'Teen Mom' Baby Daddy: 'Don't Talk S**t on Amber'

1/7/2011 9:00 AM PST

'Teen Mom' Baby Daddy Gary Shirley: 'Don't Talk S**t on Amber Portwood'

Even though Gary Shirley's been trashing "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood lately -- he's warning everyone to leave his baby mama alone ... and says there's still a chance they'll hook up again.

We spoke to Gary -- who explained his bad mouthing of Amber like this ... "I've said a lot of s**t because I am mad but if anyone wants to come up and talk s**t about Amber I won't let it happen because she is a good girl, and she's my baby mama."

Gary sounded like a textbook spousal abuse victim when he continued,  "I am fine with the fact that Amber hit me because she has gotten all the help that she needs. Ever since that she hasn't put her hands on me."

As for a reunion with Amber ...Gary's optimistic. Kinda, sorta. "When the no contact order is lifted ... if she's single and I'm single then I'm sure we would try our relationship."

Get him while you can ladies.