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Celebrity Math: Jesse James Lovers Edition

1/20/2011 5:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

With his engagement to Kat Von D, Jesse James may have finally found the formula to a happy marriage.



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Hey, Skanky, I mean Sandy, you fake bangs and attached strands do not match your color. Fire your colorist you classless pig you.

1373 days ago


I keep telling EVERYONE that those are FAKE BANGS! Thanks for confirming that!

1373 days ago


@16 What did Sandra Bullock do that was so classless? She is an upstanding woman. Michelle is a trashy whore. Kat, I use to like her but not since her and Cory ended their business relationship. Hollywood has gone to her head.

1373 days ago


Enough sandra bull worship..she is not that pretty..Close pin nose, flat chest etc..kat von d has a lovely face..The ink all over their bodies is what ruins their gee is not pretty..sandra b is not the most amazing woman on the planet..She married Jessie and that makes her STUPID, naive, dumb, desperate and who cares..Start a sandy fan club and continue to worship her and be quiet about how much you love her

1373 days ago


Number 10 on the math fail to TMZ. You are SO correct.


1373 days ago


Sandra is an amazing women who should not be lumped in with Kat and trashy bombshell. Sandra has handled this entire business with grace and dignity. It is more than past time that everyone stops associating her with her EX husband and allows her to move on. Sandra will always be one of my favorite actresses and I am delighted she chose to adopt a child.

1373 days ago


what a pathetic loser he is..Rat Von Whorebag is even more pathetic for getting with him,especially after getting with that Nazi manwhore..ugh thats just disgusting(we all know what she was good for..if you catch my drift)I used to watch the rat whorebag until she got with him, girl how low do you have to stoop...I give it a couple months before he does the same **** to her as well...I'm glad that Sandra got rid of him, there is no way in HELL he deserves her.

1373 days ago


Is Kat having kittens?

1373 days ago


how can anyone rag on someone who didn't **** up the relationship..oh thats right someone that probably hasn't been in there shoes..until than keep your mouths shut and hope that one day it don't happen to YOU!!!!!!

1373 days ago


sandra knew what she wanted when she hooked up with jesse james she was always bragging about how she got herself a badboy and that she only liked badboys.
she said god guys were not her thing she wanted the bad one well she got what she wanted.
but she did not understand i guess that badboys only use girls.

she got what she deserved and i think it is sickening how she has played the victom card.

she owes all of her awards and praise's to jesse because she made people feel sorry for her . she didnt deserve any of those awards

1373 days ago


Hahaha.. That is funny!

1372 days ago


Lori, if she cuts her hideous bangs, tell me, whats gonna happen.........shorter bangs!!!! Think about it!!! So what's that gonna solve??

1372 days ago


Sandra is way too classy to be compared to either two. He downgraded. Or I guess you could say he was downgraded when Sandra left his loser a**. That's the best he could get, no good woman would want anything to do with him.

1372 days ago


@25 - You're an idiot. She won all the awards BEFORE all this came out. Remember? That's what started it all, that tatooed man in drag wanted attention and to get famous and took It's chance to get it. Too bad it didn't work and everyone just knows it for the skank it is and Jessie wanted nothing else to do with it. No one felt sorry for Sandra at that point, she won them on her talent alone. And she is rid of that loser, I think more people are happy for her than feel sorry for her.

1372 days ago


Ummm no....that is like comparing a diamond to 2 trash cans.. the other 2 only wish in there wildest dreams that they could ever even compare!

1372 days ago
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