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Mama Jackson's Partner: MJ Estate is a Dictatorship!

1/20/2011 9:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson's business partner who is being sued by the Michael Jackson Estate tells TMZ  the Estate is a "fraudulently obtained dictatorship," guarding "a collusive and corrupt status quo."

Howard Mann -- whom the Estate claims in a new lawsuit is violating copyright and trademark laws by cashing in on all things Jackson -- calls the lawsuit "malicious and unfounded."

Mann says, "These lawyers have absolutely NO interest in the preservation of Michael Jackson's legacy and less interest in generating revenues for his beneficiaries."

Mann goes on:  "...the Estate will fall as a result of these draconian tactics and it is my hope that Miss Jackson regains control of that which was stolen from her."


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Stolen? mj never wanted any of the family involved, and always wanted these guys in charge, cuz they knew what they are doing. Not interested in making money for the beneficiaries? Whats all the work theyve been doing to get rid of the debt about?

1370 days ago


It's none of Mann's business. The estate is what it is..stay out of it!

1370 days ago

mj fan forever    

He and his business partner Katherine are stealing from Michael's estate!!!! The Estate is authorized by the will!!! Instead they are doing ILLEGAL business for getting more money from Michael's name!!!! He and Katherine are NOT authorized by ANYONE and cannot do ANYTHING against Michael's WILL!!!! SHAME ON YOU TWO!!!!

1370 days ago


Mann up you jerk!

1370 days ago

MJ Fans    

ahahaha somebody should tell Mann that ship has sailed.

1370 days ago


Look at Mann's face - I would not even trust him with used toilet paper!!!!

1370 days ago


Where is Howard Weitzman??? He needs to make a comment on this ASAP!!!

1370 days ago


thats the great thing a about a trustee. as long as you act in a fiduciary capacitiy (whats best for the kids and the estate) you can run things as you see fit and nobody can change that. and this douchebag with the beret, his mother, his father, or anyone else cant do anything about it. they have made hundreds of millions for the estate and the kids .these people (the family etc) are just pissed since they cant profit off his death, only the kids can.
i love it!

1370 days ago


Michael did the best thing by putting John Branca and John McClain in charge of his estate. They have the power to run the estate as a dictatorship, if they want, to protect the asset which is Michael Jackson's legacy. Michael did not want the family running his estate, and Mann (who is not a family member) and the Jackson family better get with it because there is not a damn thing they can do about it. If the family ran the estate, us fans wouldn't have anything to look forward to except for Michael Jackson cologne being brought to you by Joe Jackson. What a farce!

1370 days ago


Of course the biggest complainers are going to be THE THIEVES!!! I think Branca and McClain were EXTREMELY patient with him. The only reason why he hasn't been sued before now is because Katherine was involved. However, things have gotten out of hand now and they had to rein this bs artist in because he is jeopardizing the interest of the estate. The estate was set up for the sake of the children -- not Katherine, Joe or any of the other Jackson family members.

1370 days ago


The Jackson estate is being run the way Michael himself wanted it to be run to safeguard his kids inheritance.
The estate is safe because vultures like Mann cannot sweet talk a nice old lady out of anything.

The estate SHOULD zealously protect the Micheal Jackson name. That's their job.

Snakes like this deserve to be shut down.

1370 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

EXACTLY PADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO AWAY HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1370 days ago


Mann says, "These lawyers have absolutely NO interest in the preservation of Michael Jackson's legacy and less interest in generating revenues for his beneficiaries."

Ha ha what legacy? MJ's legacy is that he is an accused pedophile, a drug addict, a plastic surgery freak, an ugly looking tranny with fake marriages and fake kids that are not his and family memebers that are low lifes and hanger ons for every penny they can scrounge from his estate. That is is legacy.

1370 days ago

With idiots like Katherine and Joe who ran their affairs into the ground, dictatorship is what's needed here.

1370 days ago
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