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'Pretty Wild' Star -- I'm Addicted to Opiates

1/18/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Pretty Wild" star Tess Taylor has checked in to a rehabilitation center in Malibu to kick an addiction to opiates ... TMZ has learned.


Taylor's mother, Andrea Arlington, tells us, "Approximately two weeks ago after a lot of coaxing from sister Alexis Neiers and myself, and after almost losing her life, Tess Taylor contacted Greg Hannley, owner of the SOBA Recovery center in Malibu and asked for help."

Arlington tells us Tess weighed only 93 pounds at the time she decided to seek help ... noting that Taylor was "extremely weak and exhausted from trying to detox and recover from Opiate addiction."

Taylor plans to stay at the center for the entire 12-month program.


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Mr. Anon E. Mouse    

AH, man, there's nothing funny about drug addiction. I have no clue who she is, but I sure hope she can get herself sorted out. Good luck and best wishes, Tess Taylor.

1376 days ago


this is what is wrong with the family mom calls TMZ to announce her daughter is going into rehab. best thing these young adults cando for themselves is get away from mom.

1376 days ago

Andrea Arlington    

It was decided by our family that we should be willing to be examples and not hide our imperfections, but to fully be real and tell the truth. We want others dealing with this addiction to feel courageous enough to talk about it with their families and get help before it is too late. Making all these judgmental comments are hurtful toward this goal. To stand up as individuals and as a family, who are blessed to have an opportunity to shed light on this epidemic and educate others, instead of hiding behind closed doors and pretending we are perfect is a gift to our society in the long run and that is why we collectively decided to be real. If you feel otherwise, please educate yourself about the most important issue here and that is helping others. We are in a position to make it right and good for people to get help instead of hiding in shame. I am grateful to be on the slaughtering block, if by being willing to be vulnerable, I can save even one life. And you all should be ashamed of yourselves if you continue this shmear campaign.

1376 days ago


Never heard of her.

1376 days ago

Andrea Arlington    

Thank you all for your concerns about Gabrielle, who was just accepted last week, to FIDM, at age 16, and who will graduate a year early with a 3.7 GPA from a fully accredited private school, that she has actually attended for all of her high school years contrary to what the show revealed. I wish people had enough sense to know that a lot of reality shows aren't really real or scenes/stories are taken out of context.

1376 days ago


"Before us lie two paths -- honesty and dishonesty," written by Napoleon Hill, a much more accredited source to the law of attraction than the The Secret. Shmear campaign? Who agreed to 'pick up' her daughter from behind a school she doesn't attend, then circle the same block twice to get the right shot? What was the benefit of being dishonest about Gabby's schooling? And who agreed to alter the direction of the original pitch after shooting had started and then reshot scenes mentioning Nick? Why are your daughters still wearing stolen merchandise and then filmed wearing them? Bad actions yesterday are what come to you today: your days in Hollywood will never be appreciated.

Those of us who know your family are perfectly aware of its working title, that the intent of your show was as such (Homeschooling with the Arlingtons). But don't insult the general public suggesting they don't know realize that reality television is a sham.

1376 days ago

Andrea Arlington    

I"d be happy to respond to your comments and questions when you are willing to be fully authentic and honest and identify yourself instead of hiding behind your fake name.

1376 days ago


12 month program is awesome that shows a commitment to recovering I wish Tess the best. Having walked in the same shoes I cleaned up at 21 and will be sober 21 years next month it is possible. It was very simple not always easy but simple. I followed the format of Trust God, Clean House, and Work with Others and have never stopped doing those three items. God Bless your whole family addiction is a family disease Alanon Family groups saves lives!

1376 days ago


drugs suck, i hope she gets better. i liked chelsea handler until i found out she was the executive producer. then i lost all respect for her. any moron can become famous nowadays. when i saw that one episode with alexis crying on the phone hysterically to a reporter because she didn't accurately describe what brand shoes she was wearing to court... wow there were just no words for that amount of stupidity. i still hope they both recover, but it's not gonna happen with them partying in hollywood with other coke heads.

1376 days ago

Tess's Friend    

I hang out with Tess all the time and she isn't in REHAB Alexis is and she doesn't do Opiates anymore.. Get your story right!

1375 days ago


She's hott as ****. Bangin ass body.

1375 days ago


The low rent version of the Kardashians, except with more arrests and drugs. I can't wait until attention whoring goes out of style.

1375 days ago

Andrea Arlington    

"We now have before us the cold statistics of deaths, addictions, production increases, emergency room visits, robberies, thefts, daily news accounts, police reports, etc., and we have a collective governing body, officials, experts and media who remain silent on the growing epidemic being created by drug companies and medical charlatans who will produce and distribute as much addictive product that they possibly can. Over one hundred years ago irrational logic passed rational laws and today we have modern information allowing irrational outcomes." Please see full article at:

1374 days ago


Andrea you can link to all the articles you want about drug use. But it all boils down to you being a terrible Mother. From what I hear, you should also be in rehab for your habits too.

1368 days ago


Memo to the Neiers Bimbettes: Your fifteen minutes are WAY up! I have both Alexis Neiers & Lindsay Lohan in my Celebrity Dead Pool 2011. It's just a matter of time 'till we can close the casked, throw 'em in the ground and coner their bimbette asses with dirt. ALL the Neiers girls have a CHUMP as a teacher.

1367 days ago
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