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MJ Soundalike -- That's Not My Facebook Page!

1/16/2011 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The manager for Jason Malachi says Jason never posted on his Facebook page that he's the voice behind four songs on Michael Jackson's new album, adding Jason's the victim of Internet fraud.

Thad Nauden tells TMZ someone hacked Jason's Facebook page, touting that he conspired to fool Sony, the Michael Jackson Estate and the public by secretly singing songs on the album, "Michael."

Nauden says Jason -- a Deputy Sheriff in Maryland -- wants everyone to know beyond a shadow of a doubt ... he did not sing a single note on the album. 

UPDATE: Malachi posted to his MySpace page late last night, "I have NOT made any of those statements that the facebook hacker is posting!!!!!!"


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I think it's a publicity stunt. He said that on his "fake" account so that it'd make press -- and then deny it, while at the same time getting press that he sounds similar to MJ.

1377 days ago


I believe the guy was stoned when wrote that.

And now they work on damage limitation hectically.

Of course Sony will not admit, not even comment.

1377 days ago

Mark McWane    

This is absolutely not a fake Facebook account (, as there are links from his older posts ( that link back to his original account, and links that are in excess of a year or more old. It is his account. Could his account have been compromised? Certainly, but it would seem that someone would really have wanted to hurt him by doing so. His real name is Jason Cupeta, and a lookup of his website (jasonmalachi -dot- us) shows that the registrant name is Jason Cupeta of Germantown, MD.

He released the song "Let Me, Let Go" in the summer of 2007 ( but as amazing as it is that he sounds uncannily like Michael Jackson, there have been very few YouTube views of the various incarnations of this song (search jason malachi let me let go). Even more bizarre is that he will not discuss this song nor does he perform it live anymore.

The lack of much information on Jason Malachi or Jason Cupeta on web searches is remarkable for someone who has released two albums that are only available via Internet download, especially since he purposefully sounds so much like Michael Jackson. His website is "Under Construction" and the domain was registered September 2010. The website Registrar phone number (206-309-8693) is the same number used on Jason's Facebook and MySpace pages as contact numbers. Jason is supposedly a deputy sheriff for Montgomery County Maryland, but Google his real name and his position, and you get one hit that references a "ADOLFO J CUPETA" with Montgomery County Maryland in a salary listing for 2009. I guess ADOLPHO J CUPERTO could be his full legal name, and the Adolfo J CUPETA listing is on page 124.

Googling "Jason Cupeta" or "Jason Malachi" provides about 5 unique images of the man, and most of them from his albums. No shots of him singing live by fans, no candid photos, no historical photos at all, no shots of him in his deputy sheriff uniform. Google your own name and see how many photos you find of yourself floating around the Internet. I bet it is more than this guy, and again, he is known to sound exactly like Michael Jackson and has released not one, but two albums. In consideration of Michael's death almost two years ago, this lack of presence on the Internet is perplexing.

Whether this guy sang any of the disputed Michael Jackson songs from the most recent album, "Michael" is certainly a valid discussion, but it is just beyond weird how little information there is about this guy who has been singing like Michael Jackson for almost 4 years or more and who has released two albums with songs that sound incredibly like MJ. The guy does not even have a Wikipedia entry.

In contrast, Peter Andre also sounds uncannily like Michael Jackson, and if you Google him, there are about 6.8 million image results.

1377 days ago


Yea, because it's Jason's account, he made the post.

Noobs, go look up the definition of hacker.

1377 days ago


LOL!!!!!!!Peter Andre, Jason Malachi, Eddie Casio!!!!! Pleaaaaazzzzzzzz!!!


BTW: Murray still does not have a defense!!! The Prosecution can bury Murray!!!! Get him Mr. D.A.! Get Murray!!!
A billion fans around the world are counting on YOU!!!!

1377 days ago


If that Malachi person can sing just as good as Michael how come in Europe and the rest of the world NOBODY knows him.

Posted at 8:07 AM on Jan 17, 2011 by kathy 40

I second that. Until the authenticity of Michael's new songs was discussed I've never heard about that guy.

What strikes me strangely is his name. You'd suppose that "Malachi" is quite rare, isn't it? But in Michael's surrounding we have even two people who call themselves that way; an impersonator and that alleged love child Prince Michael Malachi Jet.

1377 days ago


Thank you so much for this Mark McWane -- that hit the nail on the head.

Thanks for the information -- and these thoughts were very much my thoughts, just my English is too bad to express it. ;o)

Weird weird guy -- money put into the production of two albums, but "Malachi" does nothing ever to promote them nor does he communicate?

1377 days ago


If that Malachi person can sing just as good as Michael how come in Europe and the rest of the world NOBODY knows him.

Posted at 8:07 AM on Jan 17, 2011 by kathy 40

Malachi does not look or sing like MJ. I've never heard of his name before, just another MJ wannabe. Next!!!

1377 days ago


So it's come to this: Eddie Casio, Jason Malachi, and now Peter Andre, trying to make a buck off of MJ!!!!Too!

Beyonce, Chris, Usher your hero and mentor Michael Jackson needs you!!!! No name, no talent losers like Eddie Casio, Jason Malachi, and now Peter Andre are trying to attach themselves to the Jackson legacy.....pleazzz! All with the approval of the estate executors.

Murray needs a defense but EC, JM and now PA can't help. Stay focused Michael Jackson fans. Murray killed Michael Jackson! It was premeditated murder!!!!

1377 days ago


Google his name - up comes a facebook page of Jason Malachi Fan Club. One hell of a theory (theory, now!... but still) as to WHO Jason Malachi just might actually be. yyyyyowzerrrr....

For instance, check out - down the left side of the page - an "Akeem" as one of the admins aside from Jason. M'k... a MJ fan facebook wall that HE's an admin on ... yet his fellow admin, Akeem, posts THIS on a facebook fan group wall, over a year ago:

Sounds like Jason Malachi just may be Michael Jackson promoting his music.

1) stated that he was trying to convince Michael Jackson to release his forthcoming album online, and to use social networking sites like to promote his music. Perhaps not coincidentally, Jason Malachi's album is ONLY available online, and can only be purchased on Jason's myspace page in the Nimbit music store. announced that he was working with Michael in October of 2006, and Jason Malachi's album dropped on May 31, 2008. That is more than enough time to record a hit album.

2) On Jason Malachi's myspace page, he lists Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, James Brown, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole as inspirations. Haven't we all heard Michael Jackson list these SAME people as influences?

3) There are NO tour dates, album credits, MTV promotion, or any kind of publicity. Hell, there isn't even a wikipedia article on this guy!! Trust me, if there was someone out there who sounded identical to Michael Jackson the way that "Jason Malachi" does, he'd definitely have 15 or 30 minutes of fame. And somehow, the ONLY information you can dig up on Jason Malachi is from his myspace page. This whole thing is WAY to quiet.

4) Some people say that Jason's songs are not quite good enough to be Michael Jackson songs. They say the production is the digitalized, and that Malachi's vocals aren't as great as Michael Jackson. Well, Jason Malachi's songs are really Michael Jackson DEMOs. Michael Jackson's demos are only blueprints, people. If you listen to the demos for "Don't stop til you get enough," "Billie Jean," etc, you'll see that the music sounds stripped down and the vocals are no where near as great as the finished version. Michael NEVER gives his best vocals on his demos, nor is the music at its best quality. Michael Jackson has released these demos to the public to get a reaction, and he'll hit us with a major release a little later.

5) Michael Jackson is STILL under contract for Sony Records. I doubt he can even release songs under the name "Michael Jackson." He has to wait until his contract expires. He can't release a new album from Sony. Why do you think we keep getting re-releases like Thriller 25 and such? Until the contract expires, Mike can't do too much. It's the same thing Prince went through. That's the reason why Prince changed his name to that stupid symbol; his record company owned him. He couldn't release new material under the name Prince while still under contract with Warner Bros. Michael Jackson is undergoing the same battle with Sony. Remember that before he released Dangerous back in 1991, Michael signed a $1 Billion Contract with Sony Entertainment, and to this day, he still owes them more albums.

6) This "Jason Malachi" character has released videos of himself singing acapella on youtube. Don't buy it, people. Tell me how can he sound like an impersonator on that clip, but somehow sound JUST LIKE Michael Jackson on the songs? The voice serenading us on youtube, and the voice on the Jason Malachi songs are obviously different voices. The voice on the songs is obviously the King of Pop. Also, the lighting on the video of "Jason Malachi" singing acapella is so dim, we cannot see his mouth clearly. He may have been lip synching. Never trust the internet, people.

7) Jason Malachi sounds similar to Michael Jackson. The only letter missing is the "K". I think Michael might as well have used the anagram of "Jason Jackson." It's really obvious.

8) Jason Malachi's album cover is him leaning against a red brick wall. This is identical to the "Off the wall" album cover. Look closer, and you'll see that Jason's body is positoned EXACTLY the same as Michael's body is positioned on the Bad album cover. Likewise, Jason is dressed in all black, just like MJ is on the album cover. Mike is sending us plenty of hints.

9) Why don't we ever see Jason sing live? If he could sing "Biggerman" or "You don't have to go" live and in person, I'd believe him. But in the few videos of him dancing and performing online, he's always lip synching. (We know why.)

10) Last, but not least, this benefits Michael Jackson. His reputation and image have been horribly damaged by scandals. If Michael Jackson came out and said, "OK, I'm releasing an album," some people wouldn't budge. After all, people are more caught up in his personal life than his great, legendary music. However, if some young guy out there happened to sound JUST LIKE Michael Jackson, people would be intrigued by the music only. They would enjoy the music, and listen with an open mind.


Lawdy, OK??


1377 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Sorry, that should read... his MySpace page links back to his FB page. Whoops.

MySpace is still around?

1377 days ago


My bad, forgot the link:

1377 days ago


Anybody ever heard of, or seen, this guy???

4th pic down .. WITH MJ... THAT guy isn't even the same guy as the rest of the pics (nose, eyebrows comparison to the rest of the pics.. OBVIOUS) of the Denver, CO. MJ impersonator. Maybe one of the most expensive impersonators out there - price for his services are on that site...

Friend emailed a link asking me the same thing.

Saw this page and WHOA... freaked ME the hell out, anyway. WOO.

ANYWAY... yeah... be back with a link to that "Akeem" JM=MJ theory... who knows... fact?


1377 days ago


IF Jason Malachi has really posted that it was him who sung Michael's songs – then it's no wonder that he backpaddles now in desperation.

First signing a contract with Sony, which more than likely concludes an agreement to maintain silence, and then talking – that would be virtually suicidal.

However, I still believe that it's Michael whom we hear on the album. Either Malachi's facebook page was really hacked, or he was drunk, or he was downright crazy in a sudden attempt to get PR. Whatever it was: I guess it's better for him to clarify things as soon as possible towards Sony. If they have just the shadow of a doubt – I wouldn't like to be in his shoes.

1377 days ago


Malachi does not look or sing like MJ. I've never heard of his name before, just another MJ wannabe. Next!!!
Posted at 11:24 AM on Jan 17, 2011 by Daphne
Hi Daphne
This guy is less than a wannabe, just like the others. We all know who among the younger singers MJ admired and recognized as having real talent. Team Murray does not have a defense and with the desperate help of TMZ they need the fans to be preoccupied by distortion and distractions. I LUV it!!! Murray is guilty of murder! Thanks for the confirmation TMZ!!!

1377 days ago
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