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Steven Tyler -- The 'Idol' Audition

That Made Him Cry

1/18/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler had an extremely emotional moment during an "American Idol" audition, when a contestant brought his disabled fiancee to watch him compete.

Chris Medina American Idol
Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, the "Idol" judges were in Milwaukee when 27-year-old Chris Medina walked into the room, accompanied by his disabled fiancee, Juliana Ramos.

We're told Chris told the judges he proposed to Juliana two years ago ... and the couple was making wedding plans when tragedy struck.  Juliana got into a horrible car accident on her way home from work in October, 2009, and was left nearly paralyzed with significant brain damage.

The video below was shot one year into Juliana's recovery.


Chris' singing was great, but Steven was so moved by Chris' story ... he got up out of his chair, teary-eyed, walked over to Juliana, and hugged and kissed her.

Tyler, we're told, is becoming the star of the show, with big emotions ranging from snark to Paula-style sincerity.

Chris, who will appear on next week's show, made the top 40.

As for Chris' wedding, it's been placed on hold.  The medical expenses are so great, a website was launched to help cover the costs.



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Wow, I have never come across more ignorant people in my life. To all of you who have posted such horrendous comments, how do you live with yourselves???

I have been friends of the family for many, many years. NONE of them are out for publicity. Juli tried out for American Idol and now Chris is doing the same for her because she wanted him to. Never in your life would you find a family more dedicated to someone, who have given up everything to help her along this very long road to recovery. Both Juli's mom and Chris, along with the rest of her family and friends, have been a wonderful, constant in her life and recovery. How dare you all for being so cruel and absolutely heartless. Shame on you.

I have so many replies to all the ignorance but I will hold them back, you know who you are. I will reply to Barb #61, the website link for donations is absolutely legit and everything is going towards any and all medical treatments she needs.

God Bless you Chris and Juli. This negativity here will never destroy the TRUE LOVE that you share. Much love always...

1369 days ago


Do any of you have any feelings? How can you say such hurtful things about someone who has been threw hell and back. He stands by his fiance because he loves her.

1368 days ago


For all of those out there that think this was just staged for the ratings you are all a bunch of heartless idiots! I know this family and what they are going through is very real everyday! I just pray that nothing like this ever happens to any of you! If you can't say anything nice then how about not saying anything at at! Julianna's care is very expensive and whatever way gets the money so that she can make a full recovery and walk down the aisle to marry Chris is ok with me! Why don't all of you critics just shut your mouths and visit Julianna's Facebook page and donate some money! You would be singing a different tune if this was your daughter, sister, fiannce or even wife!

1368 days ago


Being a friend of the family it makes me sick to see some of the horrible comments on here. A beautiful young girl was cheated out of her normal life. I think Chris is a wonderful man and he really loves her and is sticking by her side no matter what. I couldn't imagine what it's like, but I wish them the best of luck. For all you haters on here, what if this was your sister, mother or girlfriend. Shame on you.

1368 days ago


To theLady!
You better know your facts before you start running your mouth. I've known that family for over 20 years. You don't know their story, their life, or struggles. Juli has always wanted this for him. She loves to hear him sing. Thats why he brought her. She wanted to go. You must have a miserable life to be leaving such rude and ignorant comments. Let them be! Let them be happy! Its none of your business.

1368 days ago


This is a beautiful love story. But what I don't understand is when I was at the bar that night and I was talking to Juli while she was working the beer tub, she was telling me that she was up to 9 shots of Jameson ( as she was doing another ). I remember telling her that she better have a ride home. Is there a reason why nobody mentions that she was drunk when she left the bar that night? I guess it would be a different story if she would have hit and killed another person from drinking and driving. I hope the best for Juli and Chris. Someone should have taken her keys from her that night.

1368 days ago


To Amers,

Funny. Juli didn't work the tub that night. And she sure as hell doesn't drink like that. So, since you weren't really there, either you are another Idol contestant, or a friend of another contestant, and you should stop while you're ahead. Nice try though, but you should've done your research.

1368 days ago


This is to Chris Medina. I really hope you read this. I just saw you on American Idol right now and I heard your story about your wife and you are an amazing man! I really hope she gets better and she realizes that she has an amazing fiancée waiting for her. So many other men would leave, but you are so awesome.! I applaud you and I want to grow up and be like you. I'm only 18 now. If someone doesn't believe in true love, and a loyal man then they haven't heard your story.
Sorry I'm dragging on. You are just an inspiration and an amazing man! Congratulations on your engagement and I hope everything goes swimmingly and the two of you have a happy, long life together!

1368 days ago


Hey # 6 CJ

I am/was canadian and I knwo first hand how horrible the health care system and tax problems are in Canada.I now live in the US and never been happier.the bull **** you guys are sucked into by your politicians,all your taxes go towards the boat load of immigrants arriving there every day and just sit and survive on welfare doled out by your govt,time to wake up and support change !

1368 days ago

Little Missy    

This story has truly touched and broken my heart. I can't even imagine what it would be to go through something like that. It made me feel absolutely ridiculous. I have been battling anorexia/bulimia for about 17 years. I criticize my body with every chance I get. I feel guilty when I eat something "bad." Watching this story tonight was a reality check for me. Instead of looking in the mirror and ripping myself apart... I thanked God for the ability to go to work every day, to go to the gym and to enjoy each day to the fullest. It's obvious that Chris really loves her. You don't just stop loving someone when a tragedy occurs. If you do... that's not true love. It's a cheap imitation of the real thing. To even suggest that this man is exploiting his fiance to get ahead is disgusting. Instead of bashing them on this website you should go pray for them or make a donation. In turn... I suppose to all the people leaving hateful comments...we should be praying for you. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes on the day of my judgement. To Chris and family... you are in my prayers and in my heart...

1368 days ago

Kelly ( marys bff )     

Amers... if you really at the bar and you knew she did that many shots, why did you let her drive?? you could have taken her keys away from her!

1368 days ago


TMZ, for being a scandel/gossip website you should really check the facts of her accident and, at the very least, mention them. Juli was drunk the night of her accident. She drove home from the bar in Tinley Park and the drive to her house was about 100 blocks. Maybe try obtaining the police report from the Chicago Police Dept.

While the story is truly tragic, unfortunetaly, it was her own fault for DRIVING DRUNK! Her condition should be a huge wake up call to all the people that think "it can't happen to them". She is fortunate that she didn't kill anyone or herself.

Chris is an amazing man to stand by her side and he is the true hero, but the reality is, they would have been married and living life to the fullest had Juli not CHOSEN to drink and drive.

1367 days ago


Wow what a moving story...i have been reading these comments and too me what does it matter what caused the accident I think the point is that this happened, this is real, that is someones daughter,sister,lover,friend,and how lucky she is to have such a awesome family and fiance. How many of you would truly stay with someone after they were severly injured,...not many, who cares if she was not a saint, who cares!!! I feel blessed that Chris shared such a inspiring story to the nation,with everything going on its great to see something so positive,shame on anyone who wants to take a positive situation and make it negative one just for spite is it? to the lady,may god have mercy on you and your hearless words, to the family read these comments and laugh, laugh cause you know the truth,laugh cause you are better then some of these people on here, to the friends what awesome friends to rise to the defense of these two that have done nothing but share THEIR love story!!!!

1367 days ago


Do you remember your one true love - and how that person made you feel?

That uncontrollable feeling that puts that person in your thoughts 24/7. When you think of them your stomach does back flips and you tingle all over. All you can think of is when you will be with that person again and what you can do for them to make them happy. You accept them for who they are, and you put their feelings above your own.

If that person were hurt or injured, don't any of you believe your love would still remain?

No. 98 - Juliana's father (Chris Ramos) said - Juliana was in a coma for almost 2 months. Chris would spend the night at the Hospital almost every single night. Throughout Juliana's recovery, Chris has been there for her while working a full time job and also trying to live his life the best he can. The road to Recovery for Juliana will be very, very, long, and even he cannot predict what the future holds..... but the father is grateful for what this young man as done for his daughter.

I'll bet Chris Medina appreciates hearing kind words said about him, ... but nothing motivates more than your heart.

It's the Power of Love folks. Now.... think of that one person you love with all of your heart. You're going to audition on American Idol.... and that person wants to support you. Would you really care less about what everyone else thought your motives were for bringing the person you love with you?

Go Chris Medina. Thanks to Chris Ramos for trying to explain what didn't need to be explained.

1367 days ago

random human being    



1367 days ago
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