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'Pretty Wild' Star -- I'm Addicted to Opiates

1/18/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Pretty Wild" star Tess Taylor has checked in to a rehabilitation center in Malibu to kick an addiction to opiates ... TMZ has learned.


Taylor's mother, Andrea Arlington, tells us, "Approximately two weeks ago after a lot of coaxing from sister Alexis Neiers and myself, and after almost losing her life, Tess Taylor contacted Greg Hannley, owner of the SOBA Recovery center in Malibu and asked for help."

Arlington tells us Tess weighed only 93 pounds at the time she decided to seek help ... noting that Taylor was "extremely weak and exhausted from trying to detox and recover from Opiate addiction."

Taylor plans to stay at the center for the entire 12-month program.


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And yet Tess Taylor, Alexis Neiers have access to the internet to commit felonies by sending me death threats on twitter. I love how they post a comment and then delete after I read them. How mature of them. I also like how ONE of them has created a fake twitter account to steal my photo and constantly harass and threat me. @lovetolaugh1976 Twitter will not suspend the account. When they posted this: Lovetolaugh1976 U motha
@realitytruths I love that u and ur sick lupus having **** bookluv talk about us!! Keep us in ur mouth u know we taste good PUNKS
16 Jan
The word "US" leads me to think that it is either Tess, Alexis, Andrea or Max Nash because ALL of them have posted a comment to me and then deleted it after I read it.

ONE of YOU just had charges pressed against you. IP addresses are easy to trace. I will be letting everyone know WHO it was once I find out.

Such losers!

1337 days ago


I have no idea who this person is, but that's great that she is stepping up to the plate and getting help for her addiction.

Serious question - why do they all have different last names?

1337 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Mom talks like a press release.

1337 days ago


These chicks will do anything to stay in the public eye

1337 days ago


What???? Her fame whore mother didn't make her wait for celebrity rehab???? Eh she'll probably make sure she relapses so that she can get her on. YUCK this is one of the most disgusting trailer trash families EVER!

1337 days ago


Should've stuck to the pot, coke, and booze like the rest of Hollywood D-list actors out there. Careful you might be stepping over her dead corpse the next time you walk down the Boulevard.

1337 days ago

Andrea Arlington    

Just like the stigma that people had about admitting they had HIV and AIDS, and the fear of the unknown causing people in society to distance themselves from even their loved ones who contracted the disease, until MAGIC JOHNSON brought it to the attention of the public, that he, himself had contracted HIV and began talking about it , Opiate addiction needs to be talked about NOW. Currently, our youth are afraid to admit they need help because of a similar stigma, and are terribly afraid of the reaction they will receive in telling an adult about their addiction. Opiate addiction is national crisis amongst our youth and in other countries as well and in order to provide support instead of adversity, people should become educated and informed about opiate addiction and the epidemic that it has become.

If you or someone you know needs help reach out to an adult, or contact SOBA directly ( because they will hel

1337 days ago


Will 'Pretty Wild' producer, Chelsea Handler be visiting these girls in rehab? Chelsea thought it was so cute to exploit these girls in every scene in bars, stealing from others or taking their clothes off on camera, IS Chelsea helping with the fall out? Or did they go the way of the older, married exec BF of CH, who gave her that show, once she got what she wanted...she dumped him.

1337 days ago


are these girls all underage? if so then they should be legally separated from this mother of theirs. clearly she's doing EVERYTHING WRONG. her daughters are all vapid, pointless, drug-addicted NOTHINGS. she's done a horrible job raising them and she should be ashamed of herself.

1337 days ago


She has been an awful Cyber Girl of the Year at Playboy.

You could tell that she had a major drug addiction, and it has been well do***ented on sites such as The Dirty where she has been doing heroin.

1337 days ago

Andrea Arlington    

My intention in agreeing to our Reality show, as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and Ordained Minister, was to uplift others and inspire them to learn to heal their bodies and spirits through the tools that I was using to treat my clients with and was starting to share with my daughters, and that was all written into the Reality show, and filmed as part of our, “pitch” reel, that got us the contract to begin with. Our intention was different than the outcome, but I am still hopeful for a positive outcome to come out of all of this, bc I know my girls will do great things in this world when they have the tools to heal and stay sober and not sit around and try to tear others down, such as some people who are making these unkind comments and who are uniformed and uneducated about what they are saying.

1337 days ago


Andrea, you and your daughters are disgusting. You are a sorry excuse for a mother who has no idea how to raise healthy, normal children. DHS needs to step in and remove the youngest one from your care so that she stands a chance in hell of living a normal, healthy life. Your daughters are old enough to know their behavior is NOT acceptable, but they are so screwed up after being raised by your idiot ass that they are incapable of being decent, productive adults. Do the world a favor, shut the hell up and disappear!

1337 days ago


Saw one of their "reality shows", and it was quite obvious the pariental guidances was void in this house of whorrors (horrors). They lived in one dumpy rental after another, pretending to be "rich and famous". All while the one sister is out breaking into home such as Orlando Bloom and others to feed another addiction of designer lables for which they obviously couldn't afford...GET A JOB!!!! She is also the one that "her adopted Mother", was taking nude photos of her in the bathroom telling her how great her body looked...HOW FREAKING SICK IS THAT!!!! They trie becoming famous as the Kardashian's by selling their souls and body for money, well it worked for the Kardashian's, though they have to live with themselves, though they too, cannot see morality through the dollar signs yet, but it will hit them, and this whole country will be there laughing, not that we already don't. Hollywood is just a sad place anymore!!! People becoming famous for no reason, where is the integrity and honesty...they are all empty shells of human being, and honestly if they think anyone but those young little teenagers, that have no family life of their own, look up to trash like this girl, the Kardashian's and the Lohan's, it's a terribly sad time in this country. At the Kardashian's age, what will they look like in 5 years, how much more surgery will they have? And the same with the family of Tess Taylor, what is wrong with what God gave you? There was a reason for it!!! I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian in a magazine the other day, and I thought it was that who she is trying to look like, and we all know the plastic surgery she has had. Just sick.

1337 days ago

Andrea Arlington    

It takes a lot of courage to admit a person is addicted to anything much less heroin or opiates. Anyone who has the courage to do that should be praised not persecuted. How do expect others to have the courage to come forth and get help when the outcome of celebrities talking about their addiction is received by people who like to condemn others instead of focus on righting their own imperfections. see -US NEWS 2009 article, "OxyContin and the Opium Epidemic of the 21st Century"
January 2, 2009




1337 days ago

Andrea Arlington    

Before you continue to be against someone who is fully acknowledging they need help and are willing to be an example for others read these articles:

This 48 Hours news clip shows the seriousness of opiate addiction and abuse. ... Good people united across this country can affect change. ...


Opioid abuse epidemic suggests need to re-examine Rxing habits
Unintentional drug overdose deaths are now epidemic in our country, ... be potentially hazardous because of its incomplete cross-tolerance to other opiates . ...

Opioid neurochemistry | An Epidemic of Addiction
Dec 1, 2010 ... There are many opiate receptor types and subtypes; mu, kappa, sigma, ... called 'neurotransmitters,' which cross a space or 'synapse' and ...


101/ -

Opiate addiction is our biggest crisis, despite cocaine epidemic ...
Jan 3, 2008 ... Opiate addiction is our biggest crisis, despite cocaine epidemic ... Despite the surge of cocaine use across the country last year, ... › National News

1337 days ago
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