The Game Hospitalized After Bloody Guitar Smash

1/15/2011 10:30 AM PST

The Game -- Hospitalized After Bloody Guitar Smash

The Game was rushed to the hospital Thursday night after a guitar-smashing stunt went horribly wrong -- leaving the rapper with a giant bloody gash in his finger -- and TMZ has obtained pics of the accident!

It all happened in Downtown L.A. during a music video shoot with Snoop Dogg, DJ Skee, Ron Artest, and Matt Barnes -- Game was supposed to smash a guitar during the song, but we're told the rapper smashed it a little too hard ... because a jagged guitar piece sliced his finger open like a baked potato.

Game -- real name Jayceon Taylor -- booked it to the hospital as soon as he got the bleeding under control ... and his doctor must have had an awesome sense of humor ... because we're told he left the rapper in stitches.

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