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Jared Lee Loughner -- 'I'm in a Terrible Place'

1/15/2011 3:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A video shot by Jared Lee Loughner last September -- which freaked out his community college so much he got suspended  -- shows the Tucson gunman meandering through the campus at night, ragging on  his "genocide school" and the "torture of students" adding, "I'm in a terrible place."

The video was posted to YouTube on September 23 last year, but later removed. On that same day, according to the LA Times, Pima Community College campus police were called to Loughner's biology class after he got into an argument with the instructor over his grade.

A week later, the paper says campus cops delivered a notice of suspension to Lougner.


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Thanks for posting the video. I'm always interested in seeing how crazy people think. I'm glad he was caught though. That mug shot the news keeps showing is creepy.

1379 days ago


He needed help & didn't get it!

Sounds 100% crazy.

1379 days ago


Definately nuts. Hope there is a gym on death row because the dude was short of breath for most of the video.

1379 days ago


I was wondering what this dip∫hi† did to get kicked out of Tucson's Community College. I didn't think that was possible until this.

1379 days ago


Wow!!....God is an Evil for letting this creature exist.

1379 days ago

Home Skillet    

Just a tragic situation from every, single, imaginable angle. This individual clearly needed psychiatric attention, and now look at the cost of not receiving that. Just tragic all the way around.

1379 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Somebody should have snuck behind him, knocked his ass out, put him in a strait-jacket and drove him to the nearest mental hospital, the night this was filmed...

1379 days ago


It's heart-breaking, really, to know that he didn't, or couldn't, get help. He has to go through the legal system as a criminal, but I don't see the point of that, or what good it's going to do to put him on trial. His jumbled thoughts are 'political views' apparently, even though every single mental health expert would beg to differ on that assessment.

1379 days ago


I want to know why the parents did not do anything to get him committed after he was kicked out of college for being looney. They have some blame in this tragic event.

1379 days ago


Ok so after looking at that I think any ideas he's a uber right wing zealot should be laid to rest. Quite frankly he sounds about as extreme left as you get. But really right or left isn't the issue. He's crazy period. The only issue with right or left here is which hemisphere of his brain was so tragically damaged.

1379 days ago


Re: Jackie's comment above, no, God is NOT evil for letting Jared Loughner exist. Cheap condemnations like that will get us nowhere. Yes, it is tragically unfortunate that this mentally ill individual wasn't hospitalized and administered anti-psychotic medications like Risperdal (look it up), before the senseless and tragic events in Tuscon occurred.

Hopefully this horrific and needless event will help educate our society on how to identify our untreated mentally ill citizens and get them the medical attention they desperately need A.S.A.P.

1379 days ago


The only thing he said that was correct was how the money we spend is basically illegal tenure....hes not wrong about that. hes just wrong about the way he went about it, and that's because he is mentally unstable. While some of you may feel he is to blame, i blame whoever was supposed to look after this child.

1379 days ago


Those 16 people in Arizona who were shot..and killed.....were extremely lucky. the White man so aptly puts it.........Guns don't kill people.....people kill people. they were so lucky that a gun had nothing to do with that violence.

1379 days ago


You can tell this guy has been listening to Glen Beck!

1379 days ago


Everything he says is completely accurate in my opinion. It is, however, unfortunate that he took the action he took. There must be a more productive way to counteract these beliefs.

-currency not tied to gold standard so it is essentially worthless
-the schools don't give students the education they're paying for
-the teachers are even dumber than the students
-life as you know it or believe it to be is caused somewhat by mind control of society, which is directly impacted by media and government manipulation

1379 days ago
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