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Authorities Gunning for Conrad Murray's License

1/11/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... the Medical Board of California will immediately ask the judge in Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing to yank his medical license if Murray is ordered to stand trial.


Judge Michael Pastor should rule within a week whether there's enough evidence to warrant a manslaughter trial in the death of Michael Jackson.  If the judge orders a trial -- which he's expected to do -- the lawyer for the Medical Board -- who has been sitting in the courtroom -- will ask Judge Pastor to suspend Murray's license on the spot.

This will be the third attempt by the Board to suspend Murray's license.  The first two attempts failed.  Murray is already prohibited from administering "deep anesthetics," including Propofol.

Sources connected with Murray say he is furious that the Board is trying to suspend his ability to practice medicine, which would then make it impossible for him to pay for lawyers to defend him.

If California suspends Murray's license, it's likely the medical boards in Texas and Nevada would follow suit.

UPDATE: Conrad Murray has been ordered to stand to trial.

UPDATE: Conrad Murray's medical license has been suspended.



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Why is TMZ encouraging an increase in the rate of unemployent?

1350 days ago


Thank the Lord!! This mans ( Conrad Murray)license should be taken away and he should be locked up. He is a liar!!

1350 days ago


Good. About time.

1350 days ago





1350 days ago

Brigha from UK    

I fully agree that Murray should lose his medical licence and his liberty.
However, I do want to see Murray convicted after a FAIR trial, so the fact that he will no longer be able to afford legal representation is worrying.
When Murray is convicted, it has to be a clear decision, an unequivocal judgement regarding his behaviour.
We do not want the media saying that Murray was only convicted due to his sub-standard legal defence.

1350 days ago


Sources connected with Murray say he is furious that the Board is trying to suspend his ability to practice medicine, which would then make it impossible for him to pay for lawyers to defend him.
He's not paying them a single dime anyway. Murray's
co-conspirators are paying the defense team. I guess the 2 million dollars murray stole from MJ has run out. 8 kids, several baby mamas, wives/exwives, cheap suits, ugly ties, insufficient eye gel it all adds up. Murray is a liar and a killer.

No Justice, No Purchase!!!

1350 days ago


8 kids, several baby mamas, wives/exwives, cheap suits, ugly ties, insufficient eye gel it all adds up. Murray is a liar and a killer.


That's pretty much what I was thinking. He will dissapear to Brazil or some country (passport or not) where he cannot be extradited before this is all over. Slimy Dr Murray.

1350 days ago


No matter what, Murray needs to have his license pulled. Period. There is enough evidence that he has violated basic medical protocol which is created to patient safety. His handling, administering , and stockpiling of propofol is clear violation of basic protocol.

1350 days ago


CONRAD MURRAY is clearly a danger to patients EVERYWHERE!.... REVOKE HIS LICENSE NOW! protect and ensure the SAFETY of the public! BY THE WAY....GIVING PROPOFOL? He needed ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)...NOT CPR Certification which is only Basic Life Support.... BET HE DID "NOT" HAVE A CURRENT ACLS CERTIFICATE!

1350 days ago


by 111pattycakes,

you are correct, he did not have ACLS

1350 days ago


Murray wasn't thinking about his medical license(s) when he blatantly overstepped his boundaries as a physician and administered (large quantities of) propofol outside of a hospital setting with improper equipment and monitoring. The man only saw dollar signs. He could have walked away from the table but he continued to gamble and lost his "winnings". Ah well. Such is life - there are consequences sooner or later for lack of judgement for greed. Unfortunately, in this case, someone died.

As for child support, well, I guess he'll have to scrape by like the majority of people out there and do his best to provide for them. Should have thought about that before he took off his pants.

At the very least, Conrad Murray should be looking for a new job because of his role in the death of his patient. Ideally, the penalty will be a lot more harsh.

1350 days ago


He took a life and should be punished for that.
What doctor leaves his patient unattended,lets him die and says it's the victim's fault?
I hope that the the Medical Board's 3rd attempt to revoke murray's medical license is successful.

1350 days ago


This story is BS anyway. Murry isn't the one paying his defense. He trying to get an insurance company to pay for it. The policy that he took out a few weeks before MJ died, and they are saying they are not responsible or liable to pay for Murrys lawyers because they are in CA and that the policy only covers TX and now they added they are not responsible because it is a criminal case. Keeping his lic's is just a ploy to pull the wool over people's eye's to make it look like he didn't do anything wrong.

1350 days ago


Well, that's something new to me.

A medical board needs a judge's official stamp of approval for suspending a license. I was under the impression that it only took a judge's ruling when it came to revocation of a license, and that med boards could exercise acts of suspension, of their own accord - such as in THIS case: suspending a license until after a malpractice (let alone manslaughter, possible murder even! - in a physician/patient relationship) suit that was initiated against a physician that his/her patient had died due to their gross negligence (for instance) had been completed: found guilty: revoke... found innocent: lift suspension... but, until the outcome of the case - SUSPENDED - in a "until we know for sure" stance that the board would take in order to keep others safe, just in case!" demeanor/action.

Guess Not.


Seriously disturbing! DEATH is a pretty heavy cloud of suspicion to be under, IMO. We are ALL patients, and not everyone thinks to research a Dr.s back ground/track records BEFORE considering letting him/her practice medicine on them....


My family physician had moved out of state so I was Dr. shopping. A neighbor suggested a particular physician stating that from her (the neighbor) grandmother, down to her son, this physician was THE best thing to happen to medicine. I was psyched (as I'm VERY leary of physicians) so after dinner, I leisurely throw his name into a med license search and WHAM... had a malpractice judgment against him - would only state that it was "settled" for OVER $75K... did NOT (legally, cannot) state the REASON/detail(s), of the case!!

I, immediately contacted the neighbor to alert her to this, and SHE came back at me with, "Oh, THAT. Well, can't believe everything you hear, you know. It was about some fool that was just out to make easy money... the man (patient) died, yes - but, it wasn't because HE (the physician) did anything wrong. I asked him about it! My grandmother has trusted him since forever and he's a sweetheart, so really... meet him, first, before you decide! Are you always this quick to judge?? Geez!"


Haven't spoken with her since.. so I guess I am, right.


1350 days ago


Nice use of inflammatory speech, after all the hub-bub about Az and you guys use the term "gunning for"...come on can't have it both ways.

1350 days ago
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