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Camille to Kelsey:

You're Not Divorcing Me Yet!

1/13/2011 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer just fired off a legal response asking the judge to reject Kelsey Grammer's request to get a quickie divorce -- and estimates the estate's value at $120 million ... TMZ has learned.

Cammille Grammer
Camille says in her declaration, Kelsey is trying to bifurcate the divorce (get a quick decree now and work out the property settlement later) "...solely for the reason that he intends to remarry as soon as possible."

Camille continues, "I don't believe this is a sufficient reason to prejudice my rights to the community estate."

In the docs, Camille also lists their assets -- including "multiple real estate properties" and more than 25 vehicles.

The rest of the declaration gets pretty technical, but the bottom line is this ... it looks like Camille's lawyers believe Kelsey's papers don't square with the legal requirements for a quick divorce decree.

And get this -- if the court grants Kelsey's request Camille wants $10 million immediately ... to hold her over until a final decision is made on the separation of the estate.


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I guess the reality show hasn't turned out to be the "money train" that she hoped for and she's probably going to loose that too! Her divorce from Kelsey Grammer is about all she has right now and she's going to "milk it for all it's worth". Since the man no longer wants her in his life, it's time to accept his decision and let him go. It doesn't seem as though he's trying to intentionally "short change" her and her valuation of their community property assets may be "unreasonably" high. Valuations are just educated guesses based on current market trends which may or may not be reliable for various reasons. When children are involved, it's always preferable to dissolve a marriage on a mutually cooperative note rather than an "adversarial" one.

1344 days ago


Can't Alison Dubois, her psycho psychic, predict how it will go for Camille?

1344 days ago


Move on and stop with the crap ! I am sick of hearing about Camille and Kelsey !!!!

1344 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

And he's in a hurry to marry again??!!

1344 days ago


hahah ! Get the pervert for all his $$$.
He deserves whatever is coming to him in the courts..
It's his own darn fault for not getting a prenup & he's overpaid anyways...

1344 days ago


Two spoiled celebrities trying to one-up each other. Poor kids.

1344 days ago


kelsey are you nuts , getting rid of one albatros and replacing with another so soon. stay single, easier on the pocket book.

1344 days ago


I don't even like her but 13 years and get told over the phone? He want's to marry a comparable child, that he's been seeing how long. Go girl! Get yours!

1344 days ago

Make it stop    

What ever happened to her repeatedly saying she wanted to get out from the shadow of Kelsey. Well here's your chance b**ch!!!!! He doesn't want you, American hates you, get a life and MOVE ON!!!!! You are one nasty vindictive gold digger aren't you!!!

1344 days ago


As much as people dislike Camille from her actions on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; they were married for over ten years, half children together, and here's the goose egg, she was a PARTNER in his real estate endeavors. In other words, she earned half of his money, just like every other spouse who enters into a marriage without a prenuptual agreement. She earned it, whether you like her or not.

1344 days ago


My god you nasty Vile skank could you please take your ugly vindictive @ss and go away!

1344 days ago


Of course he could give every dime he owns to charity and stiff her that way lol!! Don't see it happening, but really it seems this woman can't keep her trap shut, accusing him of being a cross dresser was that?! The lawyers response, it doesn't matter what she says Kelsey isn't going to lower his dignity to comment lol!! Why is it these vindictive women think that by airing every piece of their exes dirty laundry is going to win them any awards other than a listing on the most hated lol!!
Since they have kids together you'd think she'd shut up and let the divorce go ahead, she'll still be getting a share and since it's CA it'll be 50/50, the amount won't change because he gets married again, he'll still have to fork that out as well as support for the kids! The woman is jealous, spiteful, vindictive and if she had one iota of dignity she'd make this as painless for her kids as possible!! Guess that's not happening then lol!!

1344 days ago

Jill Conway    

I'm SO SICK of this skank....My heart goes out to Kelsey. Did he marry her during his alcoholism phase? Futurewise, I don't know how any man in his right mind would go near this narcissistic bitch. Divorce law sucks. Skanky gold-diggers like her deserve NOTHING, I don't care how long they've been married. When these divorce cases are decided, do the judges take into consideration all the millions of dollars these bitches frittered away during the marriage? She probably made his life a living hell and now she wants money for nothing? My wish for Camille - I hope you spend the rest of your life ALONE because that's exactly what you deserve.

1344 days ago


He's just going to have to wait. This is too big (too much community property) to do a quickie divorce. Screw him if he wants to get married immediately. TOO FREAKIN BAD. There is a lot of stuff to go through, it's a huge estate. It's not the kind of thing you can easily split in half.

I seriously doubt she is doing this to KEEP him. She's probably looking forward to kicking his ugly ass to the curb. SHE is the reason they have the money they have to begin with - and you can tell because she's all business about things, he's all stupid about things.

1344 days ago


She simply must insist.. there are men who ask for alimony from women as well so let's not call her names.. it is hers as much as his. He seems driven to get involved with another psuedo situation, addictive personality that he is,so he must relive the "high" to the detriment of his family ( wife and kids) Tragic.

1344 days ago
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