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Authorities Gunning for Conrad Murray's License

1/11/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... the Medical Board of California will immediately ask the judge in Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing to yank his medical license if Murray is ordered to stand trial.


Judge Michael Pastor should rule within a week whether there's enough evidence to warrant a manslaughter trial in the death of Michael Jackson.  If the judge orders a trial -- which he's expected to do -- the lawyer for the Medical Board -- who has been sitting in the courtroom -- will ask Judge Pastor to suspend Murray's license on the spot.

This will be the third attempt by the Board to suspend Murray's license.  The first two attempts failed.  Murray is already prohibited from administering "deep anesthetics," including Propofol.

Sources connected with Murray say he is furious that the Board is trying to suspend his ability to practice medicine, which would then make it impossible for him to pay for lawyers to defend him.

If California suspends Murray's license, it's likely the medical boards in Texas and Nevada would follow suit.

UPDATE: Conrad Murray has been ordered to stand to trial.

UPDATE: Conrad Murray's medical license has been suspended.



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This should have been done to begin with.

Uhh am I first again? That's what happens when you stay up until 4:00 a.m. with Harvey. :*) Mornin Harvey!

1382 days ago


Long overdue

1382 days ago


It's pretty clear he lacks the professional expertise and training to be a physician in any state.

A doctor that doesn't know CPR? He's a cardiac specialist!

Take his licenses. All of them.

1382 days ago


I agree that this should have already been done.

However, I also understand how many frivilous lawsuits are filed against Dr's every year. If we just yanked all of their licenses without first establishing some sort of guilt we'd have a much bigger mess.

The system is messed up at times, but overall it works out.

I do think Murray has shown more tha enough reasons to take his license. His defense is laughable to say the least.

The Octo Mom Docs license should be taken also.
Let those two be the examples of what not to do if you want to practice.

1382 days ago


This quack who calls himself a doctor has simple and plain disregard for humane life.
The DA office has proven that already. Now lets up the charge to murder 1 knowing what harm these drugs could do, in the horrendous setting they were done in.
quack quack quack little high voiced creep

1382 days ago


@ kelly you know if this was a Nurse they would already be under censorship from the state board. This guy is dangerous beyond words.
If there was a drug issue with Michael and he fed it he is guilty of first degree murder.

1382 days ago


Yet another trial to drag the state of CA down the drain. Michael was an addict just as Anna was. The docs that worked for the various compaines that Michael perfomed/worked for made damn well skippy he had every and all meds that he wanted. He was there star child and bread winner and made sure he got what he wanted. NO IF's and or Buts about it. This was going on well before Murray got there, and god knows how much drugs might have been lying around the house before then as well. As long as Michael had IV access - he could have very well had a syringe loaded and ready to go if Murray had said no. An addict is an addict, and when someone says NO - It doesn't mean a hill of beans to them - there gonna do it anyway.

1382 days ago


Exactly. It's infuriating how the "accused" becomes the victim. Then he has the nerve to say MJ dosed himself?!
The man is guilty as sin.

You are so right abt his voice too.
That was hilarious.
I was shocked the 1sttime I heard hi talk.

1382 days ago


It's no secret that doctors over medicate or hand out scripts to anyone for almost anything they ask for / and or is it that they perform way too many unecessary tests when you goto the ER. It is all about covering there asses to prevent law suits. The amount of over Irradiation that most patients recieve each year is mind boggling - not to mention most of those people are only minimally trained at best. When recieving any type of radiation make damn well sure that they are fully trained technologists and not some limited licensed tech trained off the street. It can and will mean the difference between life and suffering with Cancer. A fully licensed tech will and can vocally question a DR if the exam is appropriate or not.

1382 days ago



1382 days ago


I hate Ni$$ers period. Anyone else with me here?

Posted at 3:47 AM on Jan 11, 2011 by efnsteve

WhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT SPEAKING OF YOURSELF!!!!

1382 days ago


Any medical person, let alone a cardiologist, who does NOT know BASIC CPR, is not fit to call themslves a doctor. Even I know basic CPR and I'm not remotely medical. Who administers CPR with one hand and on a soft surface? This alleged cardiologist had to ask others in the room if they knew how to give CPR. WHAT??? Revoke his licence NOW, this should've been done ages ago. He's not fit to treat rabid animals never mind humans.

1382 days ago


Hopefully it will happen this time. It should have been done a long time ago after he was charged. And than if he was not held over for trial they could have reinstated it. this has just gone past plain ridiculous. AFter hearing all of the testimony for the last 5 days, this man is a disgrace to the medical field. No regard for a human life whatsoever. HAVE NO SYMMPATHY FOR THIS MAN STILL AT ALL. HIS RECKLESSNESS AND NEGLIGENCE CAUSED A MAN HIS LIFE.

rip mj

1382 days ago


OMG Are people still seriously talking about this?????

1382 days ago
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