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Brett Favre Masseuse -- QB Did NOT Harass Me!

1/17/2011 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brett Favre deals with sext rejection like a pro -- and knows just when to back off -- at least according to the mystery masseuse who turned down the QB's advance back in 2008.


Amanda Oswald -- who was hired by the New York Jets to work on Brett for a day in 2008 -- confirms to TMZ that Favre sent her a text message soliciting her for a sexual encounter after a massage session.

Oswald tells us that unlike two OTHER masseuses who worked on Jets players on the day she was contracted, Oswald and her lawyer Andrew Campanelli will NOT be pursuing a sexual harassment case against the NFL star ... because she doesn't feel Brett violated her rights. 


Oswald explains ... after Favre sent the text asking for a private session with "bad intentions" -- Oswald said she texted back, simply informing him she wasn't game for anything sexual.

According to Oswald, Favre replied, "OK" ... and never pursued her further.

Oswald tells us, "I do believe it was inappropriate ... I can't say I was being harassed."

Oswald has not worked for the Jets since the day of the text incident ... but she tells us she's not opposed to taking another gig with the team if the opportunity presents itself.

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Out in the real world it is common to encounter women who are more than willing to give a "happy ending" if the tip is good. You don't know until you ask. Even some of the professional massage groups consider the "whole body" massage as legit for relieving stress. Why do you think they only hire young female masseuses for those guys? Just another perk they enjoy.

1338 days ago


BF - Is a egotistical Mf..Dic. Keep it in your pants for your spouse, no matter how U look @ it !! He's MARRIED, what the H..? Is that how many of YoU, DO NOT take a Marriage serious? that is F..up! Stay single - why bother having kids!!? U are not true Packer backers!

1338 days ago


Brett's wife is the only one who needs to be concerned about his actions b/c the masseuse profession is widely know to be a front for hookers/prostitutes, so Brett believe that's what these women were.

1338 days ago


The guy's been playing people for yrs.. But, what can we say, the NFL's full of guys just like him, and worse. They get a guy like this, can't hand him enough money, and protect him with everything they've got. A whole team's built around protecting him, whether they win or not. Refs normally make up for where they're lacking, and this jerk gets the credit for it.

1338 days ago


I'm sure Brett isn't the only one who "harrassed" these masseuses. The football groupies who hang around the players all have two things on their minds, sex and money.

1338 days ago

Tony B    

Dear Amanda: Thank you for being classy, and being an adult about this.

Honestly, I think Favre is totally hot, so I sure wouldn't have turned him down...


I think it's cool the way you handled this.

Thank you.

1338 days ago


I'll lay (no pun intended) you odds that he has got a lot more women than has turned him down. Just sayin.

1338 days ago


Finally a grown adult woman acting like one. So tired of these idiots out there calling everything harassment.

1338 days ago


Some of the comments on this article are downright unbelievable, it just goes to show how many people do not understand sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is considered illegal if the it results to adverse employment decisions or a hostile work environment to the victim. If the incident is isolated, or is consensual dating, touching, joking, it cannot be considered as sexual harassment.


1338 days ago


puhhleazzzeee...if it wsn't a famous guy she probably wouldve been all over his thing...and there's nuttin wrong with that

1337 days ago


how in the crap is he getting these girls phone numbers if they aren't giving it to them? come on! Regardless, I admire that this girl isn't going after money for stupid reasons.

1337 days ago


I just don't see what is so inappropriate? He did not specifically mention sex and how else do you know if someone wants to play unless you ask them?? He asked, she said no! end of story.

1337 days ago


If Deanna keeps him she is just as much of a Stupid Jerk & maybe the same as him.
Then maybe they play the same games, who knows what goes behind closed doors? I think tey deserve each other.

1336 days ago


He is a F...Jerk Womanizer as he was thru out his marriage. Their are better QB's in football we don't need the AH's that disrespect their women.

1336 days ago


I am a massage therapist and this scenario is not unusual. It seems to me Favre is shopping around for a mt that WILL do it, because there are those that will. Which makes it hard on those of us who don't because we have to deal with the dreks of humanity - always married men - asking for "something extra."

It happens, I decline and never see them again. Tell my other massage friends to be alert for these individuals.

I have massaged the occasional athlete - a regular massage, not sports - and they have always been gentlemen. This girl should stay away from Favre calls her again, but I bet he won't because she won't put out. What a creep.

1336 days ago
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