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Ricky Gervais -- I Will NOT Host the 'Globes' Again

1/18/2011 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ricky Gervais doesn't care if he's ever asked back to host the Golden Globes"" ... because he's "not gonna do it again anyway."


A smiling Gervais was weathering the storm in New York this morning -- following his super-controversial statements at the awards show -- when Ricky told us, "I think twice is enough."

After the photog mentioned that Ricky's fellow comics seem to be standing by the performance -- Gervais replied, "Well, it's nice to be loved by your peers ... they stick by you."


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Selebraties Suck    

He deserves a Golden Globe for outstanding performance!!!!!!

1376 days ago


RG is not the only one writing his jokes. There are comedy writers who help him with his stuff. The people who say rude humor is wrong are prudes who probably get off on knock-knock jokes. Yank those sticks out of your butts and try to have a good day.

1376 days ago


He's the only reason I watched that stupid show. Those "stars" need to be put in check from time to time. Obviously they think way too much of themselves, and need their bubbles popped every now and then. Love ya Ricky

1376 days ago


LOL! I love Ricky!

There was old Angelina looking like the Geico Gecko in that dress so pizzed off she licked off all her lipstick and reapplied fresh right there at the table.

1376 days ago


He deserves a Golden Globe for outstanding performance!!!!!!

Posted at 2:17 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by Selebraties Suck


1376 days ago


This forum is both funny and sad, I like RDJ, I like Tim Allen, I like Charlie Sheen, I like Ricky Gervais.. then again, I'm not usually bothered by much.

The people who ARE bothered by his humour, or dislike his brand of humour on here are using the same scandalous, cutting, fault finding, and some would say "down right spiteful and offensive" techniques he employs just to make a point, that's the funny part... the sad part is you think you're better than he is, you just don't realise that you're all a little bit of Ricky whether you like it or not.

For example, this Debbie person.. Change the channel sweetheart. Problem solved. Tirades regarding sexuality only serves to stir debate about it, giving it more exposure. You see what I'm getting at here?.

People calling him a nobody (because you're somebody right?), people calling him ugly, and his teeth, and his weight and blah blah blah, don't you see what you're doing?.. YOU'RE BEING RICKY. :) The content in these posts are almost as funny as anything Ricky could come up with himself.. almost.

But perhaps the saddest quote came from one which was actually quite poigniant.. until it TRIED to be poigniant, then it read like a post that went one sentance too long.

NICOLE in the last line of her post, postulated that free speech is reserved for people with dignity.. Now if pointed out that "free speech is for everybody, not reserved for people who don't offend your delcate sensibilities" She would defend her position whether she fully agrees with it or not until her dying breath, because people don't want to be told of thier faults.. that they're wrong.. that they're insecure, and conceited. "I may be mistaken about my value, but nevertheless demand that I be valued as I value myself", perhaps you're not as good as you think you are. Perhaps it offends you because it offends your vanity.

Denial is a warm comfortable blanket.. If you deny it to yourself, and you don't confront it, you don't have to deal with it, or take action to change it.. yes sir, denial is cosy.

Was he offensive?, sure, was I just now? no doubt.. SOMEONE would have attached a negative meaning to my post regardless of if it was my intent or not. Am I worried that some online hard case is gonna 'come after me'? hell no.. you'll only prove my point.

1376 days ago


Americans are known for their lack of insight. They are also known for this ridiculous need to be polite at any cost. This is how celebrities get away with the disgusting amount of arse kissing and hypocrisy that was so brilliantly exposed by Ricky at the Golden Globes. Nothing he said was untrue. Some people posting here have made comments about Ricky and his appearance. Ricky is extremely self-deprecating. He is not precious at all. Angelina Jolie is well overdue for the kicking she got at the Golden Globes. Does anyone really believe that her motives in adopting all those children are pure? Do we ever see the army of help around her? Scientology deserves every bit of the kicking it gets with its lawyers and secrecy. Charlie Sheen? Why isn't he in jail? Go Ricky!!!!!!!

1376 days ago


Everyone should lighten up. This was the funniest awards show in a long time. Kudos to Ricky

1376 days ago



1376 days ago

Anna R    

Wow, just reading some of these comments is hilarious! Close minded little trolls spouting how moral they are, blah, blah, blah. Really, you are so holier than everyone else. Give your heads a shake. Tell me does your back hurt from kissing your own arse so much?

RG - you may not be everyone's cuppa, but watching, or reading any type of media is a personal choice. Don't like, don't watch, etc. See how easy life can be.

1376 days ago


Wonderful news that he decided not to do that gain, I assume that he was told that he won't anyway so he is trying to make himself a HERO out of this.
no one cares to laugh at the misery of others or while someone is insulting someone else.... There is a thin line between intelligent witty humour and insulting people to appear funny!!!
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't change your mind and stay away,,,, l assume you have to do free shows cause i doubt that anyoen would pay to attend such a performance.

1376 days ago


A woman should host next time.

1376 days ago

Thomas Fitzgerald

1376 days ago

Marissa P    

I absolutely LOVED Ricky. He spoke the truth! My favorite part was when he made the comment about the old @ss Sex and the City cast being airbrushed. The camera cut to Chris Noth and he was LAUGHING!

He made fun of Mel Gibson; is it Ricky's fault Mel made racist comments?

Ricky made fun of Angelina's awful movie "The Tourist" that barely broke even production cost to ticket sales. Even Angelina looked bored from being in this business too long. Award show after award show after; terrible movie after award show.

And lets be real, Ricky NEVER said any names when he talked about "Questionable scientogists" so if anyone put a name with the line, then you drew your OWN conclusion.

And we all know he went EASY on Charlie Sheen.

C'mon folks, really? S

1376 days ago


i agree with the majority of posters that thought gervais was great! i loved it-do we really need another award show with actors fawning all over each other? i think not- gervais was on the money and made the show watchable for a change. hollywood takes itself too seriously- they are people playing dress up & pretend for a living...i'd watch a ricky gervais show over any award show!

1376 days ago
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