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Jared Lee Loughner -- The Mug Shot

1/10/2011 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jared Lee Loughner -- the man accused of shooting 18 people, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords -- made a brief appearance in court today to formally hear the charges against him.

Jared Lee Loughner Mug Shot
A preliminary hearing was set for January 24.

Giffords remains in critical but stable condition.



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Let the witch hunt begin. I just want to say I am a firm supporter of tighter gun laws but lets not put the horse before the cart. If the military, family, friends, school, the few times he had already been in jail MADE A POINT OF DECLARING THIS MAN MENTALLY ILL the million of times he slipped through their fingers the laws we have in place would of NEVER allowed him to buy a gun. Not only that but any felon or declared mentally ill individual who even TRIES to buy a gun is guilty of a crime. The guy is clearly schizophrenic! So the only way we can stop this sort of thing is to pull back public/mental health care and keep voting along with the NRA. The FECKING idiot gunnut group in AZ said "Resticting gun laws isnt the answer. It takes away from the publics ability to defend itself in these situations." WELL GENIUS IT DIDNT HELP WHEN A KID AT VIRGINIA TECH LIT UP A WHOLE SCHOOL AND NEITHER DID IT HELP HERE! BOTH GUNS BOUGHT LEGALLY. BOTH MENTALLY ILL! QUIT PULLING THE MONEY FROM FED. PROGRAMS TO ASSIST THESE PEOPLE! 'CERTAIN' PEOPLE DONT WANT THEIR GUNS TAKE AWAY AND AT THE SAME TIME THEY DONT WANT PUBLIC HEALTH CARE OR THEIR TAXES RAISED. WELL BUDDY YOU CANT HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! PATHETIC.

1384 days ago


now why would anyone think at this time the parents are to blame? geezzzzz people.

"I am not sure when he shaved his head, or if they shaved his head, but this is not the average picture circulating around Tucson. The smile is eery.

People here in Tucson are floored, saddened, shook and wondering what changes this will bring."

Posted at 2:49 PM on Jan 10, 2011 by azlee

You guys will go further to the right. You'll start issuing guns to kindergartners while you cancel their classes. You'll make Sarah Palin your next governor and you'll encourage Jesse Kelly, the man who ran against Gabby Gibbons to replace her because he was shooting M16s at his political events.

Posted at 3:10 PM on Jan 10, 2011 by Anon

Anon are you hearing Morse Code in farts like Uncle Fester/Jared? Did the farts tell you this is the future of Arizona?

1384 days ago

jessicah C.    

He looks psycho! And dang did he get beat up already? hehe

1384 days ago



1384 days ago


Sooo, ummm, where are his proud parents. Weren't they aware of what Uncle Fester was doing up in the attic at night? Rest assured, NBC will have a breaking story it is Rush Limbaugh's fault.

1384 days ago


Are you people nuts?! He looks totally insane!!!

1384 days ago


I had a few conversations with people here long before his mugshot came out. Mugshots (especially ones when you are high priority type like this guy) was probably taken within 2 maybe 3 hours of the actual shooting. This is the face of schizophrenia in the thralls of full psychosis. This is a kid who needed to be on a healthy does of Thorazine and Lithium. Its not a gimmick! This guy is convinced he did society a service and justifies it no different than we do killing Hitler. I BY NO MEANS CONDONE KILLING ANYONE...I am only saying that before you buy the BS distractions people want to use this for in their own gain...BE PRAGMATIC. FIRST...HE SLIPPED BY WHAT LITTLE MENTAL HEALTH ASSISTANCE IS OUT THEIR....THATS FIRST AND FOREMOST....AND BECAUSE OF THIS WAS ABLE TO BUY A HANDGUN. END OF STORY.

1384 days ago


And there folks is the face of should be put right next to the definition in the dictionary.

As for any political motive? SAVE IT...there is NO accounting for crazy, this dude manufactured a grudge and acted on it...there is no protection from that.

1384 days ago


Tell, I know brain power is not a strong point for you but do you have any idea what Arizona has become now that the Tea Party has taken over there? Do you know?

Tea party in the Sonora:
For the future of G.O.P. governance, look to Arizona

I know you won't read it, it has a lot of words, but that is a Harpers article on what it's like in Arizona now. I don't think I was taking much of a leap.

1384 days ago


by the way, marijuana and alcohol alone will not cause someone, go nuts and shoot his/her rep.....but if these two substances are mixed with a schizophrenic consciousness, WATCH OUT!

1384 days ago


That smile he is giving the jail camera is actually pretty common in jail or prison.....

i have been in jail before only for 2 weeks and I noticed IMMEDIATELY that there are people there who are CLEARLY deranged.....

Loughner's expression and the look in his eyes are the norm in jail since the mentally ill are now housed in jails instead of hospitals. There were a few people there whom I actually COULD NOT look in the eye when talking to them because I realized that they were unhinged.


1384 days ago

Vin Broccoli    

Jason, my sweet boy, come to mother.

1384 days ago


As for the comments suggesting "He'll get his when he meets bubba"? Yeah RIGHT...this nutbag would EAT "Bubba's" FACE OFF.

Enough with the "right wing" crap...crazy is as crazy does and this guy has all the earmarks.

1384 days ago


Resembles Joe Pesci.

1384 days ago


Oh, TMZ. Jackson Fashion Parade and now this?? Stay classy, TMZ. You're taking walk on the insensitive side (more than usual) but I have faith you'll come back.

1384 days ago
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