiere of the "Jersey Shore" ... every cast member showed up to the beach house in an expensive new ride.

While Jwoww, Snooki and Ronnie (who drove up with a very sour Sammi) fist pumped their fame into new BMWs, Vinny cruised up in a sleek Mercedes, Pauly D gelled well with his Cadillac and The Situation flashed his jacked up Range Rover.

Drunken partying, bar fights and fake tans definitely have their perks.


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Yea TMZ is hella lame because Situation had the Range ROver on Season 1 and Pauly D has had that Cadilac since season 1. Plus Situation bought 2 Bentley GTs and Pauly got a 2011 S550 now. Get your facts right instead of just trying to create a story out of nothing.

1327 days ago


pauly's car reminds me of something that a 70 year old would drive.

the only two cars worth while belonged to vinny and mike.

what's the difference between a porcipine and a bmw? a porcipine's pricks are on the outside.

1327 days ago


Well Mike bought a black Bentley late last year.I saw it on an episode of Unique Whips.I guess when ya make 60K and episode and another 5 million from appearances , books , some kind of vodka , and some kind of protein shake you can buy nice rides like they all have.

1325 days ago

little ricky    

People are still watching these douch bag degenerates?? Find a freaking life people!!!!!!!!

1324 days ago


God Deena is ugly.. New Egypt must be a real skank town..Her mother came off looking like a piece of trash too

1322 days ago

mike tyson    

something me and my wife would like to drive in hollywood

1321 days ago


The haters continue to hate while the winners continue to win ...

1321 days ago


Only one problem with what you guys posted TMZ:

Pauly D has had that car since the first season and same with the situation and his range rover.

Common you guys are better then that!!

1319 days ago

Jwoww Hater    

JWOWW,You claim to be so innocent but you look like a slut. I'm sure your parents are very proud!!!! Poor Tom.....

1315 days ago


The situation and pauly had their cars in season 1

1303 days ago


I've been to the jersey shore, of Italian descent & have been to Rome & Tuscany.
these CARICATURES will NOT fit in in Italy
Italy is steeped in history & religion DO NOT DISRESPECT ITALY
i was in the hospital for most of january with broken ribs so i watched this "reality" show to help me sleep. No, I'm not "old" broke my rids when my horse slipped in mud in Ocala jumping a 4 foot fence.
Guess what MTV & creatures, the bars in Italy are not like those portrayed in your mind-numbing show (hence why i used it as sedative)
I do have a question, if MTV or the short chubby girl (I'm 5'8 & 120, so I am not short or chubby) care to answer, did Chile move to Europe ?? Please answer, guess we have to redo all the maps
Two hours of my life that I will never get back :(
I am also adopted & 100% Italian & damn proud of it !!
Italian women are CLASSY, low keyed & DO NOT act the way these critters are doing.
I am just glad I'm home & can watch multiple channels

1302 days ago


Those were the same cars they already had; those of us who actually watch the show know that. As far as 15 min. of fame? They will probably make more in their 15 min. of glory than most if not all of you haters, so smile and keep on hating. This show was made for entertainment, not for education. If you aren't learning from the right place, don't watch this and complain! There are plenty of us that love the characters and watch for the fun of it. It's FUN, people, NOT kindergarten.

1283 days ago


lol - sorry to even know this but Pauly already owned a Cadillac, he drove up in it Season 1. Yes, I'm ashamed to know that - lol! I really wish that "Situation" loser would crawl back under a rock. He's so nasty and such a loser. He gets filmed asking to see id and some other weird questions when he picks girls up, it's like a job interview. And these girls do this, sad. Then when he takes them back to the house, it's like joining the military. He issues them a drink, gum, sweatpants, then get under the covers, then I called you a cab, nice meeting you? It's so detached, somewhat robotic? It's like he's not into, only snitching on his housemates. You can tell they are all annoyed by him. Loved it when they left him and went to dinner without him because he took too long getting ready. Snooki and Deanna are pretty gross, JWoww thankfully is lower key this season, Sammi I have to say is for real, Ronnie is just a mess. Vinny seems like a nice guy, and maybe Pauly too. It's getting annoying to see how stupid they react to situations that are not worth arguing over. Very petty at times, but I guess that's why you watch.

1263 days ago
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