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Lawrence Taylor Strikes Plea Deal in Rape Case

1/13/2011 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor just pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges as part of one helluva plea deal in his statutory rape case -- and will get off with no jail time but will have to register as a sex offender.

Lawrence Taylor Plea
The NFL Hall of Famer was in court in Rockland County, NY ... and pled guilty to one count of patronizing a prostitute and one count of sexual misconduct -- all stemming from his arrest last May for having sex with a 16-year-old girl.

Taylor was originally charged with a felony ... and could have gotten 4 years in prison. Instead he'll get probation -- but as part of the plea deal he has to register as a sex offender.

0113_taylor_lawyer_small_launchTaylor has homes in Florida and New Jersey.

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What's more shocking, the slap on the wrist plea bargin, or the fact that LT wasn't already a registered sex offender before this "incident"?

1323 days ago


EEEEWWWW, Bruce!! That sounds nasty. I will take my Chances with High School girls anyday
As long as they have a Tattoo it proves they are 18

1323 days ago

don rychlick    

he should not have been there in the 1st place!but i love it the only way he not in jail is he RAT out the plmp! And he going to jail and he the biger fish lol

1323 days ago


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1323 days ago


some of you are saying "money talks"

what we chould say is MONEY WALKS!

you know he only took the plea bargain after his high priced lawyer saw the prosecutors case and the facts/evidence whatever you want to call it

the lawyer then knew for a certainty that he'd be convicted of a greater offence and receive jail time if he went to trial

that is the only time/reason that a lawyer would convince his client to take this plea

this means we'll never know the complete story
which means that I'm greatly disappointed in LT - knowing there is more to this

and knowing that a man who truly believes his own innocence would never plead out to this kind of charge- espeicially when he has the money for lawyers to fight this

1323 days ago


im the victim of the lawrence taylor case im cf ! im interested in puttinqq my storyy outt there but its not qonna be cheap feel free to contact me 2158349884 !! this sick bastard should of qot a worser deall

1323 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Anyone can see a setup. But did they accomplish their goal to get out of the hall of fame?

1323 days ago


See, only in America can a wealthy ex football player can walk away from charges he raped a child and all he has to do is register as a sex offender. THIS is why med rape and kill women so easily. This pig belongs in jail for what he did to a CHILD. People are you all as sick as he is? You either defend him and say it was a set up or say money got him off. But what the hell are any of you doing to stop this kind of crap from happening??? At least I volunteer at a shelter for rape victims. Where's your giving a damn about women in this country? Or are you all just too blinded by washed up fame

1323 days ago


Was the hooker an under aged black girl? Why isnt Al Sharpton protesting this plea deal? LT raped her! Oh, Al Sharpton is providing security for LT I see.

1322 days ago


Lawrence Taylor had the "dime", so he does'nt have to do the time...Money makes the guilty very much innocent in our justice system..Watch out for your children (16 and under)parents, Lawrence Taylor is out looking for a SACK!!!

1322 days ago


Lawrence Taylor. Anyone who makes excuses for him after this should be ashamed of themselves. The man brings shame to the proud Giants franchise. One man's opinion.

1322 days ago


please people have you NOT heard of statutory rape? Which is what it IS called when you have sex with a minor whether she is a prostute or not.

1319 days ago
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