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Steven Tyler -- The 'Idol' Audition

That Made Him Cry

1/18/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler had an extremely emotional moment during an "American Idol" audition, when a contestant brought his disabled fiancee to watch him compete.

Chris Medina American Idol
Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, the "Idol" judges were in Milwaukee when 27-year-old Chris Medina walked into the room, accompanied by his disabled fiancee, Juliana Ramos.

We're told Chris told the judges he proposed to Juliana two years ago ... and the couple was making wedding plans when tragedy struck.  Juliana got into a horrible car accident on her way home from work in October, 2009, and was left nearly paralyzed with significant brain damage.

The video below was shot one year into Juliana's recovery.


Chris' singing was great, but Steven was so moved by Chris' story ... he got up out of his chair, teary-eyed, walked over to Juliana, and hugged and kissed her.

Tyler, we're told, is becoming the star of the show, with big emotions ranging from snark to Paula-style sincerity.

Chris, who will appear on next week's show, made the top 40.

As for Chris' wedding, it's been placed on hold.  The medical expenses are so great, a website was launched to help cover the costs.



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Spread-the-word aka Lucy aka TC,
"anyone who lives near Oak Forest", really ? or maybe your Oak Forest gossiping friends ? Didn't you ever hear of, I dunno, RUMORS ? If you don't know these people personally, then do not take some random moron's word for it just because they live near Juli. It sounds to me like all you've heard is a bunch of rumors and you honestly don't seem too certain.

Lucy aka spread-the-word aka TC,
Reread your posts. You're asking a bunch of questions about this like a 15 yr old ! "like omg Do you have any details? She got in a car accident drunk the same month as her brain injury accident? What is the word in Oak Forest? How do people know she was drunk? Was she texting too?"
Give me a break ! And do NOT sit there & say you care for 1 second. Quit bragging that you DONATE because that means NOTHING to us, especially after your posts. You are on TMZ trying to get details from a complete stranger that is spreading rumors. Maybe it is so "hush hush" to you because there is nothing for anyone to tell. You are just looking for something. People are getting defensive over this because we are a little tired of rumors being spread. What if these were your friends ? Have some sympathy, let the story be, and keep your thoughts to yourself.

1284 days ago


Poor girl. She was so beautiful. I wish her well!

1280 days ago


The most upsetting part of reading some of these posts on this page are the fact they are said with such venom and hatred. I don't think it matters weather any of this venomous gossip is true or not..It matters that she is suffering such a horrible fate. Negative comments by people hiding behind a PC saying terrible things is the lowest form of cowardice I have ever witnessed. The time you spend spewing such vile negativity from your lips about another suffering human being, you could actually be doing something more positive with your time and your life to help others. I don't care what happened that night in her car , No one deserves this fate and pain.

1275 days ago


bless them both!

1262 days ago


Hey Bill, shut stfu.. and don't be so abusive to someones looks, I don't know what you look like, but years in the music business I would say Steven Tyler looks good, Liv Tyler takes after her father.

1184 days ago

Fredrik From Sweden    

I heard the song on the radio this morning in Sweden. I can´t let it go. I have heard the song in my head all day long. I was google it up and i find the story. This story has a place in my heart. I hope Juliana get better for every day.

Juliana and Chris and everybody around you - I´m thinkin of you.

Best Regards


In Sweden we say: after the rain, the sun will shine. I know that the sun will shine again.

1135 days ago


Why the mean............ I love that guy and good for him for how far he has come. Stop the hate and love a little more.... Your life will be a little better for it. He paid his dues and he is amazing.. Just let him be. I love you Steve forget the hatters... Wish they did not know how to type

845 days ago
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