TMZ Live -- Joan & Melissa Rivers Call In!!!

1/19/2011 4:05 PM PST
You won't wanna miss this -- Joan and Melissa Rivers called in to set the record straight about "FOX & Friends" ... and it gets nasty. And ... those insane Octomom fetish photos, newsroom chats with Dax, Shevonne, David, John, Tyler, and Jason ... plus all your questions answered!!!

(0:00) Octomom fetish VIDEO on the way ... you're welcome.
(0:25) Controversy about Joan Rivers' appearance on "FOX & Friends" being canceled. What gives?
(1:50) Lindsay Lohan visits her probation officer ... ON TIME. Is she really getting better?
(5:30) Dax should replace Regis ... so says Dax. And Shevonne would follow.
(8:08) Dr. Conrad Murray question ... Jason the lawyer takes this one.
(16:00) Is Tyler attracted to Octomom in the wake of her fetish photos? Hell no.
(18:00) John differs ... thinks Octo is "more obtainable" now. Then he shares his orange with everyone.
(22:23) Joan and Melissa on the phone!! Joan says she was 86'd from "FOX & Friends" over her Sarah Palin comments ... and calls everyone "liars" for their attempt to spin the situation.
(24:35) Joan doesn't back off ... calling Sarah's actions after the shootings "obscene."
(26:00) Joan says it's "scary" that she can't rip Sarah without paying for it.
(27:30) Octomom feels the wrath of Joan.
(35:00) If Beatles songs were released today ... would they still be hits?