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Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus -- Date Night

1/15/2011 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus enjoyed a movie in Burbank last night with two of their children not named Miley ... despite having filed for divorce back in October.

No word on what movie they say, but if we had to bet ... we'd say "Country Strong."


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Which one is Tish and which one is Billy Ray??? It's so hard to tell the difference between trash.

1340 days ago


his hair is just ridiculous. they look miserable.

1340 days ago


Their this country's Royalty, no doubt about it.

1340 days ago


Wow, why all the nasty comments re Billy and Tish. I have never heard he had a drinking problem. He has always seemed a bit too rigid to me.

1340 days ago


seriously, you still have your mullet in 2011? c'mon

1340 days ago


It's obvious that TmZ845 is an alcoholic, whatever else it-he-she might be. That kind of ugly hatred for people it-he-she doesn't even know could only come out of the pure self-loathing and sick-headed self-image bred from a bottle. Not unlike many other people drawn to TMZ for the sole purpose of trashing the great entertainers they envy. Sad. Statistics show that more than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and that rate is undoubtedly a lot higher among entertainers and their families. It's just as hard for them as anyone else. I've never seen anything remotely trashy or immoral about Billy Ray Cyrus or his wife. The worse thing I can think of to say about them is that they are workaholics who spend to much time on their careers, to the detriment of their marriage. They're just average people who work in an industry that pays people a lot more money than most industries pay, and that often contributes to their troubles. Even worse is when the sick-headed commentators on TMZ pick on an 18-year old just starting her adult life. Miley's done nothing other 18-year-old women haven't, and in fact, given where she lives and the temptations she has, she's been relatively clean-nosed and hard-working. Most people here comment anonymously, but that doesn't give you the moral right to become a sick-headed monster or to trash people you don't even know.

1340 days ago


It just achey breakies my heart to see this. But hey.... at least Billy Ray did up his hair!!! I shouldn't be hating but this family and the careers that it has spawned are truly an indication of just how far our society has sunk....

1340 days ago


Wow talk about out dated and take the glasses off you fool its night out and you are not anywhere near a celebrity!!!

1340 days ago


I can't believe he still has that same hairstyle. That is obviously because no one would know him without it and Miley.

1340 days ago


Grow up and start parenting your children like that slut daughter of yours. Some role model she is!

1340 days ago


I think they both look good. Got caught up in the Hollywood scene and it's really taken its toll on them. But, most stars are not together as long as they have been. Promising to see them at least reunite for a movie and family outing. Maybe they will work through all this, hope so! Nobody should want to see a family melt down, regardless! Cyrus family: head back to your roots.

1340 days ago


how come my comments keep getting deleted all i am saying is i think he is hot and would love to do him...and yet there are worse things being said on here...Homophobic tmz?

1340 days ago


I think he's just ticked at the paps taking pictures of him and his family when they're just doing a normal non-show bizzy thing. He generally has kept himself and the kids (even Miley to a considerable degree, as best he could) out of their sights. He just isn't into the whole "fame 24/7" thing.

As for all the razzing about his choice of clothes and hairstyle - get a life, guys. Real people do look like this. And real people do choose their clothes and hairstyle according to their own preferences, not what you folks seem to think is the latest and greatest. Fashions come and go, not everybody is a sheep.

1340 days ago


lose the mullet, what an ugly look!

1340 days ago


That mullet has got to go.

1340 days ago
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