TMZ Live: Bad Globes Jokes, Fashion & Sports Talk

1/17/2011 4:45 PM PST
The Golden Globes are over, but voting is still open for who had the most offensive joke of the night ... Ricky Gervais or Robert De Niro? Plus ... Golden Globe fashion opinions from Anna, basketball chat with Daniel, Evan's story about the Jets ... and all your questions about the biggest stories around!!!

(1:00) Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's surrogate child -- born today in Nashville. VERY hush hush.
(3:04) Ricky Gervais as an ALL-STAR last night
(5:55) JETS WIN! Sorry Tom Brady.
(8:35) Anna talks Golden Globe fashion: Olivia Wilde, Sofia Vergara, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, and January Jones
(11:45) Paz de la Huerta from "Boardwalk Empire" -- best trashed celeb ever!
(15:58) Sandra Bullock's bangs ... Bombshell-worthy?
(17:50) Paris Hilton's artwork ... drawn from behind bars
(20:00) Jason Malachi says he’s not the voice on Michael Jackson’s new album
(20:17) NEWSFLASH: Jews can drink alcohol
(22:50) Charles sings to his dog -- You are my sunshiiiiiiine!
(24:10) Daniel weighs in on Lamar Odom getting ejected from the Lakers-Clippers game yesterday
(27:12) Charles & Evan bond over the NFL playoff game yesterday. Both Jets fans.
(30:04) Michael Buble -- WHY ARE YOU SO NICE TO US?!