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MJ Pushed Dr. To Improperly Give Son Anesthesia

1/13/2011 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Michael Jackson subjected one of his children to the same risky medical treatment that eventually killed him.


Sources tell TMZ ... Michael cajoled a Las Vegas dentist into performing a procedure on Blanket in July, 2008, that involved putting the boy under anesthesia for 2 hours in a dental office that did not have the necessary permit for anesthesia.

TMZ has obtained internal documents from the Nevada Board of Dental Examiners, which detail Michael Jackson's interactions with Dr. Mark Tadrissi.   According to the documents, Tadrissi told Michael he couldn't perform the procedure on Blanket because he lacked the permit.

According to the Board's investigator, Michael didn't want to hear about permits and told the doctor, "Have an anesthesiologist do whatever type of sedation required."

Tadrissi capitulated and performed the 2 hour procedure on Blanket ... who was 6 years old at the time.  An anesthesiologist had Blanket sedated the entire time.

Now here's where it gets mysterious.  The Board -- which learned of Tadrissi's actions after Michael died -- initiated a disciplinary action against Tadrissi  for allowing Blanket to be anesthetized in his office.  The Board also went after Dr. Tadrissi for allowing Michael to receive Propofol in his office, without the proper permit.

Dr. Tadrissi struck a deal with the Board in 2010 in which he was sanctioned.  In a draft of the report, the Board based the sanctions on his treatment of both Blanket and Michael.  But in the final version of the report Blanket was taken completely out -- there is no mention of the boy or his treatment.

One source connected with the investigation tells TMZ ... pressure was put on the Board to omit Blanket from the report, and when the final version was issued, the discipline was based solely on Michael's treatment.



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Isn't that sweet? Keeping drug addiction in the family.

1342 days ago


What kind of freak would do that to his own child?

1342 days ago


So bottom line have only your "sources" word that what you are saying is do***ents..nothing. Nice Diane...I mean Harvey.

(First again..I gotta go to bed).

1342 days ago


Oh now, what could possibly go wrong?

1342 days ago


Oh my... now that MJ is gone more and more bizarre FACTS come out... Makes one think what he might have done with sedated kids...

1342 days ago


I see TMZ and the Defense are working OVERTIME to SPIN things to make Michael look bad. If my Dentist worked on my teeth without an anaesthetic, I would never return....
Can't BELIEVE they're going to try to DRAG Blanket into this to build up Murray's case--LAME!!!
I'm not buying it....
Whatthe Defense and many others fail to realize is that MICHAEL is NOT on trial MURRAY is, so even if they can prove Michael did this, what of it? As the Coroner stated, Murray STILL is GUILTY because he had NO BUSINESS administering Propofol for the WRONG reasons, in the WRONG setting, and with the WRONG equipment....
Good try Chernoff and Co., but like this BOGUS story, your client's actions were WRONG!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1342 days ago


Well let's see if these posters have the brains to read this carefully. Blanket needed dental work. The clinic and attending dentist didn't have the correct permit to put someone entirely under for the time required to perform the dentistry. MJ said get an anesthesiologist which the dentist did. And so what is the difficulty in this? It's certainly not up to MJ to decide for the damn dentist if he shouldn't be doing this lengthy a procedure because he doesn't have the permit for it!

As for the other issue, the dentist and MJ, WTF is Propofol doing in a dentist's office anyway? I've had that exact drug and they used it on me prior to surgery just before they administered another anesthesia. It wasn't the main drug they used to keep me out for 3.5 hours - I asked my anesthesiologist.

If you really read this post by TMZ, they are fluffing up next to nothing on Blanket. The issue is the dentist had, in his clinic, Propofol which he shouldn't have had without the proper permits. That isn't under Michael Jackson's control. It's the dentist. He was simply caring for his child that needed dentistry. This dentist should have referred MJ and Blanket to a clinic that specialized in oral surgery to begin with.

1342 days ago


Are you kidding me? Either Blanket was treated unproperly, then it´s the Medical Board´s duty to mention his name and the cir***stances around, or he´s not! You should better inform yourself before you just rely on your so called sources!

1342 days ago


The report says Michael said, "Have an anesthesiologist do whatever type of sedation required." The operative word here is anesthesiologist the one who can legally sedate someone. So what is the big deal? This has nothing to do with conrad murray's case, who by the way is not an anesthesiologist. So, what's the point in TMZ digging this up (something that happened years ago, and Blanket is still living)?

1342 days ago


So in a nutshell
Michael and his son son went to the dentist and were sedated for dental procedures _ So effing what _ No big deal (sheesh)

What's the Matter with you people

1342 days ago


What a good dad.And what a stupid dentist.This makes me sick,that wonderful dad MJ pressured a dentist to give his 6 yr old son a DRUG that the dentist had no business giving.And shame on the Board of Dental Examiners for backing down to pressure.Pressure from whom I wonder.Was MJ testing the drug on his son first,to see if it caused damage?I guess he figured if it didn't harm a 6 yr old he was safe to inhale the drug.The whole lot are disgusting.

1342 days ago


Look at the pics TMZ chose to head the post. On one hand they show a completely innocent boy (Blanket) and then MJ with one eye covered to suggest he is shady and didn't care about his kids.

Nothing could be further from the truth but that doesn't sell advertising on this website.

I think TMZ is dropping right in the toilet. Makes me sad.

1342 days ago


You know..ya'll could report this RIGHT and then it might be actually real news. It is the Dentist that did something wrong. Not Michael. It's obvious that you intend to put Michael on trial again..when all he did this time was die.

1342 days ago


TMZ dissapoints me.

1342 days ago


Like father, like son.

1342 days ago
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