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Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus -- Date Night

1/15/2011 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus enjoyed a movie in Burbank last night with two of their children not named Miley ... despite having filed for divorce back in October.

No word on what movie they say, but if we had to bet ... we'd say "Country Strong."


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Tish Tish,I mean Tisk Tisk. I don't profess to know anything about Tish whether she's a good parent or not but one thing I will say for certain,that is another botched up Hollywood surgery face if I ever saw one. She looks like one of the "Aliens". I'd rather look at someone with a few wrinkles and a naturally shaped face than this monstrosity.(Did I spell this right?). I don't know who tells these Holluywood type to get facial surgery but almost all that I've seen up close looks really bad.From a distance;it looks great;no wrinkles but up close its like someone threw silly putty on her face and it didn't set right,even the nose looks off.

1344 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Maybe Billy's just mad that his one hit wasn't "Sunglasses at Midnight."

1344 days ago


Hum....I wonder if they effed last night? I'll bet they did!

1344 days ago


Just a couple of achy, breaky hearts trying to mend....

1344 days ago


Mullet??? Has he gone back in time to when he was single, trying to relive those glory single days. I see a midlife crisis coming.

1344 days ago


Good for them the kids come first.

1344 days ago


Yeah...they look real happy don't they?

1344 days ago


Loose the mullet...That made a big splash over 20 years ago. If Cyrus kept the mullet maybe, you don't retro your look 20 yrs later and expect it to work. It doesn't. It looks desperate. It looks foolish.

1344 days ago


Geesh! I'm so glad I'm not a celebrity who lives in Hollywood having the paps following me around all the time and snapping pics! I would be horrified if I were Tish and had this particular close up shot of me plastered on the internet! UGH! Not a particularly flattering photo of her, and everyone is making fun of it! And Billy Ray's MULLET! OH MY! OUCH! Let's hope they've both developed a tough skin 'cause looking like they do - they're both kind of asking to be picked on. Pssttt.....Hey Billy and Tish! It's 2011! The mullet isn't really in anymore, and would like just fine without the plastic surgery!

1344 days ago


note to comment #15...LOL That just says it all!!!!!!!!!

1344 days ago


I don't understand the rude comments on the lady. They're a good looking couple (san mullet). they look good together. I don't see any botched cosmetic work. I don't get it? It's a blurry pic from far away but she looks nice.

1344 days ago


Kind of tells you they're broken up. He's reverting to his youth when he was cool and doesn't realize that time has gone and not coming back. Middle age men who break up do this ALL the time and never want to admit it.

Remember Jon Gosselin and his Ed Hardy shirts and mohawks at 33? lol

1344 days ago


I'm not ashamed to say it, although I am obviously in the minority, but I loved Billy Ray THEN, and I still do NOW. I think he's extremely good-looking and wouldn't say 'no' if he came knocking at my door!

1344 days ago


what is wrong with Billy Rae, that all of you are taking pot shots at him. I prefer his hairdo to some of the ones I have seen. He tried to get his daughter to settle down but Trish wouldnt let him, she encourage Miley . I have never read anything about him being a alcoholic, where did that come from. I personally dont care how he wears his hair or what clothes he is comfortable in..I would like to see some of you that are bashing him...most men arent stylish and most men arent as good looking as him either..jealous the wife Trish that is uglllly

1344 days ago


I have to agree with you Fran. Billy Rae's hair looks much better than Tish's. He also looks much younger and healthier.
Mom's should never manage their children! It allows the child too much control because they then hold the $$$ over their parents' heads when they don't want to follow rules as teens.

1344 days ago
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