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Controversy Rages Over New 'Elvis' Recordings

1/13/2011 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a 30-second clip from what could be a historic recording of Elvis & Jerry Lee Lewis back in 1960 -- their only duet in existence -- but there's a problem ... some people claim it ain't legit.

The clip allegedly features Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis shooting the breeze at Jerry's house -- and based on the audio, Jerry's a big fan of the King.

A guy named Rod Lambert from Nashville tells TMZ, he bought the tape over ten years ago at a yard sale ... and only recently discovered that he could have a piece of rock and roll history on his hands.

An audio forensics expert verified that the voices on the tape were indeed Elvis and Lewis ... but Lambert -- who posted more of the clip on his website -- tells us, the company in charge of Elvis' catalog denied it was really the rock legend.

Lambert claims the full 30-minute version of the tape contains some pretty explicit dialogue -- and although Elvis doesn't say much ... according to Lambert, Lewis wasn't so cautious, saying things like, “If you don’t like Jerry’s peaches, then get your f**kin’ ass away from my tree."

Check out the clip for yourselves and decide.


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Elvis will forever be the King! He is and was the best. His voice is amazing! I will love him longer than forever!

Michael Jackson was talented, but he was no Elvis Presley! Long live the King---Elvis!

Go and watch Aloha from Hawaii on DVD, and you will see true talent!

1376 days ago


100% fake - it's not Elvis and it's not Jerry Lee Lewis. It's someone trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes. It's happened before and it will happen again. I would bet the farm and then some on this one. How do I know? I've studied both for many years before I got into broadcasting 43 years ago and I know what they sound like. I've heard hours of outtakes of both men. It's not them.

1376 days ago


"...the company in charge of Elvis' catalog denied it was really the rock legend."

No kidding. They ALWAYS say that--only because they don't own it.
If they bought it from the guy, they would shove it down everyone's throat.
Pathetic these companies can't say something as scandalous as: we don't know of the item's veracity, or something like that.

1376 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

michael jackson is the only and true king
he is the best forever and more talented.
michael broke all the records and surpass elvis by far.
elvis never will be as the same level as the king mj.
elvis didn't even wrote his songs and stole all his dance moves.

1376 days ago

If it is Elvis, that's great. Elvis & the killer had a rivalry between them at the beginning of their careers - both started at Sun Records. TMZ asked Jerry if he & Elvis have sang this suspected song in 1960... together.

1376 days ago


That is NOT Jerry Lee Lewis's voice.

1376 days ago


jackson was a feminine looking crotch grabbing pedophile.He wacertainly no king os f anything.All his singing consists of was hee hees and high pitched squealing and as far as songwriting goes jackson wrote sugary bubblegum pop the only good song he had man in the mirror,wasn'r even written by him,but by a woman.He was not sexy he was gross looking with all that girly makeup and surgery,all his dancing consists of is crotch grabbing and leg kicking.He was a self hating person who talent was average.Elvis was and is the one amd only real KING.he sold around 1.7 billion records,was named artist of the century and q magazine ranked him as having the GREATEST VOICE ,EVER.Elvis was and is truly king,jackson was an Elvis wannabee.He stole some of his moves from Elvis.Elvis was GORGEOUS AND SEXY IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE,HE DIDNOT NEED ANY SURGERY TO BE SO,jackson had tons of surgery and he turned out looking like a freak and a woman and you call THAT sexy.

1376 days ago


Jerry Lee has been trying to convince people for years that he and Elvis were friends and they jammed together, but nobody believes him and they say it was an Elvis impersonator. Maybe these guys should interview the forensic expert. He wouldn't lie, he has a whole business and career that would be down the tubes if he did lie. However in the tape clip you can definitely tell that they were high.

1376 days ago


Who is the Real King?..EASY!

Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson has sold approx. 800M records
Elvis has sold approx 1Billion. Why? because Elvis released over 10 more albums that Jackson did.

Who has the biggest selling album ever? Michael Jackson 110M
Who has the name as the greatest entertainer of all time? Michael Jackson
Who made MTV what they are with his music videos? Michael Jackson

Elvis Presley is "King of Rock and Roll" maybe, BUT MJ has the title "King of Pop, Rock and Soul"!

Michael Jackson was FAR more talented than Elvis! Elvis had a decent at most voice.. couldn't dance, but just used his looks to sell albums.
Michael Jackson has a fantastic voice and his range is unbelievably good!
Soul jazzy music: Dont Stop Til You Get Enough!
Pop: Billie Jean and more (the best pop song ever which you have to agree on!)
Rock: Dirty Diana, Give In To Me and more
Ballads: We are the World (he wrote 99% of that song as many people involved has stated!) Will You Be there, I Just Cant Stop Loving You, Heal the World and more!

also...Man In The Mirror.. one of the greatest songs of all time!

Michael Jackson was also a great humanitarian for obvious reasons!


1376 days ago


Elvis was and always will be the King of Rock n Roll. Clip sounds like Jerry Lee to me, but not Elvis. Some of you may have the CD of The Million Dollar Quartet where they had the impromptu jam session, and it doesn't sound the same to me.

That being said, Michael JAckson was in a completely different class and genre of music. There is no comparison. He was talented at what he did. Why do the fans always have to get ugly anytime Elvis is mentioned? Jealousy? Do you have to try to convince yourselves of something? I don't get it. Like Jackson if you want to, but get over the whole Elvis bashing thing. There are many, many reasons I could point out why Elvis was better than Jackson, but I won't even go there because I won't change what you think, so leave it alone!

1376 days ago


How people talk casually and how they talk in an interview or on stage is different. PLUS the audio is hideous. I would wait for Priscilla's take on this.

1376 days ago


How people talk casually and how they talk in an interview or on stage is different. PLUS the audio is hideous. I would wait for Priscilla's take on this.

1376 days ago


#1.Rod Lambert is a personal friend of mine
#2.He would not lie or try to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. I refer to a comment made earlier.
#3. He has gone thru great pains in verify the validity of these recordings. I know this as fact; not hearsay.
#4.What we have here is a great undiscovered peace of "American pop culture" and half of the comments about this are silly arguments about who the real king is. Who gives a rats A##! That's not the issue here my fellow commentator's, the REAL issue is, ARE THESE RECORDINGS REAL... Having been a close and personal friend of Rod Lambert for the past twenty five years I would say yes, yes they are real... Play nice good people. Peace and Blessings

1376 days ago


I'm finding this hard to believe because of the personalities on the tapes... unless they were totally wasted. Jerry Lee always bounced off walls and Elvis was always calm but in control. So Elvis not getting any words in would be very strange and Jerry seeming so calm is also strange.

1376 days ago
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