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Kelsey's Wife: Cross-Dressing Stuff Was a Joke

1/19/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer is changing her tune about Kelsey's alleged cross-dressing -- telling George Lopez the whole thing was a big joke .... but Camille isn't telling the truth.

Kelsey Grammer Cross Dressing
Truth is ... TMZ knows Camille has told members of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast repeatedly ... Kelsey loved to wear women's clothes.  Some people on the set say Camille dripped of bitterness over the divorce, and would tell anyone who would listen about Kelsey.

Camille made her latest comment on "Lopez Tonight" last night.


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Queen of the smash and grab    

# 3 - She wasn't even Kelsey's 'sperm catcher'. She is so selfish and vain that she made him get a surrogate to have his children so she wouldn't ruin her anorexic body. I doubt that she could breast feed with those two fake orbs of hers. The C^%t has FOUR nannies, just to make sure that she never has to be alone with those kids. This woman is a Sociopath for sure.

1373 days ago


This woman needs a check-up-from-the-neck-up!! God don't like ugly and he's about to get her good.

1373 days ago


Why does TMZ not do their homework? Ask her about Prince Jeffri of Brunei.

1373 days ago


Awfully funny this was the "friendliest divorce" in hollywood until she found out that 99% of Kelseys money was tied up in real estate at HER doing.Before that she was looking for all kinds of ways to leave the show in anticipation of a divorce pay day,then found out only money was frazier residuals.Coincidence now she is himming and hawing over being on leaving the show?More like waiting to see what the divorce settlement is like!She was nothing before him and will be nothing after him.S***my trashy self entitled bulimic B I T C H! GO EAT SOMETHING AND STOP FAME WHORING!

1373 days ago


I was watching some show this weekend and they did a cheers special and everyone was saying he was always drunk and coked up and nobody liked him on the show

1373 days ago


@42 Midnight and that was true..when I lived in Encino Ca. he was stopped for a dui right on our block.

1373 days ago


LOL, Someone's suffering from Bitter C*nt Syndrome... just saying!

1373 days ago


I think it's interesting that she goes on a show where the host is getting divorced because he cheated with hookers! i guess she really wants that publicity.

1373 days ago


That's her standard M-O. She says bizarre, nasty stuff...and then tries to turn it around by saying it was "a joke.' She is a stereotypical woman scorned who will stop at nothing to try to ruin Kelsey. Fact is, she is really cheapening herself more than she could ever cheapen Kelsey. Even if Kelsey is probably drinking again.

1373 days ago


She could have easily kept her mouth shut ala Elin Nordergen and walked away from this divorce very wealthy and smelling like roses while leaving Kelsey smelling like sh*t. But white trash like her just don't have it in them to do that... they're just too bitter.

My sympathies Kelsey, your a douche but you still deserved better then this c*nt for a wife.

1373 days ago


the best part of this whole article are the comments planted by camille and her staff - aka friends. they type the same way they talk - same exact wording, pauses - all of it. give it up nick, nicole, deadre, makeup guy, assistant, pool guy, 4 nannies and whoever else is on payroll ... oh probably allison duphony.

i could care less if he wears women's clothes or hangs from chandeliers. was it right for him to leave the way he did, not for most of us but after seeing her on RHofBH, how he ever stayed 13 years or whatever it was is an accomplishment in itself.

if she was any kind of a parent, she wouldn't trash talk the father of her surrogate children. of course, if she was any kind of a parent, she wouldn't have 4 nannies 24/7.

1373 days ago


Who cares if he wore women's clothes or not. Is it really that big of a deal? I guess for some. But hey, to each their own.

1373 days ago


#35, you must have missed Elin gracing the cover of People magazine in August with an exlusive interview.

I'm sure Elin is must classier than Camille. However, it was in Elin's best interest to keep mum if she wanted to get a bigger payout than what her prenup probably listed.

Camille is legally entitled to half of everything since she never signed a prenup. Regardless of how she comes across in interviews or the show, no one can change law. And, I hope she takes half of everything!

1373 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

and even if. you all know that that is what the most famous and most macho esthpanish matadors are all about! it is a symbol of great machismo to wear women's clothes and dress like a woman!! it is empowering and very manly.

1373 days ago


I think Kelsey is a genius who realized that if Camille was a part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills he wouldn't have to pay a PR guy to clean up the situation after he left Camille. She is delusional and a big trouble maker on the show, which makes it very difficult to feel any sympathy for her.

1373 days ago
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