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Ted Williams Detained By LAPD

1/11/2011 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the argument between Ted and his daughter was over money. Williams has gotten several job offers and made numerous tv appearances since last week.

Ted Williams
-- the homeless man with the golden voice -- was detained by LAPD last night after getting into a shouting match with one of his daughters.

Ted Williams Arrested

It went down at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood -- where Ted and his daughter got into it so loudly ... a hotel employee called the cops.

Ted and his daughter were both taken to the Hollywood station, but neither Ted nor his daughter wanted to press charges so both were released.

UPDATE: Ted Williams enters rehab.


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Chun LI    

Agree with #7 and 11.Give him time and nobody ever said he was a saint.He even acknowledges this himself.Some people are jealous that he's given a second chance and they're still losers.

1380 days ago


This isnt news. I would imagin after a decade on the streets the kids have something to say as well. Abandonment goes a long dont want to see a father who failed them make it. They are too immature to realize what it is. I have to raise the RED FLAG here...dont report this kinda trash. Let these kind of wounds heal.

1380 days ago


Update says it was over money - heck we all knew that already.
The Greedy Kids are already there with their greedy hands out.
TED stay away from them for awhile. Get your own life together and if you owe back child support to the State or Welfare, you will have to pay it but pay it back to them, not to the kids directly. They already were helped - you just have to pay the State back or the County back.

1380 days ago


The one everybody is forgetting is the step father who raised and paid for the kids(outside of us taxpayers)they should get the $$$$$$$$ first before ted since he has all these money offers coming in now I really feel sorry for the kids.

1380 days ago


I looks like he and his estranged family/chi­ldren will be on Dr. Phil Tuesday and Wednesday for some group therapy and life skills session. I saw the preview and Dr. Phil is calling Ted on the carpet to make him accountabl­e for his life choices that lead him down the path to major addiction and abandoning his 9 children and the mother's of his children. This will be a long road for him. He will need to do 90/90 meetings so he can get support for his illness, per the suggestion of the Dr. This is really a unfolding and complicate­d story. Based on where Ted is now, he is not owning up to some things. I have heard him make excuses for not taking care of hims children. He said something like "She never asked for anything re: the Kids." However, one of his ladies was on welfare in order to take care of the kids. hmmmm Wishing you the best Ted, I know this going to be a long and hard road. Money and fame will not change the fact that your illness needs to be addressed as well as getting a good managers and life coaches around you so you can manage your finances and life.

1380 days ago

Ozzie X    

Bums are great at playing victims, that is how they garner sympathy but in reality it is all an act because they don't want to be responsible working adults. Let's hope this guy is the exception and makes a change for the better.

1380 days ago


Is this the same daughter(s) that didn't take him in off the streets for ten years?

1380 days ago


I kinda knew he was going to be in trouble again. Didnt think this fast though.

1380 days ago


More money more problems!

1380 days ago


You know this man has been a looser for a long time and the daughter more than likely let him have it. Remember he owes them back child support and the State who took care of the kids as well. Leave this man and his family alone they are going to be more arguments cuz that’s how we do it you know until there's no more to argue about. So there will be more arguments to follow cuz this is not Beverly Hills (his kids are not Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie)this is a Black man dealing with black kids. This would make a great Reality Show don't you think? Whoever comes out with it has to acknowledge my thought or we will be fighting too lol.......

1380 days ago


Of course it's over money. I think the family needs professional help to deal with Mr. Williams' current situation, it all happened so fast. He's been given an amazing second chance, I hope he doesn't blow it.

1380 days ago


Well if the NBC gig get blown up he can always get work as a sperm donor.

11 kids? That Dude be packing some heavy loads!

1380 days ago


the way I see it his kids wanted nothing to do with him when he was poor; now that he has money they want back in his life. Leave him alone and let him enjoy his money! you kids should have been there helping him when he needed it.

1380 days ago


Wow, that was fast! This story has bugged me from the start and I've alwYs felt it was a stunt of some sort. Everyone coming out of the woodwork to help and offer him opportunities are doing it for their own selfish, promotion. Just hopping on the bandwagon. Well, he's going to fall....and fast. Then all of these self promoters are going to disappear and ole Ted is going to find himself more alone than he's ever ones going to want to touch him.
I feel sorry for Ted and angry at the rest of them.

1380 days ago



Just got off the line with my BOOKIE, I have the OVER on this guy that its NOT going to END WELL.
many people don't understand to SURVIVE the streets you have to ACQUIRE and develop a con game.

The NERVE if any of his 9 kids coming to ask for help,afterall shouldn't deadbeat parents take care of their kids.

in the end the big pay checks will INVITE back his COZY friends and they go by the name of ......DRUGS.(say cheese for another arrest mug shot)

1380 days ago
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