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Charlie Sheen Shooting Vodka In Las Vegas

1/10/2011 7:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Charlie Sheen at The Palms hotel in Las Vegas taken less than an hour ago -- moments after the actor pounded a shot of vodka -- and there is "deep concern" for his well-being.


Sheen -- who was with a female companion -- bought himself the Grey Goose vodka shot ... and we're told there were other shots before that. 

Charlie -- who has been in Vegas since the weekend --  was complaining to people at the bar that the suits behind "Two and a Half Men" had been urging him to go to rehab.

That's not far off.  We're told Warner Bros. has been in touch with Charlie's team, trying to figure out a way of getting Charlie healthy.  Sources say members of Charlie's team have urged him to go to rehab, but Charlie doesn't think he has a problem.  Apparently, he's the only one who doesn't.

Sheen is due back on the set of the show tomorrow morning.



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I agree with poster #14. Fire his dumb ass and take away his drug/booze/whoring money away from him. A child needs to be treated like a child, and I think little Charlie is in need of some good old fashioned misery to see what a fool he has made of himself. Martin Sheen, you tried.

1291 days ago


Charlie & Brooke both deserve to have their kids permanently taken away from them. All they do is party and do drugs. She is always out with her new BFF Paris (what a role model) and he is always drunk or doing drugs. Where is Gloria Allred? Poor kids....

1291 days ago


Lets put Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan , and David Hasselhoff in smart cars, then let em loose in the desert for a drunk demolition derby

1291 days ago


I have a question:

Why are people so easy on this guy? Peoples comments about Lohan on here seem to be even more disgusting and vile, and it seems ol' charlie the drug addicted woman beater gets a free pass all the time. WTF is up with that? Double standard?

1291 days ago


He's not that old but has aged so much in the past several years - must be all of the hard living taking its toll. Not only does he have a drug/drinking problem but also a violence problem. He's not going to end up in a good place if he keeps on like this - he's not a young kid anymore and how much does he think his body can take?

1291 days ago


He looks awful in this pic. He looks terminally ill. He's gonna die (and by the looks of him, soon) if he doesn't do something to get healthy.

1291 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a rotten human being and has lead a horrible life, he is the worst of the worst. Our jail systems do not have a punishment code that would bring justice to the life he's lead. He is a terrible person, there is none lower than him. Rapist and murderers see some type of justice at some point, Charlie has gotten a free pass his entire life because of his famous daddy Martin Sheen, ex heroin addict.

1291 days ago


The only thing those "Suits" are worried about is the "Golden Goose" killing himself with drugs and alcohol.

As for REHAB? It's a JOKE...look at the so called stars who go in and out of it constantly...(when their LIVER needs a rest or they need to be insurable for a movie).

The only person who can stop chucky is himself...grow some balls Sheen and count your blessings for having such a good gig on tv...problem is? TRASH will always be TRASH even with a 150K watch and limo.

1291 days ago


You know what, he is a grown man and can do what he wants. Un like Lohan who doesn't take any responsibility for anything. he has a job and works and is allowed to party

Posted at 3:13 PM on Jan 10, 2011 by Dann

and beat up women? "accidentally" shoot women? hold knives to women's throats? YOU HAVE TO BE FCKIN KIDDING!!!! Because he holds a job? He has taken responsibility?!!! SINCE WHEN?!!Your so called "logic" is twisted.

1291 days ago


Let him go

1291 days ago

Jarian Williams    

I hope Charlie does get help I would hate to see Two and a Half Men get cancelled that's my favorite show.

1291 days ago


Everyone is enabling this jerk.
He makes millions on his show - he is abusive , an addict a pig and he still gets a show.
He behaves badly- he gets rewarded
there are no consequences
fire him
let him hit rock bottom
he is s***!
if it was any of us , we would be in Jail!

1291 days ago


Check back tomorrow for the story of his latest drunken freakout...

1291 days ago


He is sooooo pathetic! The kicker is that he feels he can do anything he wants, and his career will be there for him. What a shame..... There are so many other people who would kill to have a job. What a twit.

1291 days ago


OFGS - where is the phot of him pounding shots? Come on TMZ you can do better than that.

1291 days ago
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